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“Lyra Heartstrings stop it! There is no excuse for turning a pegasus upside down and bouncing their head off the ground! Especially on the pavement! Even if she did deserve it!”

The Elements of Harmony didn't fix everything that Discord did. Three months later ponies are still finding isolated pockets of vandalism, and Twilight now works part time to help fix them. When another is found deep within the Everfree Forest, she suddenly has her work cut out for her.

A patch of alien landscape now exists within the Everfree, close to the corpse of an enormous monster. The only problem is that the monster is from their world, and Princess Luna believes that whatever killed it, isn't. Now Twilight must find this new monster, and either send it back, send it to Tartarus, or in any other way she sees fit, make absolutely certain it is no longer a threat to Equestria.

Meanwhile, from the monster's point of view...

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