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Goodnight Sunset, Good Morning Sunrise - Twilight Nightmare

After the Fall Formal things don't go so well with Sunset Shimmer she slowly spirals downward before hitting rock bottom, moments away from doing something she will regret when, to her, the least likely of people come to her rescue.

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Rock Bottom-Celestia's Week


“I think your lying to yourself again, Tia.” Discord said, lounging in the chair before her desk. Celestia stared across at him over her steepled fingers, arching an eyebrow to him despite wondering if she really was lying to herself. Yeah she was worried about Sunset, but what did she have to lie to herself about? She was only trying to make sure that the girl had the things she would need to make a real life in this world. Being an alien here, Sunset would need papers showing that she was born here and a guardian in case she ever needed to go to the hospital. Celestia had no intention of interfering in the girl’s life beyond giving Sunset the tools to survive here.

“And I think you are looking too much into things. Sunset deserves the things she needs to actually make a life here.” Celestia sighed, wincing when she saw the incredulous look on the man’s face.

“Like you actually had me forge school records when she claimed that her old ones burned up in a fire.” Discord retorted, chuckling as he rubbed his soul patch on his chin. If he wasn’t one of Celestia’s oldest friends, she would toss him out of the office. Then again, he wouldn’t be here because she wouldn’t have anyone to do this for her if they weren’t friends. The look he was giving her of pity was really getting to her.

“I saw a girl with untold potential, and now that I know her past, I feel…concerned for her. I’m not really sure how she survived so far, but if she is to survive the future then she needs a past.” Celestia sighed, looking over to Discord who was wearing a disturbing smirk on his face.

“Tia, you may be able to lie to yourself, but you can’t lie to me. If you are so sure this goes no further than simple concern, then let’s make a bet shall we?” Discord said as he leaned forward, his smirk growing even more. “If you can go two weeks without giving into these cute motherly instincts of yours, then I will owe you one favor, no questions asked.”

“And if I lose?” Celestia sighed, waiting for him to demand a date yet again.

“You see this woman I know. She’s a great counselor, and I think you need to talk to her about everything that happened between you and your sister.” Discord sighed, his smirk dropping as he sat back. His eyes went from teasing to worried which startled Celestia a little.

“I don’t need a head shrink, Discord.” Celestia mumbled as she rubbed her eyes. It’s true that since she met Sunset Shimmer, old feelings that she thought was long buried clawed their way back to the surface. She loved Luna, but it still hurt remembering that night so long ago. Celestia was only two months away from giving birth when she was driving home late one night. From out of nowhere another car slammed into hers, the driver drunk and getting hurt herself. That driver was Celestia’s own sister. Because of that night, Celestia could no longer get pregnant, and her baby girl which she was going to name Sunset was lost to her.

“I think you do, Luna’s told me about the tension between the two of you recently. And I think she’s right to worry, Tia. She loves you, we both do.” Discord said as he reached for her hands, but Celestia pulled away.

“She’s just being too overprotective.” Celestia denied, but she knew that Discord was right. Luna had been actively trying to drive a wedge between Celestia and Sunset lately, trying to take care of any matters concerning the girl instead of letting Celestia herself do so. A part of Celestia was angry about it, but another part of her was happy for it. While she still did her best to give Sunset more than once chance to change her ways, she did feel that she was getting too close to her. She felt a pull, almost like an attraction to the girl, but it wasn’t in a sexual way. It was more of a motherly way, though some students had rumors of things that the two have done. Some even going as far as calling Celestia crude names such as Molestia.

“If you are so sure, then take the bet.” Discord said, “Yelling at Luna like you did earlier for telling Sunset to leave wasn’t like you.”

“She knew I wanted to speak to her, and I only get a disconnect message when I call the number on file.” Celestia sighed. “I’m going to head over there later, if not, then tomorrow.”

“Tia.” Discord said, urging her to take the bet.

“Fine! I’ll take the bet, are you happy?” Celestia demanded, staring at the infuriating man. “But only if you tell me why you aren’t even batting an eyelash at this.”

“It’s because I’m the god of chaos, of course.” Discord chuckled making Celestia fume. Even back when they were going out, before the accident, he made that stupid claim. Looking at the serious look on his face now though, knowing what she did about that other world even if it wasn’t much, she had to wonder.

“Of course you are.” Celestia said deadpan, though a little worried seeing the confident look on the man’s face.


The apartment complex was a dump, the very place that had been featured on the news more than once. The owner had been in trouble more times that Celestia could believe was possible when the place was still open. If she had known this was the place Sunset was staying at, the Celestia would have insisted the girl move in with her. This place had so many rumors of dark dealings going on here that it worried Celestia, made her wonder if Sunset was even safe staying here as long as she had. If only the news featured the address and not just a picture and name.

She was going to fix that though, she was going to make sure Sunset was safe. She had the paperwork to adopt Sunset, but she promised herself she wouldn’t pressure the girl into anything. All Sunset had to do was sign the paperwork and Celestia would be able to take up the role as guardian in case something happened. If Sunset wanted her own place then Celestia would pay for it herself just to get the girl away from here.

“Hey there pretty lady.” A large, gruff man greeted while leering as Celestia. The look in the man’s eyes made her feel dirty, which also made her blood boil. “So what cha doing around here? Come looking for some fun?”

“I’m here to see my student.” Celestia said, her voice cold and hard. She was going to walk around him, when he stopped her with a hand on her shoulder. He quickly pulled it back as if burned when Celestia turned a heated glare on him.

“We ain’t got no kiddies here, not since da boss threw that chick out yesterday.” The man chuckled, “Stupid brat should have took my offer, at least she would still have a place to stay.”

“And what was this…offer?” Celestia asked as she arched an eyebrow.

“That she stop playing dumb and be what she is, a stupid little whore…” The man said, stopping his rant as he cried out in pain, clutching his groin as he fell down to his knees as Celestia pulled her foot back.

“You better hope that she is safe, of so help me, you won’t be.” Celestia growled out, turning on her heel and storming off toward the apartment that should be hers. When she got there, there was a man cleaning out the apartment. Several boxes sat outside the door filled with books and other things. Looking through them, Celestia was stunned that several pictures of Sunset was in them confirming that this was the girl’s place.

“Get away from that!” The older, balding man snapped out. He stomped up to Celestia to yank a picture frame with Sunset back when she won her last Formal crown. “This stuff ain’t yours, it rightfully belongs to me after being left by that little brat.”

“So you are the owner of this place?” Celestia asked, already knowing the answer. She had seen his image on the news more than once, and had a feeling about what was going on.

“Sure am, are you looking to rent?” The man asked, turning from grumpy to overly friendly in a blink of the eye. She would step foot on the moon long before she would rent anything from this…this…thing.

“No, I’m here to see my student. So, care to show me an eviction notice if you kicked her out of this place?” Celestia asked, sneering at the man as he looked like he was starting to get nervous. It was something he had gotten in trouble with before, and she was going to make sure he got in trouble again.

“I…I don’t need to show you anything!” The man snapped out defensively.

“I think you do, I know several police officers and lawyers, including the district attorney. Now you can tell me what I want to know, or I can go speak with them. Your choice.” Celestia said as she crossed her arms.

“What do you want to know?” The man sighed, obviously knowing he was beaten.

“First I want to know where Sunset Shimmer went, and second I want you to move her things to my car.” Celestia snapped as the larger man came stumbling up to them.

“Take these things to this woman’s car.” The owner snapped out, making the larger man’s shoulders slump.

“Fine.” The big man growled, giving Celestia the evil eye while grabbing a few things.

“It’s the white Escalade by the office. The doors are unlocked, just put them in the back. If anything is missing though, I will be back.” Celestia said, the big man shivering a little at the coldness in her voice. “Now, where is my student?”

“I don’t know, she ran off without saying where she was going.” The owner snapped.

“You better pray that she is okay, because I won’t rest until you are rotting in the darkest jail cell they have if she is hurt in any way.” Celestia growled, picking up the last box. “Is this everything that belongs to her?”

“Y-Yeah, everything she didn’t take.” The man whimpered as Celestia turned and stalked off, fuming as she headed to her car. The bigger man was nowhere to be seen, but when she put the box in the back, she saw the other boxes sitting there. Satisfied for the moment, she got into the front and started the engine. Before she pulled out, she dialed her niece’s boyfriend.

“What’s up, Auntie?” Shinning Armor asked over the phone, Celestia happy she didn’t get the voicemail.

“Yeah, you know the apartments over on Third Avenue? Could you look into them for me, I’m pretty sure they just evicted a student of mine who was on her own without properly filing for eviction.” Celestia asked. Sure she threatened this, but she never promised she wouldn’t do this if the creep cooperated. She only said she would for sure if he didn’t cooperate.

“Yeah, we have a few complaints we’re looking into already. Especially that bodyguard of his, he has several complaints for sexual harassment against him.” Shinning Armor said making Celestia worry about what could have happened to the girl. “Is your student okay?”

“I don’t know, I’m going to look for her. I’ll send you a pic, if you see her, please call me.” Celestia said, flipping through the pics on her phone. She had hundreds of pics of her students, she was very proud of the student body and all their accomplishments, so it wasn’t hard finding one. A few taps on the screen and the pic was sent off.

“Will do, Auntie, if you need anything else you know where to find me.” Shinning Armor said before hanging up. Putting her phone away she gripped the steering wheel and sighed. Where could she start looking for Sunset at? Would the girl know the few places around Canterlot that gave the homeless a place to stay? Would she even go to them if she did know about them? She wasn’t sure, but she could at least check them to make sure.

“Please be okay.” Celestia prayed silently.


“You have to be kidding me, Tia!” Luna nearly shouted in exasperation as Celestia packed up some stuff into her purse and briefcase, including the last of the papers she needed that Discord dropped off before she went to bed. Not that she had much sleep worrying about Sunset and where she was sleeping at. Not one person from the shelters or food kitchens recognized the girl, making Celestia wonder if Sunset was actually doing better than first thought. Then again, most young people didn’t know about those places as they weren’t exactly common knowledge unless one needed them. And even then they could be a little difficult to find. Only reason she knew where they all were was because she often donated to them.

“I’m sure you can handle school for today, maybe even a few days if need be.” Celestia huffed as she slammed her briefcase closes on the table. She was a lot angrier than she wanted to admit to her little sister. She knew Luna only turned Sunset away from the school for her suspension in order to spare Celestia from doing so. She also specifically told Luna that she wanted to speak with Sunset before suspending her for the week, and her sister had went against those wishes. If not for Luna doing that, then Celestia wouldn’t have to spend the day out looking for her.

“I’m sorry, okay! I’m sorry I messed up, but really, you can’t keep doing this to yourself!” Luna said softly, looking away before continuing. “She isn’t her, Tia. I killed her…we both know it. I murdered my own niece!”

“You did not! That was the alcohol that creep got you hooked on. He got you addicted to the stuff!” Celestia cried out, gathering her now crying sister in her arms. Despite her words though, a small part of her did blame Luna. She didn’t want to, she really did love her sister, but Luna had caused all of the pain that Celestia had endured for years and still endured. No amount of talking to a counselor would ever take all of that pain away.

“Please Tia, let me go look. Just…just let me. You don’t need to be stressing over this.” Luna sniffed as she pulled back.

“Just take care of the school for me, Lulu. I have to do this, so please try and understand. I’m not trying to replace my daughter, I really am not, but there is a young woman out there with possibly no place to go and nobody to be there for her. She has so much potential, and I refuse to let that go to waste when I can help nurture it.” Celestia said kissing her little sister’s forehead. “You can call me if you truly need me, but please don’t call for something trivial.”

“Fine, just at least be careful.” Luna sighed hugging her sister.


Both Wednesday and Thursday had been a bust, she couldn’t find any sign of Sunset anywhere. It was like she just disappeared, and sadly she may have done just that. Young people on the street, with no place to go and nowhere to turn, often ended up disappearing in one form or another. Some dies from drug overdoses or getting diseases from being forced to do things they normally wouldn’t do. Others were kidnapped and either forced to work or worse. Some of them were forced into the sex trade with no hope for escape. Of course Celestia doubted Sunset would do any of that willingly, but even she wasn’t capable of fighting off a bunch of thugs armed with guns.

She wanted to be out there so much, wanted to be searching for the poor girl before something happened to her. Her worry only grew worse day by day, and the lack of sleep Celestia was getting was starting to affect her. It was hard to keep going, to stay awake, but she had to. She also found it hard to keep focused, but she had to take care of some reporters that came by earlier, but thankfully finally left. If it weren’t for them, she would have been out there earlier looking for Sunset.

“Yeah, my cousin said that freak was standing on the bridge ready to jump when some guy dragged her off.” Lyra was telling a girl whose name escaped Celestia at the moment. It wasn’t Bonbon, but she was sure that she had seen the girl before.

“Shimmer should have jumped, would have done the world a favor.” The girl huffed as she finished fishing a book out of her locker and slammed it closed.

“Hey, nobody deserves that, not even her. Yeah, she did all that with those freaky powers, but come on, she doesn’t deserve to die.” Lyra sighed, looking away. “You know, I kind of feel sorry for her. I don’t think she did everything she has because she’s a bad person. From what I heard she didn’t have anybody and was probably trying to just have some control over her life.”

“Yeah, by blackmailing the entire student body?” The girl scoffed.

“She really wasn’t that bad. Did you know that…she saved me once?” Lyra admitted softly, the girl almost dropping her book.

“You have to be kidding me!” The girl gasped in shock.

“Yeah, that thug Gilda was threatening to beat me up, but Sunset stepped in and saved me. Sure she kind of demanded payment afterwards…but after finding out that she was on her own, she probably needed that money…you know?” Lyra explained, wiping her eye a little. “She was all alone these last couple years, did she even have a place to live?”

“I don’t care, and if you do then your crazy. Anyways I have to get to class.” The girl said as she walked away from Lyra who gave a heavy sigh.

“Lyra, can I talk to you a minute?” Celestia asked, finally making herself known to the girl.

“H-How much of that did you hear?” Lyra asked, swallowing nervously as she looked away in shame as Celestia stared at her.

“All of it. I’m proud of you for actually taking the time to think about Sunset’s situation. Not many of the students have.” Celestia sighed.

“Well, she did blackmail me, so I have to admit I don’t really want to jump at the chance of becoming friends with her Principal Celestia. But she did help me out, more than once when I really needed it, so I think she was a nicer person than she let on. She’s just…a victim of circumstance.” Lyra said softly, “I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have anybody to be there for me.”

“No matter what, you can always come to me if you need anything. My office is always open for the students here, and I will always do my best to help.” Celestia said softly, giving Lyra an encouraging smile as the girl looked up. “But I heard you say that your cousin saw her?”

“Yeah, she was standing on the bridge going to the slums.” Lyra said softly, “She said it looked like Sunset was going to jump when this guy grabbed her and pulled her off the railing.”

“Did your cousin say what this man looked like?” Celestia asked, hoping for some more information.

“No, just that she saw the fre…I mean Sunset.” Lyra said, blushing at the slip of the tongue.

“Why do you call her a freak?” Celestia asked, trying to keep her annoyance in check. She knew she was tired and would probably get angry quick if she didn’t.

“Well, she is, isn’t she? She’s some kind of demon or something.” Lyra said, looking around as if something might be coming after her.

“No, she’s a normal person like us. Just, well, maybe a little different, but not a freak. From what I understand of what Twilight told me before leaving, Sunset isn’t a threat to anyone and what happened was because that magic crown thing of hers was used by someone it didn’t belong to.” Celestia explained. “Please, don’t call her a freak.”

“Sorry.” Lyra said abashed, “I might have got caught up in the whole mob mentality thing.”

“It’s okay, but please try not to. And please consider trying to get your friends to at least think about some of what you said. Maybe if a few people start to see the kinder side of Sunset, then maybe other will to.” Celestia said, “You better get to class though, if your teacher asks, tell them I had you detained and to call me if they have any questions.”

“Okay, thank you Principal Celestia.” Lyra said before hurrying off.

For the next several hours, even though Luna wasn’t too thrilled with Celestia running off alone again, Celestia had combed the entire neighborhood in the slums as well as Neon Alley. Neon Alley was the strip that had all kinds of stores, stores that Celestia wouldn’t be caught dead visiting. With darkness falling it was easy to see all the glowing bright lights that were starting to become a little too distracting. So distracting that she had to hit the brakes hard when she almost missed seeing a shadowy shape in the middle of the road. Staring in shock at the now illuminated red hair with blonde streaks, Celestia whispered a quiet thank you before jumping out and hurrying to catch up to the teen.

“There you are!” Celestia cried out, reaching out and grabbing Sunset’s wrist to spin her around to look at her. Celestia nearly let out a sob seeing the condition the girl was in. Her hair and clothes were of course a mess, the smell coming of them testament to how long it had been since she had a good bath. Her eyes though, they looked dead and her face looked as if it started to shallow out from malnutrition. Celestia couldn’t help wonder just how long it had been since she had a good meal. Looking up to see where the girl was walking to shocked Celestia, but hoped that there was some explanation. “Sunset Shimmer…what are you doing at a place like this?”

“What do you care?” Sunset sobbed out, taking a step toward Celestia before stumbling. Celestia barely caught the girl in her arms in time, supporting her. Celetia’s heart ached at the dead sounding quality to the girl’s voice and how hoarse it sounded. Sunset seemed to be on the edge of being broken, if she wasn’t already making Celestia pray silently that she wasn’t too late to help her. Sighing as she realized the girl lost conciousness, Celetia did her best to get Sunset into the car and get her strapped in.

Her first thought was to get the girl to a hospital, but that was a bad idea at the moment. Of course she had paperwork saying Sunset was her adopted daughter, but the name was different, and if Sunset insisted that her name was what her name really was, then that could lead to trouble. Also, there was the fact that Sunset didn’t really have any real records other than forged ones. If she had somehow been to the hospital and they pulled up records, there could be complications in Celestia’s plans to help the girl. And there was also the fact that if she didn’t make sure that Sunset had the paperwork, as well as signing the most important ones that needed filing, then the police may take her away. They could either think she was trying to steal someone’s identity, or worse. For now she decided it would be best to see if she could take care of the girl. If worse came to worse, she would take Sunset to the hospital if the girl didn’t seem to get better.

Hitting the gas after settling herself back behind the wheel, Celestia drove off towards home.

Author's Note:

I hope it didn't seem to quick, Celestia had been working on this for about a week and as Sunrise will learn Celestia has a lot of very powerful connections in her family. Of course she has Luna, but the sisters do have some problems in thsi world which will come up also in the future.

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