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The folder everyone is likely here for! For all stories depicting this adorable pony-griffon duo as crushes/soulmates/partners for life, aka in a romantic relationship. The love is strong here on this one! :heart: :rainbowkiss:

Put the stories in folders according to rating! Here's a quick summary of them (read the site rules for more details):

Everyone (E): For stories that are suitable for viewers of all ages. Generally, these stories are tame and you can imagine the situations portrayed clearly appearing in the show.

Teen (T): For slightly more mature audiences (13+ of age). Contains elements that would probably be unsuitable for younger viewers but nothing explicit is shown e.g. sexual innuendos or implied sex scenes.

Mature (M): For adults only (18+ of age). Contains explicit sexual content and/or graphic/extremely disturbing elements.

Everyone 15
Teen 13
Mature 17