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Even as we begin · 2:32pm May 17th, 2014

The first chapter of the sequel to What Have You Done has been posted, and is now available to be read.

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On Rewrites and Readings · 2:49pm Dec 6th, 2013

Today I bring to you three pieces of good news.

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The Writing of Ascension · 12:09am Sep 20th, 2013

...Drives me absolutely insane sometimes.
Occasionally, ah, it's wonderful. A strong emotion and a clear idea would come together flawlessly into a beautiful chapter that would have me, and hopefully my readers as well, smiling for days.
But most of the time? Yeeeeah no.

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An Unwanted Revolution · 7:45pm Mar 6th, 2013

When fighting the changeling Queen, something inside Celestia simply broke. Although that “something” should have healed, as all wounds do, on its own, Chrysalis had been sadistically careful to make sure it didn’t. A lasting revenge that continued to grow and infect long after the changeling Queen herself vanished from play.

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Update on updates. · 3:01am Dec 15th, 2012

Oh Christmas time, Oh Christmas time, why must you drive me so crazy?! :pinkiecrazy:

Stress + lack of Sleep + YET ANOTHER COLD = Hiatus on all my stories.
I am just as upset as the rest of you, trust me. :ajbemused:
Actually it's more likely more.
Christmas usually isn't this chaotic at home, but I suppose that having a new kitten adds a whole new kind.
Christmas usually isn't this stressful, but I guess that's what having two aunts coming down with cancer does.

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Cracked ideas · 4:57am Nov 17th, 2012

When I am in no mood to write, and inspiration is impossible to find, there is still one kind of story that I am capable of creating.


Those ideas that just whop you up the back of the head with enough force to make your eyes water at the emotion or your lungs hurt from the suppressed laughter. I have desperately been trying to write Ascension, but end up bouncing my head off my keyboard as my brain derps out on me. The next day *WHOP* New Short Story! *WHOP* ZOHMYWHAT2!

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