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Two young lovers meet once again after seven years of separation. An old flame is rekindled, but can it survive a bizarre turn of events that reveals a secret hidden from them for a quarter century?

A side story of TwistedSpectrum's "Five Score, Divided by Four".
Flags set as tentative, though I don't do explicit well so tend to avoid.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 14 )

It is worth a read, and I am interested to see where this goes.

So, did they find their cutie mark?

2555468 why is there day 2 and 3 but not day 1?


Because the major day one symptom didn't apply in this case, since they didn't have cutie marks to appear. They didn't realize the changes had started until the more noticible symptoms started to show.

2577130 ah I just watched contagen las night and were going to tell what happened on day one at the end.

My rating: 7/10
Notes: Decently crafted, few grammar errors or spelling mistakes.
Plot: ... overused. Hopping onto the bandwagon seems to be standard practice these days, eh?

Suggestions: I really have none. I wish the plot was more original, but one can really imagine the entire storyline in three simple stages:

1.Shock at transformations.

Sorry, not for me.

Apple Bloom... Out. *crash*

I'm confused why the CMC don't already have their cutie marks already.

I figure between inertia, immaturity, denial, and Discord, they were on the verge of epiphany, when Discord nailed them with the curse.

Hmm, it is tempting. The only problem is that I am still on the 3rd day. Oh well, that wouldn't stop me from inserting this at the right time ;)

By this point, haven't they lived much longer as humans than as ponies? So wouldn't it be arguable that Sam/Applebloom is more Sam than Applebloom, and so on? I mean, they are the same person, but they have lived far longer as a human than as a pony by this point.

Sure, except for a few things, I wouldn't miss them that much

Wait, do people really think this way about their lives? That is one of the most depressing things I have ever heard.


Well, this ties into both parts of your comment. Sam has moved around most of his life, never really put down any roots, and by the time he settled down, he's stuck in a no where job and hasn't found a Purpose. It also ties into not having the cutie mark: he's been struggling to find anything, and keeps looking in the distance and not up close. And it is rather depressing, but in his view, changing to AB has been a blessing. It's scary, it's utterly alien, but for the first time, she feels /right/. The cutie mark is only going to reinforce this further. She is comfortable with her form (despite how clumsy it is so far), she's comfortable with her new sense of purpose, and she never experienced the rightness before and is buzzed on the feeling. In her mind, what's wrong with that? Scootaloo is a different story, however, and that'll becoming into play soon.

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