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It has been over 3000 years since the last human on Equis was seen. Celesita and her parents were force to wipeout humanity due to their civil war that has consumed the land that is now known as the Lost World. The war has affected the entire planet. Only Celestia and her parents know about the humans and the white Alicorn still fears of humanity returning somehow.
The year is 2040 on Earth and Humanity had achieved the first slip space drive. The ship known as the Arch Angel is the first spaceship to use the Slip-space drive. The destination was to travel to the Lumas Sol system. But something with the coordinates changed when the ship tried to avoid an asteroid field one hit the ship before the crew went into cryo the ship followed the destination information. The planet Equis is having problems with the Griffin Kingdom and the threat of war is used. Gunnery-Sergeant Steven Clearwater is sent to explore the planet. He has 70 day to explore the land until the ship lands on the planet. But how will Celestia react when she finds out that a human has set foot on the planet once again. (need better cover art any ideas or links plase and thank you)

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I decided that I wanted to make a sequel to my original fic and so here it is!
It can be read alone, but is better with background from the Mixer Chronicles.
I know a lot of people wanted to see the battle in chapter five, so that's why this is coming out before I finish the Mixer Chronicles, though I will be stingy with how fast I release chapters.
Oh, and a huge thanks for ParadoxSG for the editing.
Cover art by Lonewolf077

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Congratulations, Equestria Legends Online is now side-story compatible: These other authors would love your support in their own adventures in this virtual world. You can find them in The Equestria Legends Online Fan Group, located here.

It's the year 2020, and millions of people are raving about the new game console known as Nervegear, which will literally take a player's mind into the game. But thousands of bronies are raging about a new pony game made for the Nervegear. After several months of waiting, the game is released, as a way for the players to actually travel to Equestria as ponies themselves.

But... things become screwy when Discord appears. Whether it was in the game design or not, this being of chaos has gained control over the virtual Equestria, trapping every brony wearing Nervegear inside the game. However, there is one way to get out. The bronies in the game must find and acquire the Elements of Harmony, which Discord has hidden throughout all of Equestria. But there is one drawback: If a player dies in the game, then the Nervegear will fry their brains in the real world, killing them on the spot. If they die in the game, they will die in the real world.

This idea was given to me from the Japanese Anime, "Sword Art Online." Please, no hate comments or dislikes for this fact. At least read the first chapter before outright disliking it.
Thanks to Raybony for making the cover art for this story.

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