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Time and Space with other traits - DetMan

The twenty fifth birthday of two women marks the day when they both begin to change into two familiar equines from Friendship is Magic, though one of them finds something more in their transformation.

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Ch. 7: Conflicted


It’s good to be me again.

Back to the current events. Doctor number 2 (or one? It’s his dimension, after all.) gets up after the glowing dust starts to fade out of existence. Dimensional number 2 Ditzy gets up soon after, both of them looking at me with newfound interest. I could feel the excess energy sizzling off of my fur, and to be honest, I thought I looked pretty cool at the moment.

The moment passes rather quickly, however, because all three of us were interrupted by a nice alarm from my TARDIS.

My eyes turn to pinpricks, and I push myself inside the darkened chamber to discover the problem. Wires were exposed (more than usual) and sparks were flying, but there was something else.

I run towards the monitor, and the words of Gallopfrey explain to me a very interesting warning, one I haven’t seen in quite some time. The memory crystals were damaged, and were leaking information.

Doctor 2 and Ditzy 2 (this is going to be annoying) had followed me into the chamber, Ditzy taking a longer than anticipated look around the room before joining me along with Doctor 2 up at the monitor. I say towards the second me “Sorry, but I’m having a very hard time getting back in the kick of things, what does that mean?”

Doctor 2 looks at me with a funny face, and says “It means the memory crystals are leaking, that’s not good.”

I grind my herbivorous teeth. Okay, not good, not good, not GOOD. It’s leaking, but that would mean-


An extremely familiar and terrifying sound hits my sensitive ears with high volume, and they fall back to muffle the sound so that my ears don’t start bleeding. Out of the corner of my eye, which is a rather large corner, I could see something shaped like an overly sized thumbtack appearing out of golden dust emanating from a small, faded green crystal.

Both Doctor 2 and I turn towards the scene with newfound terror and hidden anger. The universe is harsh, isn’t it?

What’s forming out of the broken memory crystal isn’t just any memory, information, or character, no no, this is something much worse. I could see the half moon spheres forming at its base, the golden light slowly creating the creature from the bottom up. Its voice seems to be already formed, possibly from a memory leak. It slowly reaches the middle of the body, forming two tools that are very similar to that of a plunger and an egg beater, in that order, from one side to another.

I watch helpless as the glowing light then reaches the head of the machine. Its a shade of darker bronze, but it sure isn’t made out of it. Something a bit different than that. It’s head begins to form, creating a neck that looks like that of an accordion’s strange little neck piece that sucks in and blows out air, but more circular and solid. It reaches the top of the head, forming a long eyestalk with a shining blue light at the end, and two pilot lights on either side of its head.

This isn’t just any alien. It’s a Dalek.

Those damn things never stay dead.

Luckily enough (and to my pleasure, don’t judge) it seems to be malfunctioning heavily. I guess it can’t process the fact that it just all of a sudden exists. Its movements are jagged, its constantly making a loud and high-pitched screaming, and it looks like its weapons are broken and useless.

I walk up to it first. It begins to back away from me slowly, but I keep being persistent. I soon get it up against a wall, and I say to its Dalekanium plated face, “I’m back, thick face.”

Really should have put more thought into that fact, but I guess it was good enough. This Dalek that should have existed in my universe begins to full on panic, which surprises me severely. They don’t panic, they shouldn’t be able to. It’s not an emotion that have, at all. Something is wrong with this one.

It spins in place for a few cycles, then surprises me yet again. It runs. It managed to break any law of how fast I can comprehend a Dalek moving, and heads straight for the door. I regain my composure, and I start to run after it.

Before I reach the door, however, Doctor 2 stops me by putting a hoof in front of me.

“Let me and Ditzy handle this, and once you’re done, you have some explaining to do... me.”

I look at him with slightly angered eyes, but then I nod slowly. I do have something to do while I wait, and I don’t have time to go chase ghosts from my past. I let the two run out the door, and I could hear them yelling out to each other from here.

“Get out of the way! Move!”

“Doctor, it’s heading for the forest!”

“Oh no you don’t!”

Sheesh. Talk about nostalgia. Some really... out of place nostalgia. I sit down on the floor of the dark chamber with only the lights of memory crystals and sunlight coming from out the doors to illuminate the room. I take this time to reflect on what the hell just happened.

I got a very old brain, it seems. Very old, in fact, too old. My accent just switched from American to that of a common Londoner, over in the UK, and my speech habits changed. Oh yeah, I’m a pony too. With two hearts.

Where did my life go so wrong? My head hurts with conflicting memories, ones of my own childhood and then the other childhood. The problem is, I don’t know which one IS the other childhood. I see one where I’m growing up as a small male child, in a huge and bustling golden city encased in glass, with red planes of grass and trees, snow topped mountains... and I wasn’t human, either. I was a pony. A young colt Time Lord on a planet that doesn’t even exist anymore.

Then theres the human childhood. Female, human, and very much alone. I was alone so much of the time in it, growing up with few friends, and the only thing I conversed with was myself in the mirror when I got bored. I was still smart, I got straight A’s, and even graduated high school early, by about two years (heh).

Both times, though, I was growing up with one friend. One was the Gallopfrey childhood, calling himself The Master. The other, a small boy named Edgar. Each one was my friend, until the day of Gallopfrey was lost in the Time War, and the day Edgar moved away.

All of which, was on the exact same date. Only years separated them.

Then was the travelling. Gallopfrey me stole a TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimensions in Space) Mark 1 and set sail across the universe, switching faces and saving worlds. Each time with a companion to go along with it.

Human me did travel, but not the universe. I travelled the world, saw so many beautiful sights, and met some very strange but interesting people. Each time, though, there was a home to go back to.

Then I met her.

Gallopfrey me was in Ponyville when he met a young pegasus mare named Ditzy. The townspeople called her Derpy, for her eyes and lack of coordination. She was clumsy, but had a heart of gold, always wanting to help with anything. For some reason, I felt obliged and even had a sense of need to have her along with me. She was perfect for what I needed her for. Someone to stop me from going too far. In fact... something else was there, though. There was this feeling I never felt before, in the pit of my stomach. Butterflies? It was saying there, when you ‘had butterflies in your stomach’. Though when I heard the definition of the saying, I didn’t exactly understand it.

Then there was human me, meeting Dana for the first time. We met at a pony convention, believe it or not. Heh, I remember her dressing up as Derpy for the time there, and I just lost it. I laughed, even though it wasn’t even funny. She took slight offense to it, and soon after I stopped giggling my butt off, I wanted to apologize to her for it. We made up, and soon we became great friends.

Then there’s those butterflies again. What’s wrong with me, this is not normal, it never happened to me before...

I fall flat on my back, my hind legs finding the position uncomfortable, so I lift them up slightly to get them at the right angle, else I may just dislocate something. The repair systems are online, and the lights came back on soon after, breaking my train of thought.

I adjust my tie, while lying on the floor with my hooves. At least there’s something new in the memories that’s helpful, and that’s how to become more dexterous with hooves.

All this infinite knowledge, collected by thousands of years of experience, and yet not a single piece of it tells me how to deal with... feelings. I can’t even figure out what this feeling is, I’ve never felt it in my entire life.

I get up off of the floor, and close the doors to the TARDIS. I can’t stay here, I might cause some stupid rift to open up, and the one that got me here will close soon. I have to get going. Back to my own universe.

Back to... ugh...

Just then, a huge, and very loud ‘WHUUUM’ muffled by the doors emits from outside, and I bust open the doors to see the entire area around me is now in complete shadow. I look up into the sky, and see a big chunk of land floating in mid air, encased in a giant pink bubble.


I’m leaving.

Screw this universe.

I close the doors slowly, and rush over to the console. I know what to do now, at least. I push the lever into place, activating the engine in the center to start pumping Huon particles. I set course for the rift with masterful precision, and begin to dematerialize from the position I’m at, entering the Time Vortex.

I keep an eye on the monitor, showing me the exterior of the TARDIS. The vortex is currently grey, which means I am not moving at all through time, but through space. I fly the great ship towards the rift, and prepare for the transfer of matter from one universe to another. By yelling out “Allons-y!” at the top of my lungs, and diving straight into it.

Oooh... I missed that word. Gotta get back to saying that more often.

The rift closed immediately once I exit it, closing the gap between realities. I’m back in my own Time Vortex, and currently, it’s red out there. Going forward in time then, okay. I start to set course for the last place I can remember, and that’s right for the apartment complex where I first lost myself.

Almost there. It’s a pretty good chance that Ditzy is there right now, maybe with the humanoid Doctor and even Jack. What should I say when I get back? ‘I’m back’ won’t do, I already used it on that Dalek (I’m sure the alternate me can handle it) so, what else? Oh well, I guess I can wing it. I always do, and it usually works out in the end. My plan is to make up a plan as I go.

Starting to materialize now, I’m almost back. Ooh, boy, there’s those butterflies again. Go away, stupid insects! How did you even get in there? Weeell, I’m pretty sure butterflies can’t survive in my stomach without being digested, but this feeling won’t go away!


Here we ar-

The doors burst open, and in comes a Ditzy at the speed of sound. I barely let out a “Hi” before I get tackled to the ground by her, her hooves at either side of me, caging me to the ground.

“Where in the universe have you been!?”

“Uh- well, I wasn’t even in the univer-”

She slaps me in the cheek with one of her hooves, causing an extreme stinging sensation with a strange little red mark on my cheek. Come to think of it, there was another on the opposite cheek. Did she slap me with both? I don’t remember that-

“Don’t you leave me behind ever again, Doctor!”

The butterflies are raging in my stomach now. It feels like they’re flying around madly down there, constantly bumping into the walls of my stomach, and sending a lot of confusing signals to my brain. The red marks on my cheeks are blazing red now, which is confusing, considering that there is fur over the-

She kissed me.

On the muzzle. Not the cheek, or anything, straight to the muzzle. The butterflies are now wielding chainsaws and carving pretty pictures into my stomach now, each one with the body build of a construction builder or farm worker.

It was painfully wonderful.

The Eleventh is leaning in the door portal, looking at us with a very confusing face, like he’s trying to decide whether to smile or to vomit. Then there was Jack, who was completely wide eyed with his mouth hanging open.

She stops after a moment, with those same patches of red on either of her cheeks. We both look into each others large eyes for an embarrassingly long time, and soon enough Ditzy goes wide eyed, and reels back from me. She mutters an “Oh God.” and runs out of the TARDIS.

I lay there for a bit.





Uh, Okay.

I finally get up from my sea of feelings. That was... new. What? I need a moment...

I simply walk off to the ends of my TARDIS, leaving the two human looking people contemplate about the turn of events. I head down the tunnels, and straight towards the bedroom I woke up in.

I walk up to the mirror, and look at my reflection. I look at my very messy tie, with its pastel green color and white shirt collar. I look at my hair, slightly messed up, yet still in the good old fashioned style of blasted back spiky hair. Then I look at my face, with its squarish muzzle, large blue eyes, and pointed ears sticking out of the top.

This was me now. There’s no going back from it. Not only am I the oldest and only remaining Time Lord in the universe,

I just got kissed by my best friend.

And I liked it.

In fact, I loved it.

What is wrong with me?


It was a while after that event. I was laying in my bed, with my eyes open the whole time. I was staring at the ceiling for the whole time I was there, with my limbs outstretched across the bed.

I still can’t get over that. It’s too strange, too... important. I’m pretty sure it was burned into my memory now. In a good way. Weeell, in a good/awkward way. It’s still too strange to think about, I mean, I was a girl just about, what, six or seven hours ago? Woo, it feels like years. Must be all the jet lag. Anyway, yeah, I was a girl six hours ago, and I am pretty sure at the time I liked GUYS not GIRLS.

At least I hope I did. Never really felt this before. Wow, I must have been such a bore when I was a kid for the last twenty five years...

I could have sworn I liked Edgar, though. No matter how much I tried to think of him that way, it never really got past ‘friends’. We always joked around, and had fun, but never flirted, nor even got on a topic which we could have flirted. Eurgh, now that I think about it, I don’t think I want to be ‘more than a friend’ to him. I just wasn’t attracted to him. He was always troubled too...

It looks like I am in love. There’s no other answer to it, there is no other explanation for this. I’m in love with my best friend. How cliche. Of course, it had to be the most favorite ship of Ditzy, too. Ditzy and Doctor Whooves, going on adventures and dates at the same time, saving worlds and each other.

Never leaving each other behind. Now I feel terrible for leaving her with the most strangest people in the universe. Urgh...

The metal doors slide open to reveal The Eleventh behind them. I rearrange my limbs so that they are underneath me, sitting in the traditional pony way. Hm. He comes to sit in a chair next to my bed, and checks his watch that’s on backwards quickly before he says “How’re we feeling? Hehe, that’s a pun there, see?”

I roll my eyes at him. “I think I am much more different than you.”

He creates a sort of half smile, half sad face and says “I suppose you’re right. I just came to know how you are doing after you got back from wherever you came from. Where did you go?”

I really didn’t want to talk about that. It feels insignificant to what happened just after, but I answer his question anyway. “I ended up in an alternate universe, in Equestria.”

“Excuse me?”

“Equestria, you know, where the ponies like Ditzy live?”

“I... am afraid I never heard of such a planet. That’s odd, maybe it’s because it doesn’t exist he-”

“It does exist!” I say to him quickly, and harshly. He reels back slightly from my sudden verbal attack, but regains composure. “If it does, then, I have never seen it. Then again, you are The Doctor, so how can I question that?”

I roll my eyes in frustration. It’s hard to keep up with anything anymore, it’s like nothing makes sense. The whole pony thing is starting to make a whole bunch more sense, but it’s all still foggy. The last thing I remember before my time as a human for twenty five years, Discord used a spell on me meant for Ditzy that... did that. How did of all places I end up here, who knows, but the spell left me with a muddled brain. I can barely collect my thoughts.

Which sure isn’t helping considering my best friend just went from friends to supposed love interest. The memories in my head point in that direction with Ditzy, all those trips to beautiful places in the cosmos, that one time we went to an entire planet that is used for just one big holiday resort, all those things. All those things...

I realise that I was laying on my back again, with the Eleventh here blathering away about alternate universes, and how much he hates waiting, for whatever re- oh right, he asked me a question.

He repeats it to me. “What’s it like, just becoming The Doctor? How are you dealing with it?”

This guy has no idea how to deal with romantic emotions, doesn’t he? Neither do I, can’t blame him.

“It’s like I just got a lot older over a short period of time. Were you the one that sent all that energy through the Vortex?”

He drops his hands into one of his coat pockets, and pulls out a familiar silver fob watch. It’s the same one Jack used to contain all that light, and save me brain from burning up from Time Lord knowledge. He tosses it up into the air, and catches it once it falls towards his hand. “Yes, I was.”

I must have had some kind of face that showed off what I felt, because he frowns at me, and says “Okay, look. I can... somewhat understand what you’re going through right now. I’ve had it happen to me a few times, too. Maybe not in the same way as you, but similar. This feeling you have for her is from the memories from your old past, and it is as such for her. It’s real, yes, but I can tell you’re having trouble dealing with the fact that it is your best friend-”

“And that I was a girl.”

“Oh, yes, that too. Oof, that’s a bad nightmare for me. Don’t think I could handle it myself if I ever regenerated into a woman, would have been very awkward. Now, I don’t know a whole lot about... girls... but I can say that you should probably go to her, right now, and try to fix it, hm?”

I hop out of the bed and hit the ground on all fours, next to The Eleventh. I nod at him before I make my way back through the hallways and into the main chamber. Jack is nowhere to be seen, and I continue through the doors and into the living room. I quickly glance back at the TARDIS, which still makes me feel positively giddy about the fact its mine, and that its actually real after all.

I could hear her crying in her bedroom. I trot over to the door, and hesitate for a moment before I enter. On the bed, Ditzy is crying into a pillow, her hooves placed over it while her hind legs are tucked under her stomach.

Again, I hesitate. I feel really awkward, for some reason, and it becomes severely hard to put together something to say. It looks like she hasn’t noticed me yet, so I end up clearing my throat, and heavily regretting it afterward for no reason other than paranoia. She stops sobbing into the pillow, and looks up at me with slightly reddened eyes.

I stutter out “I- erm, how are you doing?”

She lets out a small whimper, and sniffs. I stand there awkwardly, and continue.

“I’m... very sorry for leaving you alone with strangers. It, uh, probably wasn’t really strangers though, considering it was The Doctor, or at least the humanoid Doctor, but... yes. I’m sorry.”

She looks down at the floor, and says “I’m sorry too. I ruined our friendship with... that. I should have thought about what I was doing before I acted on it.”

She’s crying because of the kiss...

“Ditzy, it’s alright. To be honest, I, er... kinda... liked it?”

She looks up at me. “What?”

I cringe in embarrassment, and look off to the side with my head still facing her. “I... liked it. Sorry, it’s just that we’re going through a whole lot and... er...”

She hops off her bed, and trots over to me. I look back at her and pull a bad poker face as she looks as if she is processing what I said. Oh no, I really hope I didn’t-

Ah, screw it. “Hug for forgiveness?”

I lift myself off my hooves and onto my hind legs, and prepare my forehooves for a hug. She rolls her eyes, and smiles at me. Instead of her for getting up in the same position for a hug, she puts up a hoof to my chin, and forces me back down somehow back onto all fours. Then I had another surprise, and that would be Ditzy giving me a second kiss.

My reaction is pretty similar to the first one, pure shock and enjoyment. My eyes turn to pricks as I get caught off guard, and soon enough I find myself in a prolonged... eh... erm... okay, let’s just say so I can save my embarrassment from going any further and say we achieved the french level of this game.

Once it’s finally done and set in stone, we break the lock and I look back at her with wide eyes and an open mouth. “Yowza!”

She smiles and rolls her eyes at my very stupid use of describing how great it was, which was a pretty good sign that she isn’t going be be crying any further. I will make sure of that. I smile quickly, and nudge my head towards the door. She nods, and we both head back for the TARDIS.

I’ve completely relinquished all thoughts of how wrong this is supposed to be now, as we enter the main chamber. The Eleventh is standing by the console, and I could just tell how much he is confused as to how short the console is to the floor. He must have forgot which TARDIS this is, even if his is a lot more different on the inside than mine. Last I checked, his was a total chrome makeover, and mine is a bit of a classic.

Was I even in there at all? I can’t remembe-

“Ah, Doctor Whooves! Looks like you’re going wild on Twitter!” He says abruptly, and he brings up a smart phone from the console, and walks over to Ditzy and I. He shows me the screen, and I look over the text on the screen from multiple profiles commenting on a photo... of me, covered in splinters, and my eyes blinded the flash of a phone.

After a quick thought that The Eleventh browses Twitter, I get the full realization that I just got posted on it. A photo of me, on the internet.

Damn it.

Ditzy adds to my stress. “That’s... not good.”

I say towards The Eleventh “Are you telling me... that right now... everyone that saw this picture now knows that I am here, on Earth, right now, and am a pony?”

He pulls back the phone, and puts it into his bottomless coat pockets. “I am saying that, yes.”

I quickly add “Is there a way to delete it, quickly?”

He shakes his head. “It’s been up for a few days. I’ll try to delete it, but that wouldn’t delete the memory of the picture. It’s already been seen by about a few thousand.”

Thank God for skeptics, then. I would have guessed it would have been in the hundred thousands by now.

“Delete it, quickly, I really don’t want anything crazy to happen. This is too fragile, and I still have so much to get done.”

He pulls out his newer model of the sonic screwdriver with the green bulb and claw, and goes over to sit in a chair. He pulls out the phone again, and begins to work on hacking the posters profile.

I trot up to the console, and look at Ditzy. “I’m glad you’re with me on this. I don’t know what I would do if I was alone in this situation.”

She smiles as she trots up to me. “I’m not leaving you alone, not ever again.”

I smile back at her, and quickly remember the kiss we just shared earlier. I break a drop of sweat, and face the console again with newfound confidence. “We have to get to a farm somewhere outside of a nearby town. I think it’s nearby, anyway. Gotta monitor the goings, and hopefully we can find all six of the Elements. Once done, we can finally get back home.”

I set the coordinates, and head over to the lever. I hold a grin still, and yell out in confidence as I pull down the lever, and enter the Time Vortex.


--------------------End of Part 1--------------------

Author's Note:

Yes, this is an end to the story for now. Just until I refresh my batteries, and more Five Score stuff gets written in present time. I'll be writing a bit of a short story for something else, and I will post it on here once it's complete, 100%. (Also, this chapter was really embarrassing to write, oh my god, I can't romance for nothing. Oh well, *posts anyway*)

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Loving it! There aren't words! "But we're on a fanfiction site. Theres an entire archive of words" This is most definitely my favorite ship ever! Thank you for making it not be the whole "just friends" or "oblivious Doctor" deal!

D'aww... :twilightsmile:

Sweet and simple, and thus much more believable than some of the more elaborate romantic material on this site. The brief detour into an alternate Equestria felt a bit pointless, but only if you don't come back to it later. Looking forward to more.

I disagree with your statement in the authors notes. You are not a horrible romance writer. At least not for this fic. You played it out perfectly and it was just like how the real Doctor would react to figuring out that he actually likes his companion and that she likes him back. I really love it and this is definitely one of the better interactions between the Doctor and Ditzy. (Also I like the fact that you call her Ditzy because I think that Derpy is a little offensive.)

"The timelords returning, the Earth will be burning" I'm not sure why I thought about these lyrics, I suppose the first part is appropriate.


There's a reason for everything.


Well... thanks for the compliment. I haven't in my entire lifetime actually wrote romance before, so I'm glad to see that it isn't a total failure. Onto something else in the note, yeah, unfortunately I'm taking a few week break from writing this so I can get more ideas and let the main story of Five Score advance further. I really enjoy writing this story, and having so many enjoy my writings at the same time. Thanks a lot, guys. :twilightblush:

Ahh, the best way to successfully make any Doctor shut up for about five minutes... give them an awkward best-friend kiss.


It's up to you. Do you want to see the Doctor grow from one to eight, becoming much more of a likable person over time? Or do you want to quickly just jump to nine, and figure out who this Rose is, why people would swoon for the tenth with passion, and chuckle uncontrollably because the eleventh is pretty damn crazy? If you just want to know what all the fictions are based off of, you may as well just watch the regeneration (hah) of the series, seasons one through seven. (Be warned, there are LOADS of seasons from DW1965, about 26, so you may be here for a while if you choose to watch the old series)

I personally haven't watched the old series, at least not yet. I want to finish up on seven, then go watch all the old ones from Day 1 Doctor, and so forth. Again, it's up to you. :eeyup:

2791303 Even I get that. And I've only watched one episode.:derpytongue2:

I just discovered this story, and I absolutely adore it!

please tell me we'll see mote chapters soon, your writing is amazing!

:pinkiegasp: Oh my God!! This is a "Five Score, Divided by Four" side fics combined with a "Doctor Whooves" story! *super squee* :yay: :pinkiehappy:
Random moustache! :moustache:


I'm browsing stories and I see your flippin picture and damned "moustache signature"???
This is the second time I've seen someone else I've recognised who has commented on my story!

This story struggles a little with Doctor overload. I mean one is bad enough, but with three you end up with a tardis inside a tardis inside a tardis or something. I can't tell which doctor's tardis which doctor is in! Someone with attention to detail could, and who watched the show enough. Chrome plated something something. Wouldn't worry about it too much. Just wanted to mention.

That fob watch is totally cheating. So that means Discord broke the rules of his own game to aid in his own defeat. That's... very accurate to the character actually! :unsuresweetie:

When you described Jenny/Doctor's two memory lines it really helped me understand where she/he was coming from. I wasn't sure how much was the doctor and how much was the enchanted human, and that helped clear it up a lot. Good use of flashback(s)!

I'd like to see more from Dana's perspective. The flying-in-an-enclosed-space-made-out-of-metal scene was hilarious. I was just waiting for her to say "Oops, my bad!" I'd also like to see the doctor help those poor foolish mane 6 who are going to totally muck up their return to Equestria to defeat Discord. (Hey guys, maybe you should get the element of Harmony before going over there? Hello? Anyone? OK then good luck...)

UPDATE! At least say what will happen to the story.

those damn things never stay dead

Ha ha! So true! :rainbowlaugh:

“Oh, yes, that too. Oof, that’s a bad nightmare for me. Don’t think I could handle it myself if I ever regenerated into a woman, would have been very awkward. Now, I don’t know a whole lot about... girls... but I can say that you should probably go to her, right now, and try to fix it, hm?”

*Cough-cough* Err... About that...
And yeah, I saw it being referenced a chapter or two ago too, but forgot to actually comment on it.
Assuming it even is a reference, since this is early enough the author may or may not have known about a certain female time-lord.


Another dead story.

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