During the first conflict with Discord after his 1,000 year imprisonment, each of the ponies who wield the Elements of Harmony were forced to match wits with the Master of Chaos. All of them found that they were sorely out of their depth.

Except, perhaps, for one.

After Discord is imprisoned, Celestia takes each of the ponies aside to hear their stories. Fluttershy is the last one called and is a little nervous about the meeting. With a little encouragement from a friend, she is able to join the Princess for a cup of tea and describe her encounter with Discord. It might prove to be a rather fateful discussion.


Planned as the first in a series of related short stories based on Fluttershy as she shares tea with Discord and possibly one or two others.

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When Starlight Glimmer cast her spell and shattered the bonds connecting the Elements of Harmony, she inadvertently created a cosmic crack that would have further reaching consequences than she could ever imagine. The consequences of her actions rippled across time and space, shattering the very destiny of existence itself. The only thin string holding the universe together now is Twilight Sparkle, the representative of the Element of Magic and the Princess of Friendship. But with destiny already defied, how can she hope to pick up the pieces of a broken reality?
Well, starting with helping her other self might help.

Cover art created by myself. Shoutouts to Fenteal for being my proof-reader.

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This story is a sequel to Poniocracy

This story is required to be published so that links in the main story work. This compilation will probably not make sense, unless you read: Poniocracy PLEASE IGNORE THIS UPDATE (sorry potentially excited followers looking for new content).

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The Story of the Gorlians and Equestria
The Gorlians and Ponies Make First Contact - Things Go Well
The Gorlians have finally decided to make contact with Equestria, when they find a human among the populace, the situation quickly devolves into a political nightmare that could only be solved by the banishing of an entire race to the moon.

Human Manual I:
Version 1.0 of the Human Manual Index
The human manual index is the primary guide for all human interactions with the Cry-pod™. Make sure you are 100% trained with this glorious manual to encompass all human interactions.

Equine Manual I:
Version 0.0000001alpha of the Equine Manual Index
The human equine manual index is the primary guide for all human equine interactions with the Cry-pod™. Make sure you are 100% trained with this glorious manual to encompass all human equine interactions.

Why Emergencies Should Be Handled Calmly
You don't want to end up burying dead bodies, do you?
Why it's a good idea to remain absolutely calm when dealing with dead bodies.

Why Emergencies Should Be Handled Calmly II
Why it's good that Twilight learned how to apply first aid before trying her hoof at autopsy.
Sometimes, knowledge is a burden.

Blue Pill
David knows that taking the Red Pill is a huge mistake.
Sometimes, just take the Blue Pill.

David's Nightmares
David knows that pissing off Twilight was a huge mistake.
David don't sleep, don't blink. If you blink, she'll get you.

Robot Manticore Attack
Robot manticores are no joke. Until they are.
Twilight, I need a medic here. No, not Dr. Staton. No, not you either.
You know what?

The First Law
Don't be a bad robot. Also, kill all the humans.
Robots, they're kind of like people, except a little more sarcastic.

David wasn't David, Discord was David, Discord was being Discord, because David wasn't Discord.
Sometimes you can take a prank a little too far.

A Dated Journal Entry
Writing in a journal to express your feelings can be difficult. The task is onerous but fulfilling. Personal thoughts and opinions clash and meld together, but you come out stronger because of it.
Twilight writes a heartfelt note to her Diary. She hasn't kept up with it for a long time. It's nice.

Where you can have all your fast food craving met.
Remember kids, fast food is bad for you, meat is bad for the Earth and they're both addictive.

McQuestria II
McQuestria harder.
Remember kids, time travel is possible.

To Touch The Stars
Don't send humans into space. It's bad enough they live on one planet.
As the British Captain of this fine vessel commands you: Stop dilly dallying and get to work!
This work is not to be confused with: To Touch The Stars

Dragon's Fire
Making alcohol in Equestria is more dangerous than it looks.
Bacardi Breezes are a breeze, Bacardi!

Miracles can happen twice.
Good thing ponies never had access to nuclear technology... yet.

Celestia Drunk Texts... If She Could Use A Phone
Always have someone stronger than you to take care of you when you’re drunk.
Unless you're an alicorn, no one can stop you. Don't get drunk.

Who Invented Hooves?!
Booping ponies on the nose might seem like fun, but it's actually quite a dangerous proposition.
No one pony should have all this power.

At Your Service
It's just a quick vignette into the life of an average Gorlian.
Gorlians have it tough, but at least their cleaning service is punctual.

Pinkie Pie sits there with not much to do. It's excruciating.
Twilight old Pinkie not to touch the orb. Pinkie touched it.

How To Make A World
It's quite simple really. The Universe will show you how!
In which it is all the ways you SHOULDN'T make a world. Oh well.

Foal Move
Teaching a class can be hard for some people, for David? Downright frightening.
Foals are an amazing tool. If used with care.

It's like a secret language and only Australians can speak it.
And 'roos. Don't forget 'roos.

Don't underestimate the power of moustaches.
Twilight did. She regretted it.

When all else fails, you can always make friends with your friend's friend.
Or can you?

When Moop stumbles upon a secret government conspiracy, it's only logical that he gets roped in
The moral of the story is not to accidentally stumble into abandoned warehouses.

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WARNING: Slow-burn romance!

Tempest Shadow would be the first pony to tell you she's not worthy of friendship. All she deserves after a life spent helping the Storm King conquer and pillage is four walls, bars, and solitude. But she's getting a new life in Ponyville anyway, at the side of Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Magic.

Tempest Shadow isn't a friendship kind of pony. She's not a party kind of pony. She's not a happy kind of pony in the least. So what could there possibly be for her in Ponyville? More than she thinks, as it turns out. Come join her as she discovers what she's truly meant to do, what she's truly worth, and who she's truly meant to be with. Her life is going to change far more than she ever would have expected.

A serial that will update as individual stories are completed. Incomplete until the whole thing is finished, but the reader is urged to keep up with uploads. Individual stories may also be comedies or adventures. Warning tags may be added as necessary.

Cover art by Firimil!

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Princess Celestia, in her infinite wisdom, sent Twilight Sparkle to Ponyville in order to learn about the Magic of Friendship; many years later, and after hundreds of adventures with the five amazing friends she made that day, she now stands watch over the last of them as they prepare for the end. Naturally, they refuse to go quietly into that good night.

After all, there's always time for one last spin around Equestria, right?

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Princess Twilight Sparkle has recently returned from a diplomatic mission to Gryphonstone. While she has gone beyond the borders of Equestria many times in the past, this is her first official state visit as a princess.

As a way of celebrating her success Princess Celestia hosts a tea party, during which the other monarchs of Equestria share stories about diplomatic blunders. These include Cadance's bout with Saddle Arabian purity laws, Luna's near beheading, and Celestia's ordeal with limes.

Cover Art is done by Baron-Engel.
Edited by Tempus.
Written for Aragon's Comedy (Is Serious Business) Contest under the prompt, we learned something political.
Sex tag is for sexual language/references and not actual sex, death tag is for mentions of death, and dark tag is because it does get a lil dark here and there.

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AU to a Canterlot Wedding with a twist. Shades of the movie.

Twilight left Equestria ashamed of calling Cadence evil without knowing she was replaced by Queen Chrysalis. The real Cadence was accidentally found and the Changeling invasion was foiled.

Since then Princess Celestia and her friends have been searching for Twilight.

2 years later the Crystal Empire returns and Twilight's friends are sent but it seemed that an armada led by the stern faced Tempest got there first. She is there on behalf of a new empire ruled by Queen Twilight.

20th January 2018, Featured! First of my stories that I know of to be featured on the main page!

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This story is a sequel to A simple test from the bureaucracy of Equestria

A divergent sequel to Evilhumour’s “A simple test from the bureaucracy of Equestria” following a different path than “Back to School for Lulu!” Rather than Luna having to undergo 12+ years of institutionalized education, Twilight points out that Luna and Celestia had essentially experienced the equivalent of having been homeschooled, meaning that technically Luna would only need a tutor for a year under the terms of the law as it is written.

Celestia, thinking that this is a wonderful idea (and not wanting to put her sister through the experience of being sent through 12+ years as the oldest remedial student in the history of History itself), seizes on the idea, congratulates Twilight for offering to be Luna’s tutor, and sends Luna to Ponyville to become Twilight Sparkle’s apprentice for the year.

Written with Evilhumour's permission (and encouragement), with Evilhumour and AnonEMouseJr acting as Beta Readers

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The right thing to do and the best thing to do are sometimes mutually-exclusive; when Fluttershy finds the deposed Chrysalis injured and near-death in the Everfree Forest, she knows that the wisest course of action to pursue would be to leave her to her fate. She's a sworn enemy of ponykind, after all, and will only seek to hurt them further once she's rehabilitated.

One's true nature can never be changed, can it?

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With the newest bio-engineering technologies available in any pharmacy, getting body modifications has never been easier and painless.

Take a pill, close your eyes, count to ten. Now you can enjoy your pretty pony ears for a couple of days. Animale is trending - it's cheap, cute, and safe.

99.8% of the time...

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