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This story is a sequel to A Fading Tradition

Despite all of Pharynx's rage, the grouchy lovebug still is mentally trapped in a cage.

A struggle between acceptance, grief and dismissive tendencies is all Pharynx has left when it comes to the ever-changing customs of his peoples. A rebellion is the last thing in his mind; fight his own brother? Blasphemic, the entire recorded Changeling history (barring Chrysalis) has never seen such civil conflict between one another. It's always been united under one banner, one Queen.

But now, Pharynx is left a bitter shell of what his usually grouchy shell used to be. It seemed that the Ponykind is left dawdling with teachings of friendship and peace, and it's eating his people with them. Assimilating. Conquering.

Until Her.

The cover is here.

What's the T-rating for? I don't really know! Maybe for some language? Or a little dash of violence? Sure, let's try it out.

Chapters (2)

Flash Sentry is just concluding his first week of training for the Royal Guard and he is doing great. Nothing can break his focus. Especially not the hot Stallion that runs the Chocolate Shop down the street from the Barracks.

He also most certainly does not want to date him. That would be silly.

Though Flash Sentry was silly...

Spoiler Tag: Changelings

Inspired by vdrake77's story Changeling in the Guard

Rated Teen for suggestive material.

Sex tag included for the same reasons.

Profanity added due to Chapter 10 and light comedic use throughout.

Drama recently added due to some heavier content.

Art Credit goes to me.

Editted by Cyanhyde
Editted by LuckyChaosHooves

Chapters (16)

Twiggles makes new friends on her adventures in Ponyville. Princess Celestia claims they aren't really friends, but Twiggles will show her. She will show the world, how strong their friendship bondage is!

Story is "technically" complete, but leaving it open to future bad ideas and guest chapters!


I don't even know anymore. Art is of course what's his face TJ Pones... or Jargon Scott, idk anymore I just assume they're the same person. Inspired from that one art thing, and no one edited because the only thing that could fix this story is the Delete Story button.

Chapters (6)

This story is a sequel to Blueblood: Hero of Equestria

Prince Blueblood has escaped the misery of the Changeling War when he is sent to Canterlot to recuperate. He knows this cannot last, for it won't be long before he is called upon once again to risk life and limb for Princess and Country. As Equestrian forces march into the Changeling heartlands, Blueblood must rely on his instincts of self-preservation, deception, and sheer blind luck to survive.

Proofread and edited by Setokaiva

Cover art by jamescorck

Chapters (9)

In the aftermath of the Changeling incursion of Canterlot during the marriage of Shining Armour and Princess Mi Amore Cadenza, Equestria gears itself for war against the Changeling menace. Against a foe that can take the shape of anypony, assume their life, and undermine Equestria from within, the Royal Pony Sisters create a new institution to monitor their Royal Guard for any Changeling corruption, cowardice, and incompetence: the Commissariat. As total war rages across the land one hero stands out above the rest; Commissar Blueblood, Hero of Equestria. Or at least that's what the propaganda says. The truth, as ever, is far more complex, as the esteemed Blueblood is merely looking for an easy and sedate life. Unfortunately, fate has a habit of throwing him into increasingly dangerous and suicidal missions, which he must survive with a combination of self-preservation, lying, and sheer blind luck, even if doing so only fuels his soaring reputation!

Equine military fiction in the style of Ciaphas Cain and Flashman.

Cover art done by me.

Proofread and edited by the always dependable Setokaiva.

Chapters (52)

This story is a sequel to Good Trooper Gilda

Gilda has been a fugitive, a refugee, a prisoner of war, and a bat-hen to Equestria's fussiest unicorn. But it wasn't until she took 'the Princess's bit', that she began to know something about what it meant to be responsible for the welfare of others, even if the others in question happened to be the pack of imbeciles, blackguards, con-ponies, and bat-ponies who had been fool enough to answer her captain's call to the standard.

A crystalline standard which had not been seen in the living world for over a thousand years.

And although Captain Gleaming Shield and her motley band of raw recruits and shifty bat-ponies aimed to do nothing more exotic and dangerous than put a foreign princess on her proper throne, there are other things stirring in the shadows.

Like calls to like, and the revival of ancient battle-colors may lead to the revival of other, darker memories upon which the rays of Celestia's sun lay lightly and infrequently.

Chapters (31)

Celestia is a princess, elegant, regal, and certainly not secretly trying to mess with everyone around her for her own amusement...

Brought to you by watching Jordanis play Untitled Goose Game a bunch. Plus having Celestia be the goose instead of making Celestia deal with the goose was also his idea, and he edited it super well, so pretty much this is Jordanis' story, I just wrote bits of it.

Story is now complete!

Chapters (7)

This story takes place before Season 3 episode 7 Wonderbolts Academy.

Thunderlane has to stand watch as an experimental lightning storm is being tried out on the weather factory's test range, but he would far rather be watching the buckball playoffs instead.

Suddenly he sees two pegasi in difficulty as they try to outrun the storm, and goes to help out.

Chapters (3)

This story is a sequel to Not Exactly Friends

On a dark night, in a gathering storm, Tempest waits to walk Twilight back to her room... and is almost certain that something is out there, watching her...

For more of this AU, see: Without Your Cutie Mark

And also check out the series, beginning with Not Exactly Friends.

Chapters (1)

There's a new filly in Celestia's school, who finds making friends difficult. She's seated next to a filly who could care less about making friends. Neither is exactly friend material... but sometimes you just have to take a risk...

For more of this AU, see:

Series 1:

Series 2:

Chapters (1)
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