Tasked by the mysterious alicorn tribe, a young Celestia and Luna must leave the safety of their home and venture into the world beyond to uncover their kin's sacred artifact, the Teardrops of Creation. Blinded by urgency and tradition, it is only during the mission that they realize what they're searching for is something far more important than a mere artifact.

Throughout their journey, the estranged Sisters must face hardship from within and without, as they also try to discover the source of a strange sort of magic plaguing Equestria. Unaware that their adventure plays right into a gambit between gods and demigods, vying to shape the future of the world.

The story is complete, and will update every week.

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Here's a big shoutout to the Fimfiction thread of /mlp/, which unwittingly or not, but helped create this story.
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This story is a sequel to Harmony of Heroes: Ultimate Multiverse Explorers

A compilation of stories happening in the universe of Harmony of Heroes: Ultimate Multiverse Explorers. They will be about anything, anytime in the timeline, canon or not.

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This story is a sequel to Man in a Pony’s World

extra chapters, extra bits in the lore, and sometimes just pure fluff with Bob the human and his pony friends.

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This story is a sequel to I Am Human, And That's All I Want To Be

A/N this is a sequel to my story I Am Human. It is not required reading for the sequel, but you may want to read it regardless. Also, I work as a PMC, so I don't get alot of free time. As a result, updates will likely be sporadic. Thanks.

A/N woo-hoo! Featured! Thanks for reading and the support!

Its been just over six years since your injury. You're not sure what happened but apparently while flying over the city you lost control and plummeted to the ground. Thanks to the Princess you were still alive but with no memory of your life before the incident. But lately, you have been plagued with dreams that seem so familiar.

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This story is a sequel to An Apple Sleep Experiment

It’s been seven years since the great massacre, and ponies are still trying to cope in the aftermath. Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Friendship, and her friends (minus one obvious apple) are preparing for the annual memorial, when an unexpected castle guest threatens to disrupt the peace in Ponyville forever.

This is the OFFICIAL Sequel to my previous story "An Apple Sleep Experiment", both of which have audio/visual adaptations on Youtube! For the sequel, it will be in four parts, linked here:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

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Bellona Abel, Abbaddon Bor, Rowan Surena, Veliomoure Ravenclaw, and Solarius. Four siblings and an animal friend stuck together, as OverPowered as they can be.

In a story of reincarnation and transmigration, they find themselves thrust into a world they once regarded as mere fiction: the vibrant and enchanting realm of My Little Pony. However, their arrival brings a startling twist as they awaken in new equine bodies, far removed from their familiar bipedal forms.

Faced with the daunting task of avoiding altering the history they know of, or triggering unforeseen consequences that are unpredictable. They must think and act carefully, concealing their true identities while adapting to their new lives in this enchanting, animated world.

Welcome to the enchanting realm where the lines between reality and fiction blur.

Thankfully, our main characters won't be easily caught. Such a shame there's something different in the history books though...


(Changed it to T-rating)

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Kirins have lived for centuries in the grove within the Peaks of Perils. They have their own legends and heroes.
One of their tale, starting a thousand year before the friendship adventures of Twilight Sparkle, is the "Thorn of the Frozen Star", where we learned how a kirin, named Ivory Frost, saved the grove from the threat posed by an ice wyrm, Zuriak.

Written the story on impulse, and proposed to original author. Original settings, characters and composition of Frozen Night : you can listen the Album of the Thorn of the Frozen Star on youtube.

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They say adolescence is the best part of life. This is not true to Sweetie Belle and her friends though, who find themselves among ponies dying from an unknown infection, abandoned cities and the disappearance of the Elements of Harmony. Sweetie Belle then records an audio diary in hopes to someday show it to Rarity and her friends, but not all entries can be found.

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Winter is over, the spring winds blow gently and the red poppies dance. If only Twinkle could focus on what was happening now instead of what was, and if Cake could get her little ponies to stay happy, maybe they won't see winter again. But the air grows colder, the memories bleed in. No matter how many songs you dance too or how many cups of juice you drink it seems no pony can run from their past.

This story tries to make the best of the worst ending Equestria could get in the EAW universe. it was heavily inspired by generation 3 of my little pony, as well as the indie game 'we happy few.'

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On this dark day, King Sombra and his allies are victorious, as he overpowered Twilight Sparkle and her friends, enslaving them as well as prince Shining Armor and princess Cadance. He now plans to have them executed in front of all Equestria, to show his dominance, but the mad king did not expect a single factor that would ruin his plan. TheRussianBadger, and his crazy-ass friends, along with Rimmy and Rubixraptor with their pals of the cadian XXth and Ignis, have come to equestria, and they're here to put an end to his evil plan and fuck his shit up, kick ass, and chew bubblegum. And they're all out of gum...

It will be a battle for the ages. And the most elaborate shitpost to ever be made, as of current date.

Note: This story is based off and inspired by https://www.fimfiction.net/story/506879/my-little-badger-the-violence-has-escalated

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