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“Lyra Heartstrings stop it! There is no excuse for turning a pegasus upside down and bouncing their head off the ground! Especially on the pavement! Even if she did deserve it!”

The Elements of Harmony didn't fix everything that Discord did. Three months later ponies are still finding isolated pockets of vandalism, and Twilight now works part time to help fix them. When another is found deep within the Everfree Forest, she suddenly has her work cut out for her.

A patch of alien landscape now exists within the Everfree, close to the corpse of an enormous monster. The only problem is that the monster is from their world, and Princess Luna believes that whatever killed it, isn't. Now Twilight must find this new monster, and either send it back, send it to Tartarus, or in any other way she sees fit, make absolutely certain it is no longer a threat to Equestria.

Meanwhile, from the monster's point of view...

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This is pure awesomeness, TAKE ALL OF MAH APPLEJACKS :ajsmug::ajsmug::ajsmug::ajsmug::ajsmug:

Hmmm. I'm going to track the story. The story felt slow at times but over all i feel good about it. :pinkiehappy:

I wonder what the reason for fighting is going to be and if they can still respawn.

If the mane 6 are gonna teach MW2 players about friendship and tolerance they better have nothing special planned for the rest of their lives.

Stories where people (or groups of people) get along make for boring stories.:twilightsmile:

I've seen quite a few video game/MLP crossovers lately. This one has better than average grammar.

Also, I'm not much of a gamer. I didn't realize that people who play MW2 also play Crysis.

HOOO HOOO HOOO HOO :rainbowlaugh: Call of Duty players, good at aiming? Haha, what a joke.... since Discord changed the game into real life then they should all be spraying everywhere since they don't have auto-aim. :trixieshiftright::facehoof::unsuresweetie::duck::eeyup::rainbowhuh::fluttershyouch::ajsleepy:

This is the PC version. Hence the ESC and TAB key reference.:facehoof: So no autoaim. Mouse and fingers only unless you're a hacker. We have to work for our kill streaks. :twilightsmile:

276099 I tried MW3 on pc.... it was just as easy as it was 360. FPS are nothing, Ponies are everything, I like the story anyway, Sorry for the hate.

Someone has to start the slow clap.





Thanks. Now I'm going to be pining for chapter three when I should be sleeping.

Now if you wish, you may accuse MW2 players of being uncivilised, uncouth, unimaginative, and unintelligent - but never ever accuse them of having poor reflexes, or bad aim. Within a fraction of a second rifles, hand guns, rocket launchers, light machine guns, and sniper rifles were being emptied into the long slender creature lying atop the burnt out house.

I'd have probably done the same thing. And then asked afterwards if we'd respawn here just like in the game. If so, then I'd grin :pinkiecrazy: and start shooting the guys on the other team.

I think I'd have peed myself at that point. A regular bear is bad enough. A bear the size of Godzilla is another thing entirely.

Well I had to give them something to play with that couldn't be defeated by a single sniper or RPG shot. It wouldn't be entertaining otherwise. :trollestia:

276212 Hey halo takes a little more skill! Personally, I lost all faith in cod after mw3, but this story is awesome!

343982 Hey, I played some Halo: Reach today... and no, it does not take skill.

344405 It does if ur not one of the fags who rely on power weapons, but I shouldn't rage about that on a pony site.

While I appreciate your interest in my story, this is not the place for you to trash talk each other over whose phenominal time waster hobby is slightly less idiotic than the other's. All FPS games take a certain amount of skill, and for all practical purposes, they are all silly games of no importance whatsoever.
Now learn to love and tollerate each other! :heart: Or I'll send you to the moon!:trollestia:

344959 Hey I know! Read the end of my last comment! But yeah, awesome story.

Such a shame to be those guys. The question isn't "Will they survive?" it's "How long will they survive?". Sucks to be them :derpytongue2:
Also, if an ursa major is really just something like light, wouldn't bullets be useless?:unsuresweetie:
Ah well, next chapter, let the slaughter begin :trollestia:

454083 I would say maybe armor pricing Depleted Uranium rounds those things are meant to tear though tank armor. and the 105mm rounds on the AC-130 are nothing to shake a stick at either.

In this version of Equestria, Ursa Majors are 30ft tall (on all fours) bloob monsters with internal skeletons, no vital organs, and holographic skin that is identical to the night sky behind them, whatever time of day it is. Think of it as a really big block of clear ballistics gel with thousands of pin holes in it, dozens of knitting needle holes (HEAT warheads) a few sledgehammer impacts, and a skull which has been scattered over a wide area. Technically everything hurt it, it's just most things hurt it extremely slowly.:twilightsmile:

As long as you understood though that, "It was really hard to kill," that is hopefully enough for story purposes. <fingers crossed> :pinkiehappy:

Oh, that. An RPG-7 round is a HEAT warhead. When it explodes it send a small shard of copper forwards at about five miles a second. Hmm. Now that you mention it, that's probably something I could have Twilight spot. Thanks!

455000 and welcome to modern ballistics.

How the hell did they get killstreaks without killing anybody? I'm liking the story so far though.

455223 maybe in equestria you get award for hitting the same target over and over.

And yet we still don't have spaceships that can go that fast. *sigh* we're never getting out of this solar system! :facehoof:
Probably from birds and small animals that happened to flee into their line of sight while firing. Or, they could have been killing each other. If they were brought across the boundary with the same team rule sin place that were in effect during the game itself, then they could use each other to rack up kill score providing they resurrected after dying like in the game.

Well Interesting Enought

Ok, lemme get some stuff straight-
1. The human portion is months back.
2. There's a team-kill situation that needs to be calmed down.

Can't wait for what's next.

I have to wonder if, when EVERYBODY dies, all of them would revive for the 'next round' as it were.
So Twi is trolling, and the winners are shot one more player however the end of the Human section pans out. Poor guys. :fluttershysad:

@Cupcake part' :rainbowlaugh:

That was great man! :twilightsmile: I needed that laugh.


Lyra Enters Da game

Got some minor spelling errors, good chapter.

Bring the Rain on Discord's plans! Lyra's in da fic!

455223 I think consle commands...



Three Months... damn, Muddy is a real time jerk and Discord.... fuck you.

Writer's Block sucks.

Of all the things to see updated, I did not expect this. This kind of went all the way back in my head, but I still remember it!

Oh, and your story chapter says 6, but the chapter number says 5.

Wow, I did NOT expect this one to come with a chapter, but still remember perfectly non the less, happy to see you alive.:twilightsmile:


Did you forget 4a and 4b?:unsuresweetie:

Wait, what? I'm just pointing out that it says "Chapter Five" in the story, but the chapter says "Chapter 6".


Oh, sorry then mate, didn't notice that when I read it. Pardon me.

Fingers cross that's the only typo.:twilightsmile:

oh god the idiots on modern-warfare 2 in Equestria?
there goes love and tolerance....

Well I can honestly say that up to this point this story has completely exceeded my expectations, I was expecting the usual HiE with a soldier that would only interest me for a chapter or two, but this is a completely unexpected and welcome surprise.

Now to say that as I normally would, damn cool story bro

I have to wonder if the other players are 'ghosting' as it were, along with the players still up and active, or if they really are dead, or if they were just sent back home and are viewing an oddly empty battlefield and wondering if it was all a bad dream...

Well, I tried to be clear at the end of chapter 5 that they have actually died. No resurrections I'm afraid, and no ghosts, since like Camelot, they are very silly.

Thank ye. :twilightsmile: Much as I like HiE stories, I must admit that 90% are rather lazily written, and focused solely on low hanging fruit. (Stop me if you've heard this one before, a whiny teenage brony gets sent to...) There are hidden depths to that sub-genre, just like there are to multiplayer FPS games. I wrote this story partly to explore some of the less known territories of both.
And because authoritative Luna is awesome.:twilightblush:

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