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This story is a sequel to Dear Princess Celestia: I Hate You

"Dear Princess Luna... I love you oh so much. I just want to be with you forever, lost in your embrace. While mere words cannot even begin to describe the depths of my feelings for you, but this letter will have to do."

Twilight is at it again with hitting the bottle and forcing Spike to put words on a letter. This time addressed to Princess Luna herself, who is quite surprised by the gesture. Even more surprising in the revelation of Twilight's feelings for her. Along with some other... quite questionable subjects.

Warning: Not so subtle sexual context.

Sequel to Dear Princess Celestia: I Hate You.

Thanks to my editor Xl9 for all the help!

Chapters (1)

Seeing the poor dragon at his wits end trying to woo Rarity, Gilda decides to give Spike some tips and help him gain the mare of his affection. Although she finds him slightly annoying, he starts to grow on her. And she soon learns that Spike has taken a liking to her as well...

Maybe too much of a liking.

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Tonight, on a very special episode of My Little Pony…

Spike may have finally found someone who can reveal the identity of his parents. But when that someone is Discord, has our little dragon bitten off more than he can chew?

~-Spike jumped up from the couch in excitement. "Then you've actually met them!?"

Somehow, Discord's grin managed to stretch even wider. "Ohhhhhh yes. In fact, I've known your father since the day we were born! And your mother… well let's just say she and I are intimately acquainted…"-~

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Applejack has brushed her mane, put a ribbon on her hat, and there's a sway in her step. Most ponies just want to know who the special pony is.

Rainbow Dash doesn't buy it. Love is mushy, and AJ isn't mushy. Love means liking somepony more than her friends, and AJ would never like another pony more than Dash. Love means missing a game of horseshoes to go tell a pony that she's in love with them, and if there is one thing Dash is sure of, it's that AJ is not going to miss that game... no matter what Applejack thinks about it.

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They live 10,000 years in the future in a post-apocalyptic world. After many years of Twilight being a princess many foes have come and gone but one villain made robots from monsters and mixed them with forbidden magic. He tried to rule Equestira, soon he was able to make the monsters multiply (with magic) even after he was defeated. Twilight made a spell to destroy them all at once but it failed and disrupted the natural order of the universe or at least their whole world. So the world is kinda like a game, monster and anypony (even if not a robot) can level up. Twilight knew her friends needed to stay alive for a long time to help ponies everywhere so she turned them all in to part robot and they could all use magic in different ways. But for some reason it turned her into a robot too, Celestia is no where to be found and Luna is the master of the world right now. Right now they are in Ponyville but it's also Canterlot as well, it is the biggest safe zone in all of equestia and they need to protact it with there lives.

Chapters (4)

After receiving two tickets to Dodge Junction's Founder's Day Festival, Applejack invites Rainbow Dash to join her in what looks to be a great time full of fun, games, rides, food, and more. But hidden behind all this is an opportunity for Applejack to finally tell Dash how she feels about her. Can the farmpony manage to confess between all the excitement?

(My entry for the AppleDash contest, image belongs to OZE-JP and not me)

Chapters (7)

Ponies, assorted whatevers, We're gathered here today... For the most insane and explosive wedding you have ever seen.

Know Your Mare-universe is taken to it's greatest and final chapter, the wedding of Chrysalis and Discord. OCs welcomed and canon allowed, there is no holds in this pit of uncontrolled craziness.

Chapters (2)

While having tea together, Celestia asks Twilight an important question that could change the meaning of their relationship forever. And create a pretty awkward silence as well.

Thanks to my editors Selbi and Hobbes for all their help!

Chapters (1)