• Published 6th May 2013
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Time and Space with other traits - DetMan

The twenty fifth birthday of two women marks the day when they both begin to change into two familiar equines from Friendship is Magic, though one of them finds something more in their transformation.

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Ch. 6: Two Worlds

Meanwhile, at the correct universal reality, Jack was very, very troubled. He let Jenny into the bathroom to deal with her... very awkward problem. Soon after, all he heard was silence.

He checked on her, to see if she was alright. She wasn’t, though, as she was completely gone from the room. There are no windows, or holes in the wall that could have led to her leaving in another way besides the bathroom door, so Jack pulls out his vortex manipulator and checks the area’s temporal status.

There was energy left from an alien transmat system. An extremely old transmat system. Jack then attempts to trace the energy from the teleport, but finds that it no longer exists. THat’s impossible! There is no way the exit of the transport just doesn’t exist anymore! It’s like it just popped right out of the universe...

Jack facepalms. God dammit, here we go again. It looks like Jenny, who he really should start getting used to calling Doctor, just went into a whole different universe. Great, this is going to be fun getting her back. Or him, because of the... thing. Yeah, thing.

Dana was missing too, oh boy, things couldn’t get any more worse. Not only does he have to bring back a Doctor who is turning into a small, brown pony, but as well as Dana, who as well is turning into some weird as hell grey pony. I think she may be getting a bit loose in the head, too. Just makes it even more dangerous for her to be alone.

Jack runs his fingers through his hair. He screwed up, he should have never, ever let those two out of his sight. Now how is he going to fix it?

Jack suddenly gets very elated, as he hears the very familiar sound that he has come to love. The blue box starts to materialize in front of him, as the words “POLICE PUBLIC CALL BOX” appear before him, above the doors that go inward, instead of outward.

He didn’t expect another man to open the door, though. He expected a man in a long, brown trench coat with a dark grey suit and tie. Instead, he got a man wearing a brown, leather padded jacket with overalls and a bow-tie.

He speaks in a different voice, as well. “Captain Jack! So good to see you, after about two hundred years, or so! Please come in, may need your help with a particularly confusing problem.”

Jack hesitates. He looks the man up and down, confused. The man makes a quick confused face, then it lights up. “Oh, of course! New face, long story. Come in, I really need your help.”

Jack frowns. The only way the Doctor turns into a whole different person is when he was about to die. Where was he when that happened? Right, Alonso. Yeah... should have figured.

He steps inside the familiar box, and is greeted by a very startling little grey pony with wings, and a slight problem with her eyes.



Who’re you?

What’re you doing in my head? Shouldn’t you...

Nevermind, I guess you’re welcome here, because I really can’t focus on you right now.

In any case, I’m Dana. Or, used to be Dana. Now I’m a winged pony with an eye problem. Derpy, or Ditzy. It is my real name, Ditzy. Derpy is a bit offensive, because it’s referring to my eye problem. So... yeeeaaah...

I’m no good with this. I’ll try my best, though! Back to the action.


Before Jack got here, I was still human. Well, human enough. Before, I fell unconscious thanks to me fangirling over the Doctor being real. It was dramatically traumatizing, and I don’t know how long I was out. He calls himself ‘The Eleventh’, but would that be breaking the fourth wall? Is there a fourth wall to break right now? I guess he saw the show, which may have been a bit weird, considering it’s his whole life packed into a whole bunch of show seasons, old and new.

You’d expect I would be the most insanely happy person in the whole universe to actually be inside of a real and working TARDIS, but I was actually insanely terrified.

I woke up on a soft, but kinda scary table. Something was cramping my back, and as I tried to sit up I found out what exactly it was. In fact, it wasn’t just that either. I was hooked up to a computer with these really awkward suction cups attached to wires, and, oh yeah, I was now a pony.

I could see my hind legs sticking out below me, and my hands no longer has any dexterity, nor fingers. It’s a pair of hooves now... and then the cramps on my back. I successfully turn my neck 180 degrees and figure out what’s causing me trouble.

Oh... I should have really guessed.

On my back was a pair of feathered wings. The feathers, though, were all ruffled and out of place, sticking out in jagged angles in random locations. I frowned at the lack of gratefulness to these wings, and take a look around the room. It is domed shaped, with port holes in every piece of the surface that have bright lights inside, illuminating the room well. The room was mostly empty, aside from the operation table and a hash-pash of computers next to me.

I try to pull off the suction cup thingies with my hooves, but it proved to be the most difficult thing to do, so instead I bit down on the cords, and pulled them off with my teeth and neck. Once they were all off, I hop off the table and faceplant onto the ground. My entire center of gravity must have shifted, and I was overcome with the most odd sensation in my eyes. I could see one area, while in my other eye it was looking at another.

Another thing I should have really guessed. My eyes are lazy. I can’t tell which one, but I can feel them drifting off without my command, and it feels not nauseating, but more calming. It actually dulled the pain in my head when it slammed onto the metal floor.

I sit up on my haunches, and go to rub the bruise on my head when I realised too late that I don’t have soft hands, and instead I have hard hooves. I hit the bruise, hard, and there goes my eyes again. I groan in pain from my clumsiness, and sigh once the episode was over. I take one final look around the room, making sure I was alone, and look back at my new wings.

If they weren’t so ruffled up, they would be the most beautiful things I have ever seen. I would be even more amazed if I could actually fly with these things, but they certainly won’t be able to in this condition...

I decide to take the time to do an embarrassing session of preening. I twist my neck around to face my left wing, and I use my teeth to straighten out the feathers evenly, along a row from top to bottom. It’s actually kinda therapeutic, for some reason to do this. I almost forgot why I was doing it in the first place, and when I remembered, I went onto my right wing.

“Oh! That was unexpected, hello there!”

My eyes go wide when I hear a voice that isn’t my own in the room, and I jump from my position on the floor into the air, rather high for it to be realistic. I fall back to the floor, and in my panic, I flap my wings to try and stop myself from hitting the floor for the second time.

My next mistake here was flapping my wings. Once I did one flap, I flew skyward, straight towards the ceiling, and I smash right into it, breaking a bulb in the process. I lose control of my aerodynamics, and fly straight on downward, towards the man that entered the room.

He yells out “Whoa!” and jumps out of the way in time for me to miss him by a fraction of a grey, pegasus feather and I flap my wings one more time to keep me from crashing into the ground. Instead, I end up heading back upwards again, but this time I had a makeshift plan. I turn my body so the bottom of me was heading upward instead, and I use my hind legs to bounce off the wall, heading back towards the ground. Of course, in my moment of success, I didn’t make up a second plan to stop my fall from being painful.

I crash into the ground for the second time today, and my eyes spaz out all over the place, successfully making me dizzy. There was a light dust cloud in the room now, and I could hear a computer faintly exploding into sparks in the background.

After finding out that I didn’t fracture anything (must be all that milk I drank) I sit up slowly. I cough up a bit of dust, finding out my voice had changed drastically from last I heard it. I test it by saying out loud, “Aaaaaah” and for some reason I giggled a bit.

I remember the man that dived out of the way at my possibly would-be-very-painful-if-I-hit-him dive bomb, and I get up on my two legs to look for him. I fail miserably, and give up after a few steps and return back to all fours. I stumble and shake a bit while I walk towards where I last saw him, but eventually it gets easier the closer I get.

The dust finally cleared, and in it’s place I find a handsome fellow with a brown (tweed?) jacket with leather elbow patches, overalls, boots, and a dark blue bowtie.

I go wide eyed when I realise who it is. He sits up without the use of his hands, and looks at me with a big smile. “Hello, there! I’m the Doctor!”

My jaw drops at the scene. It’s like I’m watching a movie, except it’s real. He stands up, brushing back is puffy, kinda like Elvis hair, and fixes his bowtie which was slightly askew. Once he’s done, he checks a golden plated watch on his wrist, and bends down to look at me. “And who might you be?”

I stutter out “U-uh, uhm, Ditzy-Dana!”

He stands up straight. “Well, Ditzy-Dana, it’s great you’re finally awake, I have had the most troubling time finding something to do while you slept, it’s funny, the way people react to me when I walk around on the street, it’s like I’m a celebrity. I don’t like celebrities, they are way too flashy, except some of them, but then again they could be too and I wouldn’t know.”

I giggle at his random ranting. This is the Doctor, all right. At least the Eleventh.

He flicks a finger at nothing. “Right, here’s what to do, I find out what in the universe is going on with you, Ditzy-Dana, then I’ll-”

I interrupt him. “Uh, it’s actually Ditzy.”

I don’t bother to try and fix what I said, as it’s better than being called ‘Ditzy-Dana’. He pauses for a moment to look at me, then says “Alright... Ditzy. I’ll call you that from now on then. Once I figure out what is wrong with you, I will get you back to your other Doctor, who is strangely a lot like a woman, eurgh, I really hope it isn’t a future me, that would be awkward for me and a whole bunch of people, woops sorry, was I a bit rude?”

I shake my head. When you’re like this, it’s hard to hate you. He smiles at me, then says “Okay, thank you very much, now, Jack! Get over here, please!”

I tilt my head towards the hallway, and take a look at the man walking down it towards us. He’s wearing his usual black trench coat and such, walking down it slightly smug-like, with a friendly smile on his face. Of course, when Jack sees me, he walks into the room slowly, and looks between the Doctor and me. “Uh... what’s that?”

I roll my eyes in irritation, and was about to say something before the Doctor interrupts me. “It’s a pony, Captain Jack. A peaceful life form, much like the humans, from another world. Used to be human, too, just look at her strange body shape, though! It’s equine in effort, but so... cartoony.”

I squint at him. “I’m right here, you know.”

Jack jumps at me speaking. He obviously hasn’t seen a cartoon pony talk to someone before. He pulls back his stature, and looks at me. “You can... talk?”

I look at him with a ‘you don’t say’ face, and say to him “Yeah, Jack, I can talk. It’s me, Dana.”

Jack’s jaw drops, and he stands up straight to wipe away the stress on his face. “Wh-what? What the hell happened, Doctor?”

He lifts a finger slightly, and says “Well, it seems as though her DNA structure is being replaced, her human strands though don’t just disappear... well, actually, they do just disappear. It’s like it wasn’t even there in the first place.”

I look at him spewing facts about my problem with a worried face. What’s he getting on about?

Jack throws up his arms. “What do you mean, ‘wasn’t there in the first place’? What’s that supposed to mean?”

Jack asking the question that was on my mind, the Doctor speaks. “Well, what I ‘mean’, Jack, is that her human DNA didn’t exist at all, it never was. It was just ‘magically’ there, alright? I don’t know, and I don’t like not knowing!”

The Doctor shoves his fingers into his hair, and paces around in a circle while Jack creates a confused look on his face. I suddenly become aware of a fact that was looming in the back of my mind, and I blurt out at Jack: “Where’s my Doctor? Jenny?”

Jack suddenly slackens, and looks at me. “He-she, er... Jenny’s gone. I don’t know how, but for some reason, when she was in the bathroom thanks to her suddenly switching from XX to XY, she disappeared. It was a transmat system, but I don’t recognise it.”

The Doctor of the human-looking Time Lords turns to face Jack. “Show me, take me to the bathroom she teleported out of.”


After a transmat teleport to the main chamber, Jack heads towards the doors first, along with the Doctor and I trailing behind him. We head out into my new apartments living room (huh, that’s a funny place to park a police box) and Jack turns for the bathroom, with the Doctor following.I stay back to look at the TARDIS in all her physical glory.

I expected it to be bigger on the inside, yes, but actually seeing it being bigger on the inside is way better than on BBC America. I could look at all the details in real life, and I reach out to touch it when I realised I can’t feel the surface of the TARDIS, thanks to the fact that my hooves don’t have nerve endings. Better than nothing, though.

I hear the scarily surreal sound of the most recent form of the sonic screwdriver make the sound of its trade in the bathroom with the Doctor and Jack inside it. I take a moment to process the fact that Captain Jack Harkness and The Doctor himself are in my bathroom, right now, scanning for teleport energy. I could die happy now.

The sound stops, and they both enter the living room with the Doctor saying “...It’s the same system I installed to my own TARDIS, but I don’t have any records of it being used as of late. The only possible explanation is if there is either a second TARDIS that I should own somewhere out there, right now, or it’s this pony Doctor’s TARDIS. Really, if I think about it, I guess those two reasons would be the same, but never mind that. I have to trace the teleport back to it’s source, back inside!”

The Doctor heads back into the main chamber of the TARDIS, while Jack and I follow suit behind him. Once inside, we see him clacking, pulling, pushing, and ringing all the controls that I can perceive to be controls on the console. He then pulls a monitor suspended by an iron arm towards himself, and he looks at something I cannot see from here.

“Interesting... the coordinates of the transmat system are outside of the whole universe... but how?”

I speak up. “Erm, Doctor, where’s my friend? Right now?”

He looks at me past the monitor, cringing at me. “Uh, he may be in a whole different universe and timeline right now...”

I go wide eyed. “WHAT?!”

He nods as if he knew this would be my reaction, and says “Don’t worry, there are ways to get back, it’s just that he has to do it... himself... or dear, this isn’t good.”

I say to him with concern in my weird, squeaky voice “What do you mean, what’s wrong?”

He looks at me with sympathetic eyes, and says “The only way he can figure out how to get back, is if he is me, one-hundred percent. Last I checked, he, or rather she, still had a human brain. It looked familiar, but I haven't seen a glint of a fob watch...”

Jack sniffs, and reaches into his pocket. “You mean this thing?”

He holds out that silver fob watch he used to suck out all that golden light from Jenny what felt like years ago. It shimmers slightly in the light, and the Doctor’s face suddenly lights up.

“Yes! Exactly that, how did you get that?” he says as he bounds off the platform, right up to Jack.

“I, er, got it off of a guy in an alley. Had some crazy white hair with black stripes on the side, but that’s all I saw. He opened it up once, and then Jenny started to lose her mind.”

The Doctor swipes it from Jack’s hand, and holds his thumb over the latch release. Jack realises what he is about to do, and starts to protest, “Doctor! Her brain will start to fry again!”

He just smiles at him. “Now, Jack, he’s pretty much me now, I think he can handle a thousand years of life experience. Or maybe nine-hundred, considering that she acts a lot like a past me, but... ah well, geronimo!”

He presses down on the release, and the golden light that was already seeping out of it takes no time to smell the roses, as it bursts out of the thing so hard and brightly, the Doctor drops it clear out of his hands, and it actually floats in mid-air, shooting out all the golden light all over the room.

The Doctor’s face drops. “It needs to get outside! Open the doors, then the windows! The living room, go!”

Jack and I head straight for the doors, the lights trailing behind us. I was faster, and I shove the doors clear for the light to spill into my living room. Jack does a 180 spin around the TARDIS once he’s outside, and heads for the windows, opening them quickly. The light blows up a lot of wind, and heads straight out the window into the open air, moving faster than sound up and out of the atmosphere in seconds.

I stare as the last of the light fades from sight, and I close my eyes.

“Be safe, Turner.”


Ooh, I think I got a bit of a chill there.

Where was I? Oh yes, the fact that I’m in an entirely different universe.

And I just met an alternate universe Ditzy Doo.

After we both saw each other in the forest, I tried to explain to her that I didn’t belong here. She just laughed, saying that “Of course you don’t, silly! You’re a Time Lord, remember? You told me that thousands of times!”

Hearing her talk was like getting hit by a long lost wave of nostalgia from when you were five years old, playing the very first handheld console called a Gameboy. I walked on, with her trailing behind me, talking on and on about how she was looking for me after I ran away from Applebloom (hehe, okay, this is getting too much for me.) after we took a traveler from Earth to here to stop s pony named Dark Light (huh, that’s interesting. Never heard an episode like that before.)

I keep telling her this, until I get to the present time. It turns out I wasn’t walking deeper into the forest, but rather farther out from it. Guess where I ended up? I hit the back of a pastel painted building made of wood and hay, part of a small community called Ponyville.

Once I take my first step into the town, I was beyond ecstatic. It was beyond happiness. It was pure... terror. Oh my God, I am actually in Ponyville, in Equestria, oh boy, what if I don’t act properly? What happens to extraterrestrials? Especially from a whole different universe? HOLY HAYSTACKS I’M IN EQUESTRIA!

I laugh out loud, louder and harder than I had ever in my entire life. This wasn’t funny laughing, though, it’s more like nervous laughter. I would probably go insane right now if it weren’t for the fact that my brain could handle all this thanks to the very, very empty feeling I have up there.

Ditzy looks at me like I just lost my mind, which is probably what just happened. She poked my head lightly with her hoof, and says “Equestria to Time Turner, do you read?”

I stop my laughter, wiping tears away from my face with the bottom of my withers. I look at her, then I lose my composure and laugh again. An actual pony! Not transformed humans, an actual pony in the actual Equestria! Oh, Celestia, I don’t think I can handle this anymore.

After half an hour of rolling on the ground, laughing my flank off, I finally get up to see Ditzy starting at me oddly. “You’re right, you really don’t belong here.” she says, after giggling at me.

I get rid of the funny in my guy by chuckling at her kind of hurtful joke, and stand back up on all fours. Okay... back to business then.

“Exactly, I need.. hehe... to get back to my universe. This isn’t the correc-”

“Ditzy! There you are! Who’s that?”

My eyes go wide as I hear my own voice echo out behind me. I slowly turn around to see the exact mirror image of me standing right in front of me. He looks at me briefly with a smile on his muzzle, then he goes just as wide eyed as me, and his jaw drops. I awkwardly smile at him while he looks me up and down, and Ditzy looks in between me and him.

She says after a moment “Uh... what’s going on?”

We both in unison look at Ditzy, then back at each other. He breaks the silence first. “Why is there a second me ther- are you a changeling?!”

He gets ready into an attacking stance, and Ditzy hops away from me. I panic slightly, and quickly say “No, no! I’m not a changeling, I’m just another you from another universe!”

He squints at me, then says “Okay... then I’ll ask a question. Only I can know it, alright, you ready?”

I frown deeply. This isn’t going to be good.

He grins at my uncertainty, and asks his question.

“How many ties do I have in the TARDIS storage?”

Ditzy looks at him. “Uh, Doctor, everyone knows how many ties you have.”

He looks at her with a confused look. “Really? Since when was that sent out to the general public?”

“When you wore every single tie you own for Nightmare Night.”

He frowns. “Oh... well... okay, how about another question?”

I look left and right, gulping slightly. I didn’t know how many ties were in storage, how the hell am going to answer something that’s more hard? I cringe with my mouth closed, and await his question.

“Okay.. okay, uh, oh! how about-”

He didn’t get to finish his question, as out of nowhere, the TARDIS, my TARDIS, starts to materialize right next to us. The both of us look at it with the most confused look on our faces, as it finally becomes solid. The doors open automatically, revealing complete blackness from the inside.

I dare my luck, and step closer to the black void in the door. Out of pure random, or maybe fact, a bright, golden light blasts from the doorway, straight into my face, creating a low ‘booming’ sound all around us. The light zoomed all around of us, poking at the second me, then heading straight for me. It zooms around me, poking at me, then finally decides to flow harshly straight into my irises.

It’s hard to explain what’s happening here. All I can say, it feels like I am getting older. Much, much older. Older than what a person should be able to live up to. My eyes start to feel heavy, and I wobbled on my four knees for a moment as the light seeped right into my brain without me giving permission. It filled my head with images of tall buildings, red grasses, blue boxes, larger than life ponies, so many faces, and past versions of what are supposed to be me.

I’m a very old stallion. Not just any stallion though. I’m the last of the Time Lord ponies.

Anger, frustration, intelligence, and strange habits flow into my brain quickly, filling me with sudden emotions, that I acted upon them rather quickly to remove them from my system.

There is a lot of anger, here. Anger towards a whole bunch of alien names, ones more vibrant in the red color of hate. The one that was covered in red so much, it looked like it was soaked in blood.


I scream loudly, stomping my right forehoof into the hardened dirt road. This is way too much hatred to be physically possible to contain. It has to be masked by something else. That’s when the happier emotions kicked in, giving me good talking habits, intentions, and thinking processes.

The light soon stops swirling around me, all of it being sent straight into my brain, and finally the light and dirt in the air stops swirling.

I turn around, smiling at the two astonished ponies. I look at the second me, then at Ditzy.

“Hello. I think that is enough proof, don’t you agree, me?”

The second pony me looks at me with an astonished face. No words were uttered, until Ditzy broke the silence with her bubbly, high pitched voice. “So, you’re really...”

I grin at her, my brain finally clear after twenty five years. “Yes. Hello!”