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Twilight Sparkle and Fluttershy. It seemed an odd pairing and such a tepid begining. Despite having admitted her feelings for Twilight, Fluttershy doesn’t believe that she is ready for a full blown relationship.

Twilight, however, has other ideas as she realizes just how deep her feelings truly run. She is torn between expressing herself and a desire to not push Shy too far too fast.

Well, what’s a Princess to do then?

Continuity: Homecoming

Chapters (1)

Discord says goodbye to his dearest friend and reminisces about the life that he's lived; feeling repent towards most of it.

But he knows that he can finally disappear, without regretting the draconequus he left as.

Chapters (1)

There goes Love Craft. I hope she's doing well. Didn't you know? She's the mare who got possessed by that horrible monster last year. Terrorized the whole town until she was cleansed by the Elements of Harmony. Goodness, that must have been exciting, meeting the nation's heroines! Not saying I envy the dear, but one must always look on the bright side of things!
I do wonder whether she's managed to find another job though...

Chapters (2)

Novo explains her lineage to the Mane Six and her own daughter. Semi-Sequel to The Mermare and the Hippogriff.

PS: I don't own the cover art


Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Therapy With Doodle Noodle

Yosh has been through a lot since losing his physical eyesight. His work with Dawnbreak Horizon has waned as a result of his limitations as he has taken responsibilities with the therapist, Doodle Noodle, and aiding Princess Luna in the Dream Realm.

The waking world seems to be a loss to Yosh until an opportunity for building relations with the Diamond Dogs' hometown, Canine Crossroads, becomes available from Princess Celestia. So Yosh, along with his egg brother, Spike, join twilight Sparkle in an effort to align the floundering Canine Crossroads with Equestria in friendship and economic success.


This story, as those that preceeded it, are designed around sharing my own experiences in losing my eyesight along with building new ways to interact positively in the world. Yosh's character is an 'extension' of myself and telling this tale is a way to work through emotions while sharing some insight on what it is to be 100% blind.

Chapters (3)

Now that the Pony of Shadows has been defeated, everything seems just fine for Equestria, and Twilight is more than happy to move on from it. However, Princess Celestia has some rather choice words for her about just how the Pony of Shadows was released in the first place...

Takes place shortly after the events of "Shadow Play."

Chapters (1)

Sunset and Twilight have nothing to do on a rainy Saturday, so Sunset invites Twilight to come over to the human world to hang out. There really isn't anything else to say, plot-wise.

Chapters (1)

It's lunchtime in Ponyville! You've been working your butt off for a few hours and can't wait to go out on the town and eat! You're hungry after all, and do need something to fill up your belly for the rest of the day. Therefore, you must make the hardest decision any pony can ever make. Where do you want to go?

...and no, the answer isn't, "Wherever."

This is a random story I thought of in my head... Please enjoy! :pinkiecrazy:

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to A Boyfriend Without a Girlfriend

One afternoon, while making tea for herself, Twilight and Spike, Starlight discovers an unexpected fourth resident of the Friendship Castle. Somepony who, once discovered, leads to some rather embarrassing questions for Twilight.

Chapters (1)

In the jungle, even sleep is not a refuge from the horror of war. A radio operator tries to find something to hold onto while surrounded by nightmares, both real and imagined, and the line between the two is all too blurred. One day, he knows, he'll go home and try to move on. Until then, he keeps the radio on.

CONTENT WARNING: This story contains potential triggers for veterans suffering from PTSD. It is based on the recollections of a dozen veterans I've spoken to over the years, in particular several Vietnam War veterans. The content is disturbing, but necessary to paint an accurate picture of one facet of war.

This story is not intended to be a commentary on the Vietnam War. Rather, it is about a soldier finding something to cling to when surrounded by madness. This describes perhaps a majority of the men who served in that war: good people caught in an impossible situation and just trying to survive. Whatever your opinions on the nature of the conflict are, please be respectful of the veterans in the comment section.

Chapters (1)
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