Sweet Sauce was once a Stallion of renown and stature, a pony others respected and admired. Unfortunately for him, all that success eventually turned to pride, and ended with a sentence of banishment from Equestria.

There was no term to his sentence--but Sweet Sauce was not the kind of pony to surrender. He had centuries to reflect, to reconsider, and to gather power for his triumphant return. But perhaps he should've spent a little more time.

His incredible spell worked, returning him to the world of his birth. But instead of his own powerful body, he's now a small, useless earth pony, in a world that has forgotten he ever existed. Sweet is determined to make up for his mistakes, and to prove to the princesses of Equestria that he is a changed pony.

Too bad he looks like a homeless little colt without a cutie mark.

Updates Thursdays until complete. Editing by Two Bit and Sparktail. Coverart by Solder Point.

This story was written as a Patreon reward for Boopy Doopy.

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Anonymous, asshole extraordinaire and a rotten egg by all accounts, has fallen on good times after being made a commander of the Storm King's vast armies. With the King's forces and equipment at his fingers, he's found great success conquering nations, sowing chaos, and kicking the asses of all walks of life. All while having a rip-roaring great time doing it.
But the day of the Storm King's biggest conquest to date - the nation of Equestria - looms just around the corner. All that's left now is the final few preparations for the invasion: loose ends to tie up, new weapons to seize, and even some co-commanders to annoy to no end. And once those are complete, Anon will be the first in line to take Equestria as his next conquest.
God help us all.

This isn't the first horse story I've written, but it is the first one that is prose instead of greentext. And I'm still a bit rusty on top of all that. Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated!

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This story is a sequel to He Come to Town

Brave Heart, former agent of SMILE, has found new purpose as the captain of the Twilit Guard.

He is also the only member of the Twilit Guard.

The only thing worse than that problem will be the solution.

Set during late Season 5. Cover image by ImAFutureGuitarHero, used with permission. No familiarity is needed with the sequel beyond the fact that Pony Link is working as a guard for Princess Twilight.

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The Empire is starting to see a little more tourist traffic. The tourists, however, are having trouble seeing anything. When every native surface in the nation offers a choice of 'reflective or refractive?' -- well, it's rather easy to spend their entire vacation stumbling into buildings, usually right next to the door.

Cadance is working on the problem. But she can only treat the walls. The crystal ponies aren't going to cover themselves... unless a certain designer can get them interested in the foreign concept of 'clothing'.

It's a challenge fit for an artist!
Or a madmare.
When you hire Rarity, you usually get both.

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An earth pony healer is given responsibility over an injured unicorn. All eyes are on them. Maybe even those of Windigos.

Written for the contest A Thousand Words.

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In her dreams, Moondancer is a unicorn.

In her dreams, in the magical land of Equestria, Moondancer has a girlfriend. Her name is Sunset Shimmer, and she's smart, talented, confident, and kind.

In her dreams, Moondancer knows what it's like to love, and to be loved.

The worst part about a good dream is waking up.

An entry in the May Pairings 2022 Contest. Loosely inspired by Neon Genesis Evangelion, but has no relation to it. (By 'inspired by' I mean 'inspired by the vibes I got while binging it on my phone through the night'.)

(Minor CWs: A brief mention of non-sexual nudity and an allusion to suicidal thoughts. Neither of these elements are present enough to justify
full warning tags, at least in my opinion, but they are there and I get anxious about not warning people, just in case.)

Cover art by the fantastic MemPrices! Please check them out, they do great work.

Thanks to Roxylalolcat and SigmasonicX for pre-reading and editing.

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This story is a sequel to Changeling Space Program

Twilight Sparkle's memorable coronation is over. But before she gets tied to the throne, she decides to share one last adventure with her mentor and her closest friends.

Not a huge adventure. Just a little day-trip, really.

Back to the moon.

A brief sequel to Changeling Space Program and The Maretian, written for the A Thousand Words contest. (Fluff category.)

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This story is a sequel to Luna's Daughters

(Can be read without first reading the prequel.)

Centuries ago, in the years after Nightmare Moon's banishment, Luna and Celestia's descendants helped Celestia build the new nation.

Luna's great-granddaughter, Gale Glider, forged the Royal Equestrian Coast Guard, imbuing it with traditions of valor, sacrifice, and bravery. Her final words remain their sacred motto:

"We have to go out. We don't have to come back."

Preread by Sledge115 and RDT, thank you!

Cover art found on Google without any attribution, alas.

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Twilight's student interrupts her court with a nagging question. "Where do ponies go when they die?"  Every pony knows the answer, but is it right, and why hasn't she thought about it before?

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Much like most griffons, Gallus is no stranger to exploiting every loophole he sees.

Even if it's to someone else's detriment.

After all, it's not his fault they didn't see it.

So when he gets an assignment aiming to practically sing the praises of Equestrian Generosity, he instead decides to prove that it only takes ten bits to destroy what most ponies hold dear.

Little does he know, Pinkie Pie's cupcakes are not meant to be trifled with.

Written for the Thousand Words Contest in the Experimental and Comedy categories.

Based, in part, on this article about cheesed sticks.

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