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Sometimes, even after a second chance has been thrown away- whether to selfish greed, or to keep old promises- it isn't the end. Sometimes a third chance will present itself, a whole new opportunity to start anew.

(Portal 2 crossover. WARNING: Will contain MASSIVE spoilers from the games, including the co-op mode and ending songs. Only read if you have already played the games completely, or don't care about spoilers.)

Well, an awesome friend of mine gifted me the Portal games, and I finished the second one last night. While I listened to the ending song, inspiration came up behind me with a two by four, and... *WHACK*
Crossover time!
A little cracky, perhaps, as this is mostly writing itself and I'm not going to try too hard to justify some of the things that may happen. Rule of funny/cool and all that.

Character tags will be added as needed to avoid spoilers.
(Updates will most likely be random and severely irregular, as I have a frankly ridiculous amount of stories all in progress and fighting for my attention with varying priority.)

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 19 )

I like it. It is different than other portal crossovers i have read.:pinkiesmile:

Chell can talk?

What is this madness?!

Very cool so far. Looking forward to more. :o

I can has more...? :fluttershysad:

Well that was interesting...

:applejackconfused: Ok, what the bucking fetlocks is Chell doing here? Or Wheatley? Is the Space Core far behind? Will he be a Lunar Pony from that one Doctor Whooves comic? Are the Black OPs Test Subjects behind this, or are they in Equestria, too? I sure hope the Twist Explanation is well written, because this story can go either way right now.

where are atlas and P-body?

I will only answer one of those questions now, and the rest of them will have to wait for the in-story explanation-
"Are the black-ops test subjects behind this?"
There will be no further questions. Thank you. :raritywink:

chell can talk...... i so wish there was a emote for EPICNESS!!!!!

As long as the story explains why Chell got punished as well, I'm fine. :applejackunsure:

Lol Chell can't speak English.
I guess all those years of being frozen took that out of her. :derpytongue2:

She can speak English just fine, she just struggles with the speaking part.
Relearning how to talk is hard.

so awesome! :rainbowkiss:
Look forward to anything else you have up your sleeve :twilightsmile:

2580348 it's a fanfic, why is this even important?

2580933 very true
it takes the average human atleast 12 years to speak english well. With her rate of brain decay, and the fact that she might not have even attempted to speak
(cannon of actual portal, valve has stated" Chell can speak, she just chooses not to")

New chapter please:applecry:?

2583971 12 years i could already speak it nearly perfectly after 2 and a half year

Wow, I don't even remeber that comment. God, my grammar was awful back then.

"Next chapter" it is more of a myth than the letter 3

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