• Published 5th Apr 2013
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Ever After - Mixer

The sequel to the Mixer Chronicles

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The End

After the rainbow wave cleared, its epicenter held six ponies, a draconequis, and a deep blue stallion no older than Breeze.

The blue stallion looked, scared, terrified even, of the ponies in front of him.

“Shooting Star,” the firm voice said from behind the stallion, causing him to cringe.

He slowly turned around to see Luna looming over him.

Luna scooped up the stallion and hugged him tightly.

Everypony there was completely caught off guard, especially Shooting Star.

Sombra teleported down and walked over to Luna.

Luna had tears in her eyes, “It’s so good to have my baby back.”

Shooting Star started to cry too and hugged his mother back.

“I’m so sorry,” he sobbed into Luna’s chest.

“I’m afraid it’s not that easy...” Sombra said.

Luna sighed, “He’s right...”

Shooting Star sniffed and looked up at her.

“Twilight, and Celestia, and Cadence...” Luna said, unable to elaborate.

Shooting Star hung his head and started to cry again.

“Shooting Star... is that really you?” a familiar voice came from behind the Element Bearers.

They turned to see Celestia, helped by Elyl.

“Tia!” Luna cried and set Shooting Star down to fly over to her sister.

Elyl moved over to let Luna help Celestia.

“Don’t worry Lulu, I’m alright,” Celestia said soothingly. “Where’s Twilight?”

“Here I am,” Twilight said, gently gliding down, holding her side.

She winced as she landed near Celestia and Luna.

“What about Cadence?” Celestia asked.

They looked to where Cadence was still lying on the ground.

“Oh no...” Twilight said, her ears falling.

Cadence moved slightly and stood up shakily.

Twilight let out a sigh of relief.

Shooting star looked hopefully around, seeing that nopony was dead.

There was a commotion as all of the ponies that had participated in the assault gathered around.

Red, Chaotic, Lightning, Dasher, Violet Runner, Solid Gear, and Soulless were all more or less intact, though Solid Gear’s prosthetic was broken.

Seeing the battered ponies made Shooting Star’s spirits fall.

“Shooting Star,” Celestia said firmly.

Sombra ushered the now trembling stallion forward.

Standing in front of Luna, Celestia, and Twilight, Shooting Star fell to the ground crying.

“I’m so sorry! Please don’t banish me again!”

The three alicorns exchanged looks.

“Rise,” Celestia commanded.

He reluctantly did so.

“Now come here,” she said kindly, a golden glow enveloping Shooting Star and pulling him close enough for Celestia to put her good wing around him.

Luna put her wing around him too, folding him in a hug.

“It’s good to have you back,” Celestia said.

She looked over to Twilight.

“And I think I know exactly what we’ll do with you.”

Shooting Star looked up at Celestia with confusion.

Celestia pulled her wing back and folded it flat against her side, “You’re going to stay with Twilight, and learn from her.”

“What?” the simultaneous question came from both the alicorns in question.

“You can’t tell me that ruling alone has been appealing Twilight,” Celestia said.

“But I’ve always had you,” Twilight said.

“I think it’s time that I joined my sister in retirement. In earnest this time.”

“But...” Twilight protested

“I’m sure he’ll be a quick study. After all, he has a good teacher.”

As Celestia finished sorting things out with Twilight and Shooting Star, she turned her attention to Chrysalis, who had been trying to hide.

“As as for you.”

Chrysalis sighed and stepped out into the open, resigned to whatever fate awaited.

“You’re welcome to come back to Canterlot with us.”

At this point, some ponies were quite shocked at the extent of Celestia’s forgiveness.

“Consider it making good on a long forgotten promise,” Celestia said.

“Now, let’s all go home,” Celestia sighed.

The ponies went to the train station and boarded the train to Canterlot.

“Don’t think that I’ve forgotten about you six either,” Celestia said, joining the six new Element bearers.

“I’m very grateful to you for bringing back Shooting Star. I’m also proud of you for your bravery.”

“Thank you Princess,” Breeze said.

“It seems you found some magic of your own after all,” Celestia said with a smile.

“And I made a few friends too.”

“But how are we going to stay friends?” Violet asked.

“Yeah, it’s not exactly like we’re neighbors,” Frost said.

“Well... I have a place in Canterlot,” Breeze said.

“You do?” Violet asked happily.

“Well, it’s my parents’ place, but yeah.”

“And your parents won’t mind a few strangers?” Frost questioned.

“Well, I was thinking that I could move back there and you and Violet could stay at my place in the castle.”

“Yay! We should have a party when we get back,” Violet cheered.

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3628433 why thank you

3628439 Well it real was. You see I have this ability to actually see whatever I read and have it play out in my mind so I more or less actual saw everything happen.:moustache:

3628461 Wow. Have you read my other stuff?
If you can visualize things, then I think you appreciate the Mixer Chronicles

3628467 I've read Applejack in Lordran and I have been meaning to read the Mixer Chronicles.

3628481 I'll be working on Applejack in Lordran next.

3628635 Sorry, but that was a really mismatched fight. Oddly enough, Soulless was the only one who could kill Dark Flame.

Dhanthas will return and shall begin the harvest...

Nice one, keep up!

Quick but least you completed the story :ajsmug:

Congratulations :derpytongue2:

Will we ever see Mixer again?

3631371 *spoiler alert* No


:raritycry: Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuooooooookay :pinkiesad2:

Well it was fun ride with him :twilightsmile:

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