Warning: The following story you are about to read contains mentions of violence, death, the afterlife, F/M, M/M, sex (don't panic, all the characters that do so will be 18, consensual and mentioned breifly), talk of sex, suicide, and figuring what to do with eternity. If you are uncomfortable with one or many of these things, you know where the exit button is. 

Neither Gallus nor Sandbar expected to die at the age of 18 and 17, but at least it was dying while saving the world. With their lives over, all that they expected was a simple slip into darkness for eternity. Never did they imagine that what awaited them was paradise for their deeds and actions.

Of course, one doesn’t just accept or come to terms with their sudden death. Especially at such a young age. There are regrets, questions, and discoveries about oneself that come with the prospect of being welcomed into Heaven. Some of these experiences can be welcoming and others can be sorrowful moments in an otherwise bright and happy world.

Yet, perhaps the biggest experience is one that will see the two bond past the flames of friendship and into the waters of love. After all, everything is possible in the afterlife. 

Co-Written by: Rated Ponystar
Edited by: TheAncientPolitzanian and Babroniedad
Cover Art by: LupiArts

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This story is a sequel to Incarnate

Twilight Sparkle is now the sole of the throne of Equestria. With the exchange of power though also comes a change of the guard and those that loyally served the Solar and Lunar princesses. While much of the palace staff chose to stay on to assist the new ruler some positions required change following retirements and resignations. One such opening was the Captain of the Royal Guard. There were many qualified candidates available, but with so much uncertainty only one Twilight truly trusted above all others to get the job done better than the rest. Tempest Shadow.

After some talking and convincing, Tempest accepts the position, but that does not mean the guard and the rest of Canterlot is ready to accept her.

Takes place timeline wise following Season 9 and includes my own tweaks and changes that occurred in Incarnate months earlier.

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“I just wanna be left alone,”

On a regular day in ponyville, A new pony moves into town. Normally this wouldn’t be that big of a deal to your average pony. The town has gained increased popularity via it being the residence of the Elements of harmony.

So why is this pony so important? Well, he isn’t. Compared to everyone else, he’s just a regular pony. Rather nice, Good at what he does, and a little paranoid.

Actually, maybe he’s a bit more paranoid. Also, he always stays inside, watching the TV. And, he always wears a mask when outside. Also, why does he always carry a box cutter?

If you couldn’t tell, this was inspired by the character Brightside, by Ceramic skin studios.

I hope that I be the first one to write about this golden character.

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After Planet Aether has been brought to peace and stabilized, Samus Aran doesn't get much rest when she's sent to reconnoiter a nameless planet on the edge of Galactic Federation space. Ostensibly, she was supposed to determine the size of a Space Pirate operation that was mining Phazon on this planet... and mark the place for a quick strike by Federation forces if it came down to it.

But when things become much more complicated beyond what her mission brief had stated, she may find that her fate and those of some unlikely allies may be intertwined. The battle that rages on the ground in a fight for survival and duty may have Samus questioning herself when a new front in an undeclared, nameless war is opened... in her mind.

-This is in no way related to Metroid Equis. No required reading, no relation, nothing. Pretend it does not exist.
-Takes place between Metroid Prime 2 and Metroid Prime 3. Metroid Timeline can be found here.
-Art by Pridark, sourced to her DA. Full picture is there.
-Story assumes very basic knowledge of Metroid universe, but I'll be doing my damndest to make this as accessible as possible.

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Ever since he was a foal, Light Flow had always known he was destined to be a villain. But not just any villain. He wanted to be a Necromancer.

He was obsessed with reading fiction stories about the forbidden practice of Necromancy, and much to his delight, his cutie mark spelled his unavoidable destiny as a member of his oh-so revered profession!

But Necromancy is extremely taboo, and very illegal. Equestria hadn't even seen a real Necromancer since the times of the fabled Nightmare Moon.

Light Flow had only one thought on his mind when his brand-new cutie mark flashed into existence on his butt.

"I should probably be happier right about now."



Well here it is. My first story. I write a bit, and read quite a bit more, but I had never tried to write an actual story before. So, while playing around on AI Dungeon, I decided: "Well I'm already basically writing an entire story here. Why not edit it a bit and publish it somewhere?" And now here we are.

I've always loved necromancy. The very idea has always been incredibly alluring to me. But the only good necromancy story I've ever read was Necromancy for Foals. you should check that out by the way So I tried my hand at writing my own. After all, you should be the change you want to see in the world, right?

My writing flow is very janky, I don't know how to use punctuation, and I can't establish scenes very well. So if you're looking for an amateurish power-fantasy story featuring a badly-written protagonist with no depth; then look no further!

Also i'm an idiot who probably tagged wrong.

Also i'm a bad person who stole a Jargon Scott image for the cover.

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In the midst of a tumultuous conflict in Equestria, two soldiers, an eager-hearted pegasus and a formerly-demoted unicorn, embark on a mission to save the lives of a good few thousand ponies, and possibly even Equestria itself.
~ Premise inspired by '1917' ~
~ Vector in Thumbnail Made By Pirill-Poveniy on Deviantart ~

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This story is a sequel to Twilight Gets a Puppy, Season 4

Twilight Sparkle, her brothers, and their friends have just dealt with Tirek, saved the breezies and grown a castle out of a small treasure chest.

The Ponyville betting pool has never had bets this wild before on what the Sparkles will do next.

Still for once they would very much like a break from all the nonsense for a while. Of course the universe has other plans.

With unstable unicorns, a tree that gives missions, dating demi gods, another suitor chasing Rahs, Song Fishies return, wanted criminals, Yaks, Discord, Friendship summits, new shops, reworking spells, crossdressing, cutie- marks, time travel, concerts, feuding families, an invasion, and the edgiest unicorn mare you have ever seen, the Sparkles and their friends find there there truly is no rest for the wicked.

[ As usual I post my Slightly dirty tag here as while there is no clop or smut, it's hinted and and conversations tend to get a little filthy, also Cadence.]

Useing Ko-Fi to accept donations to get Fan art for the story. What art I have so far is also linked HERE!

TGaP now has a TV Tropes Page thanks to matt+s0101745, You can find that HERE.

Cover art by marking

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The animals amongst the vast and almost entirely unexplored Tenochtitlan Basin all know the Laws that keep their world together. There're those that highly respect it, but there're those who don't hold it highly and are outcasted from the Jungle. But what of those that fall in the middle?

This is the dilemma concerning Sila. A "No Hoof". All the animals know that her kind is forbidden by jungle law, but a string of circumstances made this wild Pony the exception, even knowing full well that the monstrous predator Okpe was after her first, and has all the will to hunt her down and devour her. Now running with the Talacon Pack of Cadejo Hounds that respect the law of the Jungle more than any other creature in the basin, only time will tell whether she can remain in the Jungle or if she must leave it behind for her own kind.

This is STRONGLY inspired by the "Jungle Book" so expect a number of similarities between the two while reading. Just a headsup :3

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Long ago in Far-away Lands
A Queen was Born, her ambitions grand.
Her Race was broken.
Their demise unspoken.

She saw this state.
And she began to contemplate.
She gathered her forces, her numbers small.
Her enemies fell, they were appalled.

Her faces were many.
Her voices were few.
She was the Empress of the Changelings
And their numbers needed no concealings.

Now she lies dormant under the sand.
Her Body Broken, her Empire nothing but a wasteland.
Now she waits day after day.
Waiting for her time to rule again someday.

Written in Collaboration with Darthball Give this Mfer some love :heart:

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Seven different species with each different pasts, they all have a hard time coping with it.

There are seven main protagonists here.

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