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Peter wakes up one day on his 20th birth day to find his life going wrong. Very wrong. He doesn't know how or why, but his friends are slowly turning into ponies after finding that they have cutie marks. However, his body decides to go in a different direction. Can he and his friends reverse the change? Or are they caught up with forces too powerful for them to understand?

Based on the story Five Score Divided By Four by Twisted Spectrum.

Art by ROXDragonz on DeviantArt

Chapters (12)
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I call lies on Portal 3 coming out in 2025.... Maybe 2100?

2545630 It'll probably come out before Half-Life 3, that's for sure.

2546110 God, I hope not.. I mean, I want Portal 2 and Half Life 3 as much as any Valve fanboy/girl does. Heck, maybe even a new Counter Strike would be cool. but.. honestly, I want to see what happens to Gordon more then someone who was released from Aperture for pete's sake.

But, about the story..

Eh, it was all right. I'll read it until it's finished or whatever, I guess. I still enjoyed what this is based off of more, though..


Oh. Well. That was... different.

It certainly was. :pinkiesmile:
Aw, man. But now I feel unoriginal.
I was going to submit my own 'inspired by Five Score, Divided by Four' story as soon as I had finished it, but now it seems like several people have already jumped on this bandwagon. Dang. :ajsleepy:
Unleash the dragon!


I asked Shining not to tell you guys it was my birthday.

Well, that explains the shield mark.

It's good so far but my head hurts. There a character in my Four Score story named David as well. I keeping getting this David mixed up with the David I created. It hurts my brain.

Edit: I like how you mixed it up. Having their birthdays be the next day. You get a thumbs for the awesome cliff hanger.

Wait...I thought it was their 25 birthday? Description says it was their 20th. Five score is 100 and divided by 4 equals 25.

Welp. Things get more and more interesting.

Though, how did Shane know how to reply to Peter's dragonfire?

Ah, well. Looking forward to more!

Yay! Best princess is here! :pinkiehappy:

Now, just to let you know, a story tends to flow better with line breaks at notable time and spacial displacements. Of course, you don't HAVE to do it, but it would make reading this more of a joy then what it already is. :moustache:


The same way that Peter knows how to send messages by dragonfire. Trying it out and hoping for the best.

I think that Shining just got Navied :rainbowlaugh:

Is she 100% pony right now. If so the fact that she had a later birthday might me the transformations happen faster.

Hee hee. I liked that little Navi moment and the player, I mean Shaning Armor basically saying shut up. :rainbowlaugh:


This is the SECOND fic in which someone gets Navi'd!

(Chapter 2 reveal)

I didn't see that coming.

I should have totally seen that coming.

Portal 3

Everybody knows that Valve can't count to 3

2630280 thats nothing, i give you 11/10 mustaches


Discord brought Windigo's here. Oh hell. All they would need to do is go on an internet forum and the whole world will freeze. We are screwed. This calls for some Freeze Puns.

Also. 10/10 big macs

Great job. I can't wait for more.

Edit: This is Why Shining Armor is one of my favorite characters. From what little we seen of him, we know that their nothing stopping him from protecting the ones he loves. That's why his special talent is making shields.

M'hm, good story.
Now lets MUSTACH THE WORLD!:moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

I kind of half-expected at least a slightly older spike, he did have two seasons to grow before becoming human, but very nicely done.

Comment posted by the monkey ninja deleted May 27th, 2013

David is starting to get the doctor's memories if he knows what THE pocket watch looks like.( I feel tingly from reading this. )

Hmm... I mentioned this on another one of these fics, but... the divergence from the way the whole thing works in the original fic... Well, it really doesn't sit right with me.

The ponies were transformed into humans and had their memories blocked, they didn't share bodies with random humans. The ponies and the humans are one and the same, that was kind of the whole point of the original Five Score as I understand it. After the cure wore off, they started getting their bodies and memories back but they were still the same person, just recovering from amnesia. The way you apparently have it set up, the ponies-as-humans (and dragon) and the ponies-as-ponies (and dragon) are two separate individuals. That's... well, I can't say that it is exactly wrong but it certainly wasn't what I was expected when I started to read this. That is, one of the major reasons I enjoy the original Five Score is because it was ponies-recovering-from-amnesia, not random humans transforming into ponies and getting bodyjacked.

Also, from a in-story perspective setting the humans and ponies (and dragon) up as separate individuals has very upsetting implications (i.e. Identity Death).

I kind of assumed that when Shane went all Shining Armor in the last chapter it meant that the stress had made it so that he got all his memories back and this chapter his friends would get upset over the apparent body-jacking and/or possible identity death of Shane, and Shining Armor would have to explain to them that he WAS Shane (and vice-versa). What happened instead was... unexpected, to say the least.

2678826 Well, keep in mind that I'm not necessarily doing all my revealing through character dialogue. My characters aren't telling the situation as it is, just the way they see it. They're just trying to use the knowledge they have to work out what might be going on.

PLEASE give David a in-character moment like you gave Shining, surely one of the most intelligent beings in the universe would be able to overcome some simple amnesia quicker than the other ones? Or has he been chameleon arched, seeing as he remembers the watch?

2678826 you seem to have missed a couple of details from earlier chapters. The main detail I want to point out is from Peter's/Spike's dream memory thing from Chapter 1 or 2.
In it it showed the "original" Spike, just minutes before Discord found him, Talking to him self like he was leaving a video log to Peter.

In that memory it is established; or can at least be inferred; that Spike, and presumably Shining and Cadance, have apperently figured out what Discord is doing to ponies (mostly). They know their defeat is inevitable and that the same curse will befall them, they know he will find them; it's just a matter of when; but in the mean time they develop a way to, as they are under the impression that they permanently will cease to exist mentally, continue existing. So before they were found Shining and Cadence came up with a spell or ritual that basically created a sort of "mental fall-out/bomb shelter" and in that shelter they stored a sort of mental clone; an exact duplicate of their personalities, memories, and thought patterns; then sealed them off. Discord however found the three before Spike could finish using this tactic so Shining and Cadence sacrificed them selves to buy Spike the time for it to be complete. He barely does.

This theory is then supported in both this and last chapter. In chapter 3 both Peter and Shane start suffering from random, debilitating headaches. After on of these Peter meditates and finds "cracks" in a previously unnoticed mental "wall" and that the fissures get bigger and more numerous with each headache. It is also immediately after one if these that Shining appears to save the day.

In this chapter Shining repeats, almost verbatim, what Spike said at the end of the memory. Then Kate has a headache, alluding that the copy of Cadance is reawakening. The final proof being at the very end. Copy Spike, likely due to the cracks in the mental "shelter," sees what is happening to Peter, sees that he is about to kill their mutual friends, and BURSTS though the wall and confronts Pete showing him Both of their memories.

Are you my mommy?

...The HORROR :raritycry:

This.Is.So.AWSOME. keep up the good work:pinkiehappy:. PS:Take my mustaches :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

Great chapter. I love how you explained why they were getting their memories back in a different way than in the original story. I also like how you threw in that the Elements used to be different and might have been able to have been used by machines. You have great ideas and I can really see this going some where. Sincerely hope that you update soon but not too soon as to spoil the quality of your work.

Did somepony answer that phone?

Becaus I bucking called it! :ajsmug:

In the same case I would shout
"Quick! Get the curtains!"

Huzzah for fob-watchyness. ( it came from my mouth so it is a word )

Yay!! Doctor-y TARDIS shenanigans!

2729615 also cause it sounds like a thing the doctor would say...

Hey uh..I'm making my own 5s/4 fic and I don't have any ideas for the rewritten curse song bit. Is it okay if I umm...borrow yours?:twilightsheepish:


Sure. Just notice that there are two different curses for two different purposes, so make sure you get the right one. You might want to tweak it just a bit to personalize it to your story, but feel free to use it.

Interesting development. I thought the statues were going to be something else first.

Just realized this. David= David Tennant.


You have no idea how glad I am that someone finally got that.

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