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After the Fall Formal things don't go so well with Sunset Shimmer she slowly spirals downward before hitting rock bottom, moments away from doing something she will regret when, to her, the least likely of people come to her rescue.

Takes place after the first Equestria Girls movie.

Oh wow! My very first featured story on 3/12/2015! Thank you all so much!

Chapters (23)

Princess Celestia is the greatest of the alicorn princesses. She steered Equestria through a thousand and some years of peace and safety, but at a price. Who can the perfect pony confess to? Where could they turn to be told they did the right thing?

Contains: BDSM, whipping (minor), crying, a lyric to a wonderful song, consent, and aftercare.

See This Blog for licensing.

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The holidays are fast approaching for the city of Canterlot. Snow is on the ground, carols fill the air, and the students of Canterlot High await release for winter vacation. However, its never peaceful in Canterlot for long. Right when things are looking calm, secrets start spilling around the school. With more being revealed each day, all eyes turn to Sunset Shimmer, the former bully of CHS. With the school turning against her and no clues to follow, can she possibly figure out the culprit and clear her name?

Of course she can. You know this story. At least, I assume you do. You're probably here because you want to see an alternate take on the event after all. A timeline can be altered drastically with nothing more than a single decision, just one choice, at the right place and time. So the proper question is: Can Sunset make it to her happy ending...and will the choice even be hers to start with?

TvTropes Page: Here

Co-writer: SunnyDays

So I'd like to give two quick shout-outs.
First one goes to Dainn for his wonderful tale, 'Anon-a-Miss'. It was the base inspiration for this little drabble of mine.
Second one to cerealkiller78 for her branching story, 'Silent Night', for more or less creating a sub-genre of a sub-genre and for the Dark tag on this story.

Featured: 3/21/17, 3/26/17, 4/23/17, 5/13/17, 6/2/17, 7/11/17, 8/6/17, 9/16/17, 12/2/17, 12/20/17, 2/25/18, 6/3/18

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Fluttershy wanted to be a pet.

Trixie wasn’t entirely sure what to do with that kind of weird information.

Neither was Fluttershy.

Contains: Mild Pet Play. (I know, what a shock.)

Inspired by Fluttershy's Anti-Adventures #21.
Coverart by Pencils

I couldn't resist writing this after seeing that adorable comic.

If by some horrible twist of fate you have not read Pencil's comics before, you should. Right now. Go on, I'll wait.

Edited and firmly critiqued by Phaoray

Standalone, set somewhere between Trixie's Forest Retreat and Trixie's Threeway Trouble.

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