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Hired Gun and Serenity from "Fallout Equestria: Heroes" take a train ride as part of a job and cross paths Citquine and Celly from "Fallout Equestria: Wings" in this fun and completely non-canon stand alone adventure.

This story takes takes place in an alternate time line branching off some point after Chapter 11 of Heroes, so reading to that point would be helpful for understanding who the characters are. This story also takes place some time after the end of Wings, but knowledge of that series isn't too required.

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Hah, dull burning. Were you mocking my use of the term there? :P

"My eyes then drifted over to his cutie flank, I mean flank mark! No! I mean..." This is my favourite line so far.

The chocolate milk line made me giggle :D

I really like the train announcer guy. He has all the best lines.

Hehe. Noodle Incident. hehe.

Large pony with a metal leg travelling with a small filly? Obviously this is not refering to Silver, she's just too stupid to realize. xD

"New Quest Perk: One Track Mind – The steady rhythm of the train helps to clear you mind and focus your thoughts. Or a new author is sometimes writing you slightly smarter than you should be. Intl +1 when on or near trains." This is the ebst perk. Ever. Seriously.

Okay! Thoughts time! firstly I am reall flattered and humbled you'd write a fanfic of my sidefic of a crossoverfic... or. You know what I mean. it's crazy. *hugs*

It's strange seeing my characters written by someone else, but you did a fairly good job at it. There were only a few things that I would have worded differently.

There has to be a scene where the NCA and NCR dicuss how unlikely it is that they both came up with the same name.

In short I really liked it, and am excited to see where it goes from here. So thank you very much for writing this!

As a big fan of both Heroes and Wings, I have to say that this is the best thing ever (well, outside of the original stories and all). I think you did a good job keeping Sliver and Serenity pretty well in character, certainly such that I never lost immersion reading your take on them. I *know* you did a good job writing an entertaining chapter =D

Looking forward to more interactions between these characters!

OMG... I just finished reading wings on your deviant art page and this bit of goodness pops up.... Please don't stop the ponies. It's starting off as a great read.

Just started reading Heroes yesterday, finished all current chapters today, saw this in the comments, so I read all of Wings today, just so I could read this in full knowledge, no disappointment was had! Time to go read some more FO:E fics now.

Crossovers are the best ever! Especially of crossovers within a crossover.

Hahaha Man this is really good ^^ 236888 also what up man :pinkiehappy:


New chapter!

I really liked it. Silver has a penchant for charging steel rangers like a certain WoW player. Always ammusing. Very solid chapter ^_^

OMG. I love this side fic of a side fic.... I'm off to the new chapter of the side fic now to see if Silver can get a cyber eye to match her leg....

Oh my Goddess... She's weaponized cuteness!

xD Hahaha “I AM IRON MARE!” That is all time to sleep

She should be ashamed of herself for being a terrible not-mother.

This time I did feel the dull bun in my shoulder fade as she walked away.* burn. Yeah those dull buns can be annoying. :twilightsmile:
“It’s a variation on the plan Celly and used at the Applelation facility.* Celly and I. I'll assume that's what was meant.
Using reason and smarts is an unfair way to win an argument… I completely agree with this statement, and it's not just the fact that i'm as intelligent as Silver. No sir.
MOAR Moth MOAR...um...if you want. Love it love it love it!!!

“Yush!” The pink filly exclaimed, pumping her hoof in the air.
Do we have to start calling Serenity Puppy now?
Also, is that pair at the end created specifically for this, or is it from something else. I haven't read Wings, so I might just not know them.

264229 Glad you like it. :pinkiehappy:
265319 Typos fixed. thanks :twilightsmile:
265829 Yeah, Ferris and Iron Mare are original to this crossover. You should read Wings. It's only about 35k words long (shorter than some FoE chapters) and other people claim it's good. :derpyderp2:

Wings IS good, Moth :pinkiehappy:

And so is this. Wow. So fricking good :rainbowkiss:

Dude, this is amazing. You totally nailed Hired's narration, which is impressive to me.

Suddenly rambling reading commentary!

“The light at the end of the tunnel may be an oncoming train…” Hehehe. I like it ;)

Star Belle. *writes notes to include*

Suddenly puppy smiles!

Celly clearly doesn't know how hard Silver's head is.

"What pony would travel with so many socks?" From what I have seen on the internet, Twilight Sparkle.

If I were there I'd believe it was a dumb joke. Oh Steam <3

Silver's plan is always 'CHARGE'

Oh Med-X. You tricky mistress.

"I switched to the other leg, and hit my face with a metal hoof" Awww, I was going to use that :P

“CUUUUNT!!” SUDDENLY DEUS! He'd fit right in.

"Grenades exploded around me" That can't be healthy!

lololololBlueTooth xD

Cunt keeps pulling a Deus xD He's getting beat the same way.

"Was his grenade launcher repairing itself? Fuck. It was! " Flare will want a look at that.

Silver's not afraid of heights, they just hate her and have a mutual pack to avoid each other. Stupid bridge.

Silver is immune to venom because she doesn't know how it works! 3INT logic at work! (Also plot)

"“YOU FOAL!”" She has the power to turn her voice blue! That can't be good! (Is it creepy voice?)

Aaaand there goes Serenity.

Flare quickly, save the day!

"Ain't we mommy." Ooof Serenity, you should learn to be quite when ponies are quoting Firefly :P

Of course Serenity noticed the cyberlegs injuries first xD

Cit is always losing his legs. he needs higher tech stuff. Serenity can hook him up.

All train operators are comedians.

Griffiness. That's my favourite. By far.

It's Henri my favourite chicken! It all makes so much sense now xD

Edit: Dammnit fimfic this is a chapter 3 commentary! :<

Ze crossovers :coolphoto: ......... :trollestia: Great job I really enjoyed reading this /)

Female griffin
Looking for yellow suit with a "bubble"

Beginning to think the only thing that can kill Gun is the star metal poison she already has in her. Thank you for adding the Puppysmiles reference at the end.

Did you really need the "shot his paw" line at the end? , Haven't the ponies suffered enough without that pun?

Well, that was quite enjoyable. You sir, win one free internet:yay:. Now, on to discussing a crossover between Misfits, New Beginnings, and Wings.:trixieshiftright: What? there all really good stories that involve an alicorn as one of the main characters.

270870 see, more claims of goodness.:derpytongue2:
277602 wow, thanks! :pinkiehappy:
305070 "Suddenly puppy smiles!" Yush! "Also plot" Wildfire would agree with the powers of Silver's plot!:trollestia:
305362 Thanks:twilightsmile:
305439 It's a real mystery... :rainbowhuh:
306287 No One can kill her! (but let's hope she dosen't) :rainbowlaugh:
306548 The wasteland is made of suffering... :pinkiesick:
311394 I haven't read Misfits yet, but I think Celly would have enough on her hooves dealing with just Aurora. "Are all the ponies in your head crazy!?":flutterrage:


I don't think you have to worry much about Snakebite Tourniquet. by Alicorn standards, he/she?:derpyderp2: is pretty sane and only has one voice in his/her head.

This is how I'm thinking of Heroes with Wings. It's the equivalent of DLC for FOE Heroes. Doesn't really fit anywhere in the main story chronologically, but it's still gets considered canon.

Been meaning to read this side story for quite some time now. Happy to say I wasn't disappointed. I definitely agree with the poster above me, you pull off a very convincing Silver.:ajsmug:

As a side note I had to chuckle at that engineer:
"Our actual destination is The Valley of Fatal Death. Everyone use to freak out when they hear the name, so now I say we’re going to Hoofington first so that it doesn’t sound nearly as bad in comparison."

If I were on that train, I would have jumped out the window the moment he said we were going to Hoofington. :fluttershbad:

I know its not good feedback but the moment I got to "Yush" on chapter two I insta-faved this. At first I really thought it was just a nod to PE but when Puppy showed up at the start of this chapter I was just really filled with happy. As someone who really liked Pink Eyes I thank you for the story, the ending was a bit sad because of what it reminds me :fluttercry: but alas it was great . Anyway I really like the crossovers your doing and hope you keep it up!

While I wanted to postpone reading Heroes this peeked my interest ^^.

This is the only side-fic crossover I'm planning for a long while. My next FOE project is insane and will take up most of my time:derpyderp1:

No one should ever postpone reading Heroes (and No_One should never postpone writing Heroes:pinkiehappy:), go read it naow!:trixieshiftright:

at chapter 8 on heroes already XD.

Well for the crossover thing, one can wish and wait right? :rainbowlaugh:
At the very least your making another story and that is always good.

How you and your employer went to apologize to the Steal rangers for your actions last night.

Steal rangers? I think you mean Steel Rangers. Sounds the same, but completely different meanings in context.

Although, considering how most steel rangers are not much more than heavily armored raiders only out for tech, I may use "Steal Rangers" as slang for them at some point... :pinkiehappy:

Just remember, credit yourself with that idea, as a typo then... I didn't make it up, you did, i just spotted it for you.

How much FoE will I have to read? More then 1k stories?

You scared me with Hoofington.

Nice work.
Now I can continue with chapter 13 of Heroes.

Everybody on this site please just stop. You're all a bunch of delusional fucktards.

That was an enjoyable little read. I listened to Ballad of Hired Gun to recap on that story as I read it so long ago.

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