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The world ended.

That, at least, is what it sounded like. Screaming, howling, and then deathly silence.

A month later, Cheerilee and Scootaloo emerge from their shelter in search of food. As they search among the dead bodies of their friends, only one question comes to mind:

Where are the unicorns?

Cover art by MirAmore on Twitter


Written for the Quills and Sofas Cheerilee contest.

Featured on May 18th, 2021!

Chapters (27)

A new hero has risen in Canterlot, protecting poor and rich, innocent and guilty, and even the Princesses. Known only as the Blue Knight, this courageous pony faces off against evildoers with a smile and a quirky comment. Nopony knows who he is, only that he must be the most noble stallion in the world.

Meanwhile, Blueblood, one of the few ponies born without Celestia's mental block on violence, is struggling. Ever since he was a colt, he's pushed everypony away in an attempt to keep them safe from the harm he might do them. Now, with his rise to the Hero of Canterlot, he struggles against keeping those he protects safe from evil, while also keeping them away from him.

In the large city of Baltimare, a stallion is growing his power. Born without any form of violence block, he embraces his killer side, using it to hoard power and money. When he chances upon twins with the same blessing as he, a scheme to usurp Equestria's throne begins to form.

This story is part of the HoE storyline.

Extra tags include drama and mystery. Sex tag for implied intentions.
Other characters: Mane 6
Princess Cadance
Shining Armor

Chapters (18)

WARNING: The following story you are about to read does contain m/m and the complicated life of a gay character from teenage to adulthood. If you do not like that sort of thing, you know where the exit button is.

Hoity Toity. In Canterlot he's known to be a well-respected fashion designer and critic. His line of work is a unique mix of old and new, experimenting with styles and colors to create something marvelous. All one has to do is walk by the window display of his shop where ponies would covet the latest design of clothes.

But in the fashion world, Hoity himself is somewhat of a mystery. Very few ponies know about who he was before his rise to fame. For the first time, this story had been pieced together by those who knew Hoity to give an exclusive inside look at the pony behind the clothes.

Story inspired and proofread by Lilrq28.

Chapters (1)

Ever since foalhood, Zipp and Pipp have had a ritual: when Pipp comes down with a routine head cold, her sister looks after her, and they spend time together watching soaps or cartoons on the nearest comfy couch.

What happens, then, when Zipp begins to distance herself from her family in the pursuit of flight?

Featured 5/18/2022—5/21/2022!

Audio reading by StraightToThePointStudios!
Part 1 & Part 2

* Edited by Double R Forrest
* Cover art by Doodle-Mark

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Shining Armour is eating a sandwich.

Flash Sentry wants it.

Bird shenanigans ensue.

An entry in the A Thousand Words Contest under Comedy.

Preread by The Sleepless Beholder

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Recently, Hellquill has been sending thousands of volunteers to the Changeling Lands to fight against the pony forces of Equestria in the Great War. 'Führer' Katerinburg explains to fellow Griffons through a furious speech why such move was necessary. Explaining to them the "true nature" of the Harmony, and the threat of "International Pony Menace".
Cover art by me

Chapters (1)

Looking after the royal family is no easy task, but then again, it's never a dull one, either. My name is Zoom Zephyrwing—

And, um, hello! My name is Thunder.

—and these are our recorded experiences as two of Her Majesty's most noble guard ponies.

A community fic for all of our G5 writers!

Would you like to write about cute pegasi in helmets? Full details in this blog!

Explore a typical (or not-so-typical) day in the life of being a guard pegasus tasked with looking after the Zephyr Heights royal family, from the perspective of our noble protagonists. Every chapter will be by a different author, with its own standalone plot.

Cover art by RRDartist

Chapters (4)

"Most ponies just call me Trixie..."
An unusual unicorn arrives on Sunny's doorstep, representing an organization sworn to aid the return of magic... and its new Princess...

Chapters (4)

Ponyville is a massive city with its own long history interweaving with the lore of Equestria at large, and each of its four hundred thousand inhabitants has their own stories to tell. Sadly, only a few of them get a chance to tell their tales of hope, tragedy, loss, and love.

Here, they shall get their chance. In this collection, history will be uncovered and many stories will be related where they might never have been told.

The Noireverse has a wide cast of secondary characters, each of which has their own history, personality, and background. Unfortunately, I would never have enough time to cover them all in the main Ponyville Noire series. This collection of short stories allows me to expand the universe "vertically," in a way, by adding on other details and exploring parts of my world that would otherwise never come up. Also, it gives me a chance to write down short story ideas that pop into my head from time to time. I hope you enjoy!

Warnings for profanity and some possible suggestive content.

Chapters (31)

This story is a sequel to The Blueblood Papers: Royal Blood

The Heartlands Campaign has begun. As Equestria launches an all-out offensive to finally end the war in the Badlands, Commissar Prince Blueblood is captured by the enemy. Believing he has avoided the carnage, he awaits the end of the war in the safety of a Changeling prison camp. If only his fellow prisoners would stop trying to help him escape.

Soon, he finds himself drawn into a plot that could spell defeat for Equestria.

Proofread and edited by Setokaiva

Cover art by jamescorck

Chapters (8)