After the Elements free her from Nightmare Moon, Luna asks Celestia, "What happened to my daughters?"

Celestia escorts Luna to the Canterlot sculpture gardens and shows her the Reliquary of the Heroes.

Under the statues of her millennium-dead daughters, Luna learns how they lived in the shadow of Nightmare Moon's treason, and how they died as glorious heroes of Equestria.

Not related to any of my other stories.

Content warning: Pandemic. Note that this was published before current events.

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10,000 years ago, Humanity charted the stars and created an empire to survive the ages. They created a society of such power and might, they thought nothing would dare stand against them.

They were wrong.

The Hydra, a race wholly dedicated to the annihilation of Mankind, plunged the fledgling empire into cataclysmic war. For 50 years Humanity fought, but ultimately they lost.

On the eve of humanity’s destruction, 10 humans were interred in cryogenic sleep and sent to a planet Humanity had terraformed: Eques.

For 10,000 years the humans slept, only to awaken In a universe they no longer recognized, on a world full of many multitudes of creatures from myth and legend.

However, something stirs in the darkness. Something long thought to have been defeated, and should the Humans fail, it will plunge all of Eques into darkness.

A/N: hey everyone, I’ve decided to try writing my second story on the platform.

Now this one has a weird background to it: back when the FIM was in its second or third season, I was trying to find a fanfic about the return of Discord. Instead, I found a rather unique HIE fic. It was nothing amazing; the writing was ameuterish and the story was a bit cliched and predictable, but for some reason I loved it.

I built a whole world out of it, tried to imagine what would happen next, and even made some of my own worldbuilding for it.

Right before it’s last chapter was to be published, the author decided he was going to revise the whole story. He did, but it stopped updating before the halfway point and he took it down from Fanfiction.net a year ago. This greatly disappointed me.

However, I’ve read the fic so many times I basically have it memorized and saved the revised version, and since I have way too much free time on my hands, I decided to rewrite it and post it on the platform.

I like to to think of it as a type of recursive fan fiction, and give credit of the story and eight of the human characters to Hawkeye 35 (who also wrote the story COLTS)

Also, bear with me regarding the story image. There wasn’t much that would fit for my incredibly specific story so I had to settle on a sci fi soldier.

Chapters (4)

Rainbow Dash takes her friends for a ride. It doesn't go well.

An entry in the A Thousand Words Contest under Humor.

Thank you to The Sleepless Beholder for pre-reading assistance and assistance in locating this beautiful cover art that, it so happens, was also based on the same song as the fic.

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This is a story of a group of friends, brought together in ways that none of them expected and how they saw much of the history that happened when they were around.
NONE of this is cannon, of course, but more of a different point of view from those that were there and feel like how the historians got it WRONG.

The tags are labeled as such for future chapters.

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My name is Zach. I am a hobbyist hacker, modder, gamer, and closet brony. I recently started a job working with the local police to solve crimes involving computers and/or the internet. I was excited to get my first case: ten people gone missing without a trace after a multi-day blizzard. Unfortunately, it was a bit of a cold-case, and I was only called in as a last-ditch effort to find something.

But oh, did I find something.

Now I'm trapped in another world, in the body of my favorite mythical Pokémon, with absolutely no clue where I am, how I got here, or where my computer is. That last one's the most important! At least I can get to know my new body and awesome powers. Wait... is that a pony?!

Set in the Eeveeverse with permission from Symphonicdysonince. You don't necessarily have to read the original to understand this story, but it is highly recommended.

This story is a work in progress. It may be edited and changed in any way at any time.

Chapters (1)

Twilight sparkle has a series of unusual dreams that seem to have real consequences.

Chapters (2)

Kirins have lived for centuries in the grove within the Peaks of Perils. They have their own legends and heroes.
One of their tale, starting a thousand year before the friendship adventures of Twilight Sparkle, is the "Thorn of the Frozen Star", where we learned how a kirin, named Ivory Frost, saved the grove from the threat posed by an ice wyrm, Zuriak.

Written the story on impulse, and proposed to original author. Original settings, characters and composition of Frozen Night : you can listen the Album of the Thorn of the Frozen Star on youtube.

Chapters (6)

Another day at the office for one lowly, electricity loving SWAT officer, and an ordinary night for a mare on her way to a nice date. How could these two’s life stories possibly connect?

A One-Shot crossover between Payday 2 and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Done in 2 hours on a Saturday night, hopefully it isn’t too bad lol

Cover Courtesy Of https://www.wallpaperflare.com/blue-and-black-helmet-overkill-software-fon-payday-2-taser-wallpaper-ejmr

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King Sombra has just taken Canterlot, Twilight and her friends have been scattered, and The Royal sisters have been imprisoned. Sombra thought he had destroyed any possibility of resistance, clearly, he didn't Think twice about it. And whenever TheRussianbadger is given a task, you'd better believe he'll accomplish it, no matter how insane it seems or how extreme his methods...

A one shot parody based off of theRussianbadger and his cohorts shenanigans.

Chapters (1)

Nightmare Moon returns to Equestria after her thousand year banishment. But is it the right Equestria?

The violence is minor, as is the language.

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