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Ever After - Mixer

The sequel to the Mixer Chronicles

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Battle of Van Hoover

Mixer stomped through the now empty halls, with Breeze and Flit following close behind. The golem seemed possessed; the pegasus and his friend almost had to fly to keep up.

“So where are we going?” Breeze asked, finally giving in and lifting off the ground in pursuit of Mixer.

“We are going to get some things before we leave,” was the curt response.

“Like what?” Flit asked, also taking to the air to keep up.

“Food, water, warm clothes,” Mixer said. "Survival gear." The golem picked up its pace, "Maybe some weapons."

“Why would we need those?” Breeze asked.

“We must travel to the frozen north and intercept the shades of the previous element bearers. If they can be drawn to the new ones, we can use them to track the new element bearers down,” Mixer replied.

Suddenly, the golem stopped and stared out an archway leading to one of the castle's many courtyards. Breeze and Flit landed next to the metal colossus, glad for the temporary rest.

"Why did we stop?" Breeze asked.

The golem did not reply, but instead went to a large crystal in the center of the courtyard. Mixer rubbed his mechanical hand over the many names carved into the surface with magic.

“Ivy... Brick... Trottson... Phalanx...” he continued to list the names as he went over them, until he came to the top of the list, to where a name was partially scratched out. “Mixer...”

“The Lunar Guard list?” Breeze asked, approaching the large block.

The golem gave a sigh, “Breeze, Flit. Promise me that you live a life without regrets...”

“What?” Breze asked, curious as to the sudden show of emotion from the normally cold legend. Again the golem didn't answer, and the silence grew to fill the courtyard.

The whir of gears replaced the absence of sound as Mixer stirred again, “Let’s go.”

“Are you going to tell us what that was all about?” Flit asked as they resumed their previous pace, tearing through the halls.

“No,” the golem said plainly.


It was just past sun up, and the Lunar Guard airship was steadily approaching Van Hoover. Vigilant stood aft, watching the city grow far below him. The defenses were being erected, and he couldn't find a better comparison of the threatened city than to an anthill. Busy, organized...

Easily crushed.

“Vigilant, sir,” a white earth pony with a orange mane said, walking up, shaking the captain out of his reverie.

“What is it Quicksilver?"

“We just got word from the ground. They say that they want Soulless to meet with Dawn Buckler, the one organizing the defense,” he said. "He has a use for him." The black unicorn popped into existence next to the guard.

“Great. Glad to know I'm not entirely useless," Soulless said, rolling his eyes. He vanished just as suddenly as he had appeared.

"I hate it when he does that," the guard muttered, picking himself up off the deck. The captain just shook his head.

Soon after they were docked in the city. Soulless and Vigilant headed to the command center, a temporarily commandeered city hall.

“Soulless I take it?” a sand colored unicorn called from the constantly moving crowd of defenders. He managed to shove his way towards the two arrivals.

“Yes. But what is it to you?” Soulless called back.

“My name’s Chaotic Note," the unicorn said, shaking hooves with the black pony. "Apparently you and I will be working together,” he said.

“Great...” Soulless sighed.

"Sir, do you have an aversion to ponies in general, or just ones trying to help you," Vigilant asked.

"Mostly just in general," Soulless replied, shoving his way into the crowd towards the city hall.

"Nice to meet you, Chaotic," Vigilant said. "Excuse him. He's gone a bit stir crazy over the centuries." Chaotic laughed it off, and he and Vigilant struck up a conversation as they caught up to Soulless.

The three managed to break through the crowd and into the command center, which was just as busy. They approached a desk where a purple pegasus with a navy blue mane was giving out orders.

“Dhuradhan, how is John coming with the weapons?” the pegasus asked a passing white unicorn.

“He’s turning them out as fast as he can, sir. He's getting a bit tired, though," the stallion replied. With a nod from the commander he resumed his duties.

“Chaotic, Soulless, good. I'm Dawn Buckler, the current commander of the Van Hoover defenses” the pegasus said, sorting through some papers that covered a map of the area. "And Vigilant, I see. Good to finally meet you."

"Likewise," the Lunar Guard replied. He nodded to Soulless and Chaotic. "I'll be back." With that he made his departure.

“So what did you want to see us for?” Soulless asked.

“From the reports from Blue Breeze and the advanced scouts, the shade army will be here tomorrow,” Dawn began, finally just shoving all of the papers off of the map. “We have precious little time to gather all the defenses we need, and supply ourselves to hold out against a siege.”

“And where do we come in?” Chaotic asked.

“In the event that we cannot hold the city, I want you two and the Knights of the Everfree to make a strike against Shinig Armor and Chrysalis,” a white earth pony said, walking up.

“Elyl. You sure took your time getting here,” Dawn Buckler complained.

“Sorry. I was checking the defenses like you asked and Violet Runner needed some help repairing one of the cannons,” the earth pony said.

“Chaotic, Soulless, meet Elyl. He is going to be the tactical commander for the defense,” Dawn said. "You'll differ to him."

“Nice to meet all of you,” Elyl said.

“So what's the plan?” Soulless asked. Elyl moved to stand beside Dawn.

“The plan is to keep the main force distracted while the strike team takes out the generals behind this attack. If we can get rid of Chrysalis, then maybe Silk can take control back,” he said. "And without Shining Armor, the shades should be less organized."

“Sounds easy enough,” Soulless said. "Their forces should be drawn in enough to leave little room for guards."

“Normally they might be, but the shades numbers are estimated at several thousand. About three times the number of guards we have here,” Elyl said. "They probably won't commit as many soldiers to the siege at first, so you won't be able to start a fight all by yourself back there."

“That’s why you mission will be so much more important though ,” Dawn Buckler said. "We can't face their forces in a head on fight. We'll need their heads cut off. Specifically these two."

A beige unicorn with a brown styled mane and a stern look on her face walked up to Dawn.

“I don’t know what you expect me to do with all of these untrained ponies, but the medics are as ready as they can be,” she said.

“Thank you Adamant,” Dawn said. "Spread them out behind the walls. Try to keep them out of the fighting."

"Yes sir," she replied before disappearing back into the bustle of the command center.

“What about the Lunar guard?” Vigilant asked, walking back in as soon as the medic was gone.

“Ah yes, the airship. I have been informed that you have a forward mounted anti-infantry cannon. Right?” Elyl asked.

“Yes. It has twin barrels and can fire special incendiary rounds,” Vigilant confirmed.

“Excellent. Maybe that can give us an extra edge against the changelings,” Elyl said. "Keep it over the central wall. And aim for the biggest crowd of them that you can see."

"Yes sir."


“This does not look good,” Shining Armor said.

“What?” Chrysalis asked, flying down towards her fellow commander.

“The forward scouts say that the defense force has a large number of skilled combatants. And that they are already fortifying the city,” he said.

"I thought that's where you and your shades came in” Chrysalis said.

“Even with this many shades, I don’t know if we can win this battle,” Shining Armor remarked. His form started to twist, tendrils of black leaking out of his mouth and eyes.

“Your incessant whining is giving me a headache,” the ethereal voice of Darkstar said, the shadows taking the alicorn's form.

"But lord," Shining managed to gasp out from around the shadows still issuing from his mouth. "Their forces... they are well trained... skilled... tacticians....." The shade's voice faded away as the stream of shadows grew thicker. The dead unicorn fell to the ground as Darkstar solidified, and the tendrils of darkness stopped choking him.

“If you are so scared about a few fighters, here,” the alicorn spat, flying up into the air before giving a great flap of his wings, sending black splotches spattering on the ground. From each splotch rose a clearly defined shade, until there were thirteen of them all lined up.

“What is with all these unicorns and pegasi?!” one of them shouted angrily.

“What happened?” a few asked each other. "Where are we?"

“And why is there an alicorn here?” the first one spat angrily. Darkstar gave an annoyed sigh before plunging a dark tendril through the offending earth pony. The shadows sent the shade convulsing, and a black orb surrounded him. When the alicorn withdrew the tentacle and the shadows faded, the cast that had occupied the shade's left fore hoof was replaced with a mount and a nozzle, and he had a tank on his back.

“What’s all this?” he asked.

“Lathyrus, you like to burn things right?” Darkstar said, an evil grin crossing his face. “This is the Dragon’s Breath.”

The shade squeezed a trigger and the nozzle sent out a quick jet of flame.
“Oh, I like,” he said.

Darkstar repeated the process with the rest, giving them each specialized equipment and armor.

“There. Now you have thirteen elite soldiers at your disposal,” Darkstar said to Shining Armor, who was struggling to stand back up.

Lathyrus fired a blast of fire at the alicorn, “Who said I’d follow you?”

“Why, you have no choice,” Darkstar said, the flames passing through him.“Unless you’d like to die again without using the Dragon’s Breath.” With that the shade's form began to fade away, splotches of shadow falling off of him, staining the ground. And as suddenly as it had begun, the decay stopped.

Lathyrus, grumbling, lowered the weapon. Darkstar began fading away, and soon Shining Armor and Chrysalis were left with their newest allies.

"I swear. You goad him far too much," the changeling queen murmured to Shining. "Not a smart idea." The shade glared at her. Chrysalis held a hoof up in mock apology. Shining turned towards the newly risen ponies.

“What are your names?” he asked them.

A black earth pony was the first to respond.

“Name’s Dhanthas.”A brown earth pony with a torn ear was next in line.

“Dusty Spearhead, sir,” he said with a salute.

“Brit Enfield,” the next replied, another brown military stallion.

“Flicker,” the next replied, a grey pegasus.

“Flicker?” Shining asked. The pegasus sighed before disappearing, only to reappear beside a young looking mare with a red coat.

“That a good enough explanation?” he asked putting his arm around the mare.

“Back off my sister,” a brown pegasus with a yellow green mane growled at Flicker.

“I got this Marksman,” the mare said, twisting Flicker's foreleg.

“Ow!" he cried, teleporting back to his original spot. "Just playing! Just playing!" he said through gritted teeth.

“My name’s Red Bow,” the mare said, ignoring the pegasus.

A dull white earth pony with a cloak rolled his eyes. “Word Smith,” he said.

“Dark Flame,” a fully armored pony said in a slightly distorted voice.

“Do you have to ask?” Lathyrus said rudely.

“Do we really have the time to just sit around giving introductions?” A dark grey unicorn with a lime mane asked. "I mean, don't we have a battle to fight?"

“I suppose we should get moving,” Shining agreed.

“Grape Vine, by the way,” the unicorn said, happy to get in the last word. With that, the motley crew began following Shining Armor and Chrysalis. Several scattered conversations were started up.

“So, uh, Dark Flame. I take it you don’t talk too much,” a red unicorn with a broken horn asked the armored stallion. The pony didn’t reply, instead moving over to stay behind Marksman and Red Bow.

“Good to see you again Flame,” Marksman said. The stallion merely nodded.

“Ok, I guess I’ll find somepony else to talk to,” the unicorn called out to the silent pony.

“Don’t worry, I don’t think they like me either,” another unicorn, this one blue and with his horn intact, said.

“My name’s Terminus,” the red unicorn said.

“Blue Flare,” the other replied, the pair shaking hooves.

“So, Flame, look at my new toy,” Red Bow said, showing him the crossbow with two rails on it.

“I got one too,” Marksman said, pulling out a recurve bow and a quiver full of magical arrows. The stallion vanished, reappearing without bow or arrows. Ahead of them, Flicker hoisted his new weapons.

"That's for the oh-so warm welcome," he called back to them. Both Marksman and Red Bow began chasing him.

"Come back here you little bas..." Red Bow began before slamming into a boulder the pegasus had teleported with him.

"Hey," he called down from on top of the giant rock. "Language."

“I think that these shades are more trouble than they’re worth,” Chrysalis whispered to Shining Armor.

“What, do you mean like you?” he asked innocently.


Far out at sea, a trio of vessels were making their way towards the city of Van Hoover.

“Put your tailfeathers into it lads, we don’t want to miss the party,” a grey griffon in a captains hat called to his crew.

“I love parties!” a purplish mare said, pulling on a rope.

“Don’t we omnes,” a blue pegasus, wearing a red hat with a feather sticking out of the top, said.

“Dostyevsky, I never know what you’re saying when you talk all funny like that,” the mare said.

“I don’t curant, just bring me more bibit,” he said in his odd accent.

“Just, shut up and give the pony a drink,” one of the griffons called.


Treble was waiting in his house for Candy to stop by. It was already past noon; she usually showed up far earlier than that. Not that he minded.

“Where could she be,” he said to himself, “It’s not like her to be late.” He waited a few minutes more until he heard a light knock on his door, followed by a letter being slipped under the wooden portal.

Treble quickly opened the letter and started reading the note. The first thing he noticed about the letter was the extremely neat penmanship. The words were what got to him next.

Dear Treble,
You are quite the charming stallion, and you have a lovely mare friend. Lovely. However, if you would like to ever see her again, you will come to the edge of the Everfree Forest. Alone.
Yours Truly, “Sapphire”

The first thing that ran through his head was 'ransom'.Treble immediately dropped the note, grabbed all the bits he had, and headed towards the door. He only stopped to grab his violin, his most valuable possession, before rushing out the door.


“I hope you realize that there is a battle going on tomorrow,” a voice called out. Celestia descended in front of Mixer, Breeze and Flit. "And I'm sure that they could use your help."

“I wasn't aware,” the golem said sarcastically. "But wait! Why aren't you there helping them? Scared of old Chryssie, Tia?" he asked. The alicorn didn't look mad, didn't react in any visible way. Just ignored the comment.

“Well, I can’t stay to give you the proper tongue lashing you deserve, but I will tell you this; they don't need you going on a wild goose chase. They need you fighting."

“I’m sure they can do without me,” the golem rumbled. "And this conversation is over."

“Is this about-”

“Don’t even say it. It’s not worth talking about,” Mixer said.

“Very well. I need to return to the barrier,” she said, and the alicorn left as suddenly as she had appeared.

"You do that," the golem murmured after her.

“What was that all about?” Breeze asked.

“Like I told her, it’s not worth talking about,” Mixer said. "Now for once, stop with your incessant questions."


All Treble could think about while he rode to Ponyville was what had happened to Candy, and who could have taken her. He had no enemies; nor did she.

He was still trying to come up with an answer when he arrived in Ponyville.
The small town had changed little since the days when Twilight had lived there. The violinist hurried to the outskirts of town and soon found himself wandering into the Everfree Forest.

“Treble! Is that you?” a voice called from a nearby clearing.

“Candy!” Treble cried, rushing to meet her. When he found her she was tied up and blindfolded, hanging from a tree branch.

“Treble get out of here!” she cried, tears staining the blindfold. "Run!"

“I can’t leave you,” he said, beginning to work on the rope which suspended her.

“Oh, how sweet,” a voice said, the voice bouncing off of the trees around the clearing. Treble spun about, ready to fend off the one who had kidnapped Candy. A white unicorn in a dress stepped out of the shadows. It took Treble a minute to recognize her.

“You?” he asked bewildered. "From the cafe?"

“Yes,” she said. "But where are my manners. We haven't been properly introduced." The unicorn swept down into a bow. "Rarity. Previous bearer of the element of generosity. And right now, your worst nightmare."

“Just take this and let her go,” Treble said, throwing the sack of bits and his violin case down in between them. Rarity caught the sack, feeling the heft of the bits, before throwing it to a waiting Spike, who was still skulking in the shadows.

“I don’t want these things. I want you,” she said, kicking the violin case back to Treble.

“I’m not leaving without her."

“Oh, you will,” Rarity said. Treble brandished the violin bow like a fencing foil.

"Over my dead body," he said.

“If you insist," Rarity said, drawing her dueling saber. "That can be arranged."

“I hope those fencing lessons my mother made me take pay off,” Treble said, holding the violin at his side.


“From the looks of it, they will be here within the hour,” Blue Breeze, one of the scouts for the Van Hoover defense force, said to Elyl and Dawn Buckler.

“Lightning Shaker!” Dawn Buckler called. The blue pegasus came into the room with a red earth pony, and an orange earth pony who had a prosthetic leg.

“What is it?” Lightning asked.

“I want you to get to the walls and tell them that we will be heading into battle shortly,” Dawn Buckler said.

“Yes sir,” Lightning said, leaving with his friends.

“Just like old times, right Lightning?” Dream Dasher asked.

“Yeah, except now we’ll be fighting alongside a lot more ponies,” Solid Gear said.

“I don’t know how I feel about having to work with that Soulless character though,” Lightning said.

“Why?” Dasher asked.

“I don’t know. He just seems shady,” Lightning replied.

“Some of the others say that he’s the same pony from over two hundred years ago, the one that helped that Mixer fellow,” Solid Gear said.

“You think so?” Lightning asked, skeptical.

“I don’t know how he could live for over two hundred years and not be dead,” she said.

“Well, we better hurry. Don’t want to miss all the fighting,” Dasher said, taking the lead.

“You just want a chance to show off,” Lightning called out jokingly.

“You know it,” Dash said. The three of them headed to the 'wall' where barriers had been erected to keep the shades and changelings from rushing right into the city.

“Lightning, what’s the word?” a red unicorn asked as they approached.

“The army is almost here,” Lightning said.

“Hingard! They want you over on the left flank,” a guard said, running up to the red unicorn. Hingard shook his head.

“ Fifth time they've moved me today. Well, I guess I’m off. Good luck,” he said as he departed.

“You too,” Solid Gear called after him.


The shade army was standing in sight of the city now, formulating a strategy.

“Shining Armor sir, if I may?” Brit asked as they gathered around a table.

“What is it?” Shining asked.

“Spearhead and I have military experience. We could lead flanking forces while the main body attacks the front,” he said.

“Yes, we could coordinate a pincer, and possible crush the flanks,” Spearhead agreed.

“I think that would be an acceptable plan of action,” Word Smith said. "Catching an army between three forces tends to make them easier to break."

“Alright. You and Spearhead will be leading the flanking force,” Shining said to Enfield.

“Now, I think that four of us should stay behind and guard you,” Word Smith said.

“Why?” Shining asked. "We need you all out in the field.

“Because, they will likely try and take you and Chrysalis out if what we know about their force is correct,” Word Smith explained. "They'll try to send in a small strike team."

“Dhanthas, Dark Flame, Flicker, and Grape Vine, you will stay behind,” Shining said, nodding to each shade. Dhanthas, who was leaning against a tree, just grunted.

“Aw. I thought were were going to see more action,” Flicker complained.

“Weren’t you paying attention? We'll probably get the most action,” Grape Vine said, giving Flicker a hard look.

“Enfield, you take Lathyrus and Silver Feather. Spearhead, you can take Blue Flare and Terminus,” Word Smith.

“Since when were you giving orders?” Spearhead challenged, put off by being grouped with the weakest of the shades.

“Since I started giving them,” Word Smith countered.

“What about us?” Marksman asked.

“You two will be up against that airship,” Word Smith said, indicating the sizable Lunar Guard airship that hung over the city.

“Two pegasi against that thing?” Marksman asked. He looked to his sister.

“Challenge accepted,” they both said.

“Whenever you are ready,” Word Smith said to Shining Armor.

“Then prepare to move out,” he said.


“Here they come!” Elyl shouted, other ponies carrying the cry down the barrier. He was right near the center of the line, along with Dhuradhan. To his right John and Lightning Strike were preparing.
Far to his left, Blue Skies, a pegasus mare, and Blue Breeze were getting ready as well.

Violet Runner came galloping by the line, Adamant and Evening Rose, two of the medics, following behind him.

“Runner, what’s wrong?” Elyl asked the passing pony.Violet stopped briefly.

“The guards on the far end had a ballista misfired. Now I have to fix the bow, and they have to fix the guard,” he said, gesturing to the medics before hurrying off.

A brown pegasus with a yellowish mane flew down, “The airship is all ready to go,” he said.

“Good. Lightning Strike was it? Go and help the defense down there,” Elyl said, indicating the direction Violet and the medics had gone in.

“Alright,” the pegasus said, taking off. The shade line was advancing, ready to break over the walls like a black tide, but the Van Hoover defense was ready to fight.

And with the sound similar to that of flowing water, the shades smashed into the barriers. The sound of clashing spears filled the air around Elyl as the guards kept the shades at bay. He had his own spear, and though he was fairly inept at using it he got a few decent jabs in at shades that tried to climb over the barricades.

A few seconds later there was a roaring sound as a battalion of changelings were engulfed in a series of bursts of fire. Elyl said a silent thanks to Hingard, the fire specialist as he prevented the changelings from flying over the wall.

Elyl heard a muffled shout of “fire” as the five canons they had gathered began to pound into the opposing army. The cannons were soon joined by the steady boom of the airship’s guns. The hiss of burning flesh and the screams of shades and changelings filled the air.

“Maybe we do have a chance to win this,” Elyl said to himself.


“Charge!” Enfield roared as the shades under his command ran at the wall section closest to the sea. Lathyrus was keeping up with the shades, muttering something about pegasi the whole way. They ran up against the wall, but didn’t meet with the same heavy resistance that the center force did, just as Enfield and Spearhead had predicted.

Lathyrus was the first to breach the wall, unleashing a torrent of flame against the wood and metal barrier.
“Take that! You stupid unicorns and your barriers!” he yelled as he torched the defending ponies behind the barriers.

Blue Breeze took to the air to avoid a blast of fire from the Dragon’s Breath.

“Stupid pegasus. Stay still!” Lathyrus yelled as he tried to get a bead on the blue blur. Blue Skies came at him from behind while Breeze had him distracted, and knocked him on his face. Enfield charged up and knocked her away, helping Lathyrus up.

Blue Breeze attempted to dive at the two, but Lathyrus fired a blast of fire that nailed Breeze in the wing. The pegasus went spiraling to the ground just beyond the two, his wing burning.
Lathyrus went to finish him off, but Enfield pulled him back.

“He's done for anyways. You still have a job to do," he said. Lathyrus grunted, but went back to torching barriers, and the ponies behind them.

On the other side of the line, Spearhead was having less luck, as a seemingly endless rain of his namesake flew at his troops.

“They can’t have this many spears!” he cried as one struck Terminus, wounding his shoulder. On top of the barricades, John kept spears coming as Lightning Strike threw them at the oncoming shades.

“How long can you keep this up?” Lightning asked as he hurled another spear.

“I don’t know, I’ve never done it for this long,” the pegasus replied, another spear forming before him.

Out in the field, Spearhead was trying to dash from shade to shade, using them as cover to get to the wall. As he neared the wall, a cannonball hit the ground a few feet in front of him, blinding him with a spray of dirt. Blue Flare got to his side and helped him get back up, pulling him towards the barricades, now only a few yards away. Shades at this segment were managing to worm their way through the few cracks in the defenses, despite the constant rain of spears.

“Thanks soldier,” Spearhead said, huddling against the wall. Blue Flare nodded, sending up a powerful light just over the wall, blinding the defenders. The shades finally broke through the tiny cracks; they were inside the city.


Quicksilver was on fire. He had taken out more than two dozen shades with the cannons, and now he was getting to the incendiary ammunition. As he prepared to fire a shell at a group of shades that were burning through the barriers, a red face appeared in the sights, making him jump back from the controls.
He had heard a “peek-a-boo,” at the same time as the red face filled the sight, and a grinding as something was jammed in the outer turning mechanism for the cannon.

Outside the ship, Marksman was taking aim with a magical arrow at one of the ponies on the deck of the airship. The magical arrow pierced the armor and left the unicorn mare writhing on the ground.

“Are you going to stop using them as target practice and take out the balloons?” Red Bow asked, loading her crossbow.

“No,” he said, unleashing another arrow, this one just missing Vigilant.

“You missed,” Red Bow chided, lining up a shot. “Let me show you how it’s done." Quicksilver rushed up to the deck, hearing the cries of the other guard. When he got there he saw the two pegasi hovering some distance off while firing arrows at the airship.

“Quicksilver, get down!” Vigilant called. Quicksilver was about to ask why when two bolts from the crossbow hit Vigilant in the shoulder and back of the neck.

“Vigilant!” Quicksilver cried, grabbing and pulling his leader back to the safety of the wheelhouse.

“Quicksilver...” Vigilant said weakly.

“Isn’t there somepony on this ship who knows healing magic?” Quicksilver called. The only thing that answered him was a cry as another Lunar Guard was pierced by a magic arrow.

Quicksilver’s face tightened into a mask of rage as he scanned the wheelhouse for one of the harpoon guns used for boarding. Finally, he managed to find one. He rushed onto the deck, hefting the large gun.

“Take this!” he yelled as he fired it at the two pegasi. They both had time to dodge the relatively slow projectile, and both took notice of the one who had fired at them.

“Do you want him, or should I take him?” Red Bow asked.

“You can have him. After all, you need the practice,” Marksman said, letting Red Bow fly closer to the airship. Quicksilver tried to reel back the harpoon gun but Red Bow was already at the airship before he had it halfway.

Quicksilver just threw down the gun, letting it roll away from him.

“Well, aren’t you a brave one,” Red Bow said as Quicksilver got into a fighting stance. She dropped her crossbow and got into a fighting stance as well.

Quicksilver was the first to try for a hit, but Red Bow easily caught his punch and flipped him over her. Quicksilver let out an ‘oof’ before rolling out of the way of Red Bow’s descending fore-hoof. As Quicksilver got up, Red Bow hit him in the face, breaking one of the lenses in his glasses.

Quicksilver staggered backwards, the fractured lense distorting part of his vision.

“Hey!” the call came from the wheelhouse.

“Scroll?” Quicksilver asked, recognizing the voice. His unicorn friend was holding one of the incendiary shells up with magic.

“Oh no,” Red Bow said, as Scroll detonated it, sending the shell flying at Red Bow at almost point blank.
She didn’t have time to get out of the way, and so the shell took her over the side ot the airship before detonating fully in the air.

“Red Bow!” Marksman cried.

Scroll coughed from the soot that covered him.“Got her,” he said.

Quicksilver smiled at his friend.“Thanks.” Scroll smiled back, just before a magic arrow hit him, pinning him to the wall of the wheel house.

“Die!” Marksman yelled, readying three more arrows.Three more shafts buried themselves in the pinned unicorn. Quicksilver grabbed up the fallen crossbow, aiming it with the good lens of his glasses. Marksman readied an arrow for Quicksilver and they fired at the same time.

The arrow flew slower and impacted right next to Quicksilver, while one of the crossbow bolts hit Marksman in the shoulder, the other missing. Marksman dropped his bow, but pulled an arrow out of the quiver and flew for Quicksilver, who readied two more bolts.

This time, they both hit.

As the pegasus fell from the skies, Quicksilver ran over to his friend.

“Scroll, don’t move. I’ll get you down,” Quicksilver said.Scroll coughed up a little blood.

“I don’t think I’m going to make it through this one,” he wheezed.

“Don’t say that,” Quicksilver said, pulling the arrows out of his friend, lifting Scroll gently down from the wall.

“Heh, look at you. I guess they can’t call you four eyes now,” Scroll said weakly.

“Come on, stay with me,” Quicksilver said.

“Sorry... Quicksilver...” he said, before giving one last breath.


“Come on let’s go,” Chaotic said to his team, as they skirted the edges of the battle.

“Looks like the airship just took a hit,” Solid Gear said, as a flare came off of the flying vessel.

“We don’t have time to worry about them now,” Soulless said.

“We can’t just leave them,” Lightning said.

“We can’t help it. We still have to get to Shining Armor and Chrysalis,” Chaotic said.

“Then let’s hurry,” Lightning said.


“Elyl, sir, the side flank is faltering,” a guard said. Elyl looked over and saw a black earth pony torching barriers and ponies indiscriminately.

“I’ll handle this,” he said, going to meet the fiery foe. Elyl jumped clear of the walls, leaving the burning rubble behind.

Lathyrus turned and met Elyl.

“Who the hell are you?” he asked the white earth pony.

“Elyl,” he replied, dodging a pegasus engaged with a shade.

“You looking for a fight?” Lathyrus asked, brandishing the Dragons’ Breath.

“Not really,” Elyl said.

“Too bad for you then,” Lathyrus said unleashing a blast of fire at Elyl.
Elyl threw down something, and disappeared in a puff of smoke.

“Great. Hiding behind some magic tricks?” Lathyrus called, looking around. He didn't hear the approach of the defender's fire specialist, too engaged in finding where Elyl had disappeared to.

He felt the waves of heat behind him as a path was burned directly towards him, though. The pyromaniac shade turned to face the specialist.

"Great another unicorn," he said, readying to unleash another destructive gout of fire from the Dragon's Breath. When he pulled the trigger, nothing happened.
"What?" he cried, looking back at the tank. His eyes went wide as he saw the tube connecting it to the nozzle was crimped with magic.

"You like fire do you?" Hingard asked. Lathyrus looked at the unicorn with contempt.

"Then burn," the unicorn said setting off a spark in the half filled fuel tank.
Lathyrus didn't have time to curse before he was engulfed in a fiery explosion.

Elyl didn’t quite know why, but he felt almost sorry for the shade, as he watched him burn to nothing. Hingard gave a small salute, then moved onto his next target, Enfield, who was fighting with the guards now, spear in hoof, as he cut them down.

Elyl was still watching the pile of ashes that had once been Lathyrus when Violet Runner shouted from behind him.

“Elyl, look out!” He turned around just in time to see a shade looming over him with a short sword. The shade lurched as a crossbow bolt sprouted from his chest, oozing some black goo.

Elyl pushed him aside to see that Adamant had fired a crossbow from the wall, along with Violet Runner and Evening Rose, each with varying effect. He waved to his saviors, then moved to catch up with Hingard.

Over on the other side of the defence, John and Lightning Strike were struggling with Spearhead and his shades.

“John, a little help,” Lightning said, holding off a shade with a spear haft.

“A little busy,” the pegasus said, fighting off shades with a sword and shield. John and Lightning were able to break away and now were back to back, some of the last defenders on their side.

John made a wall of swords, allowing him and Lightning a temporary reprieve.

“If we don’t make it out of this, I’m glad I fought along side you,” Lightning said.

“Likewise,” John said, releasing the swords into the crowd around them. He hefted his shield, and the fighting resumed.


“Elyl, the right flank has fallen,” Dhuradhen said, leading a few guards. Elyl stopped his charge after Hingard.

“Blast,” he swore. “Everypony fall back to the secondary line!” he shouted to the remaining defenders. All along the line, the defending ponies started to fall back, abandoning the barriers and heading towards the more packed city center.

John and Lightning watched as the rest of the line pulled back, stranding the two.

“Well, looks like it’s just us,” John said, chopping at a nearby shade.

“Let’s see how many we can take with us,” Lightning said, parrying a strike from another shade. The two of them blocked, and parried, and slashed, and fought through scores of shades, but they were both accumulating wounds from blades and spears.

Spearhead and Blue Flare waded through the shades to the two who were starting to tire.

“Lightning!” John cried as his comrade was hit by a spear across the face. Lightning went down on his knees, partially blinded by the fresh wound. John redoubled his efforts, but without Lightning to cover his back, he too was soon hurt beyond the ability to fight.

Spearhead walked up to the two downed pegasi, looking them over.

“Flare, take them back to Shining Armor,” he said.

“What?” Flare asked.

“If they fought this valiantly, then they deserve a second chance to fight,” he said.

“Again, what?” Flare asked.
“They could be useful shades,” Spearhead elaborated.

“I suppose so,” Flare said. He and a group of shades took the two battered pegasi back towards Shining Armor while Spearhead went to meet up with Enfield.

“You look a little rough,” Spearhead said when he meet up with the other earth pony. Enfield had burn marks all along his right flank.

“They have a skilled pyromancer,” Enfield said. "Had," he corrected.

“Well, now it appears that we have the advantage. They left us cannons,” Spearhead said, nodding towards the abandoned guns.

“We still have to break through their second line,” Enfield said.

“By the way, what happened to that other one with you?” Spearhead asked.

“He’s a pile of ash,” Enfield said.
“Oh...” Spearhead said.

“He was undisciplined anyways,” Enfield said.

“Shall we?” Spearhead asked, motioning towards where the shades were giving pursuit of the defending force.

“Of course,” Enfield replied.


“Who have we lost?” Elyl asked Adamant as they retreated.

“Blue Breeze, John, and Lightning Strike, are all MIA. The airship is out of commision, half the crew assumed dead. We lost a lot of guards,” she said.

“What about the strike team?” Dhuradhen asked.

“I don’t know, but I hope they get there soon...” Elyl said.


“Soulless, you go in first,” Chaotic said, the small force hiding in some sparse trees near the shade command post.

“If we hear fighting, then we’ll come and get you,” Lightning said.

“Don’t worry about that,” Soulless said becoming invisible.

“You three, if we have to go in fighting, then I want you to focus on Shining Armor. I’ll take out Chrysalis,” Chaotic said to the Knights of the Everfree.

“Alright,” they said.

Soulless was already to the entrance of the sizable tent that they had erected on the patch of flat ground, passing right by the few guards outside.

“Shining Armor, we lost Lathyrus, Marksman, Red Bow, and Terminus,” Word Smith was telling the shade commander. “But, Spearhead and Enfield are leading the push into the city.”

“Good,” Shining said. "Let's get this over with." Soulless noiselessly glided in and made his way around the edge of the tent.

“Hmm?” Dhanthas grunted as he passed. Soulless held still, waiting for the dark earth pony to dismiss him.
Dhanthas narrowed his eye at Soulless, seeming to be trying to draw the invisible pony into focus. Soulless silently extended a blade, ready to take him down.

“Not so fast, sneak,” Dhantahs said, swinging a hoof at the invisible pony. Soulless appeared, only to vanish back outside the tent.

Back in the trees Chaotic let out a sigh.

“Looks like it’s show time,” he said, readying a wind enchantment to make himself faster. The four of them charged the tent, foregoing any semblance of stealth. Soulless charged teleported back into the tent, and found himself surrounded by the elite shades.

Soulless looked around at each of them, appraising their skill. The cries of the other ponies outside distracted the others as Soulless went after Dhanthas.

Flicker teleported right outside, while Dark Flame and Grape Vine used the door flap. The shades stood facing the four members of the strike team.

“So, who wants to dance?” Flicker asked.

“I’ve got the two in the middle,” Dark Flame said, pointing to Lightning and Dasher.

“And I’ll take him,” Grape Vine said, sizing up Chaotic.

“Then this little filly goes all to me,” Flicker said, teleporting over towards Solid Gear.

“Pig,” Grape Vine sighed as the fight commenced.

Inside the tent Dhanthas and Soulless were both trying to get the upperhoof on the other.

“How does a pipsqueak like you get tricks like that?” Dhanthas asked as Soulless teleported away after Dhanthas had tripped him.

“Wouldn’t you like to know,” Soulless said, teleporting behind Dhanthas. Dhanthas managed to lean forward, the two blades Soulless wielded slicing through where his neck had previously been.

“Yeah, I would,” Dhanthas said, catching Soulless with a hoof to the ribs. Soulless teleported again, and the two began circling.


“We can’t keep this up!” Elyl called to Dawn Buckler, who had now joined the fighting. Shades and changelings were swarming the secondary defenses, and the commandeered cannons were tearing through the remaining defenders.

“We don’t have anywhere to fall back to!” the commander yelled back.

“Look!” Evening Rose called, pointing at the bay. Three galleons sat upon the waters, positioned so that they could fire broadsides into the city.

“EVERYPONY GET DOWN!” Dawn Buckler screamed, just before the three ships fired their first volley. Cannonballs ripped through buildings, taking out large groups of shades and a few of the defenders.

“Are they friendly?” Elyl asked Dawn Buckler.

“I don’t know,” he said. As if to give an answer winged forms started rising from the ships, heading towards the shore.

“What are they?” Dawn Buckler asked Blue Skies, one of the few pegasi left with them.

“Griffons and pegasi,” she said. "Pirates..." A second volley of cannon rounds issued from the ships.
This second volley landed closer to the guards, but still took out a large amount of shades with shrapnel.

“Everypony get inside!” Elyl called. The defending ponies retreated into the town hall, taking up positions near the windows and doors.
Once the last of the defenders were inside, Dhuradhan barred the front door.

“What are we going to do now?” Evening Rose asked.

“We hold out and hope the pirates are friendly,” Dawn Buckler said.

“That hardly sounds like a plan,” Elyl muttered.

“Would you rather die in a hail of cannonballs and shades?” Dawn Buckler asked.

“No,” was the reluctant answer.

“Then this is the plan,” Dawn Buckler said, readying a crossbow. The shades beat on the door, but the various pieces of furniture that had been thrown in front of it were holding for the moment.

Soon around a hundred ponies were training weapons on the door as it shuddered under the assault. Suddenly, the battering stopped.

Another boom of the canons sounded, except this volley hit the city hall, sending cannonballs through the walls and windows. Debris and shrapnel was sent flying over the defenders.

“Is everypony alright?” Elyl called, coughing. There were some yeses, some groans, and more than a few silences.

“Dawn’s hurt,” Adamant called, moving over to the injured pony.

“We have a couple more over here,” Evening Rose called. There were now sounds of fighting outside as the pirates engaged the shades.The ponies that could stand looked outside. They were greeted by the sight of the pirates fighting viciously through the dark army, clearing a path to the city hall. Soon the din around the city hall fell, and for the first that day silence fell.

“Are any of you left alive in there?” a call came from outside.

“Yes. We have wounded, though,” Elyl called back. It was a few moments before the voice sounded again.

“We can’t get in,” the voice called.

“We barricaded the door,” Elyl said.

“Well clear it out! They're regrouping!” was the annoyed response. Dhuradhan and a few of the other defenders cleared the furniture and a griffon holding a cutlass kicked the door in.

“Come on, let’s go,” he called, beckoning with the sword. Elyl helped Adamant move Dawn, while Dhuradhan and Evening Rose helped the others.

“Is that everypony?” the griffon asked.

“Yes,” Elyl said.

“Good,” the griffon turning to the rest of the pirates. “Alright boys, let’s get these ponies out of here!” There were a few cheers and a few grunts, and the pirates moved to cover the retreating ponies.

“So why are you helping us?’ Dawn asked.

“The captain want’s to have a word with you,” the griffon said.


Soulless had a hard time dealing with the earth pony. Every time he thought he had him, Dhanthas would pull some dirty trick and catch him off guard.
Outside, the fight was almost pure chaos.

Dark Flame kept using Dasher and Lightning against each other, seeming to flow past their attacks and redirecting them. Flicker kept teleporting around Solid Gear, at one point grabbing the mare and teleporting upwards, vanishing in and out of the sky. Grape Vine was using his magic to keep just out of reach of Chaotic’s swings.

“We can’t keep this up! He just keeps throwing us around,” Lightning said to Dasher.

“But how do we do that? He moves super fast for all that heavy armor,” Dasher panted.

Solid Gear cried out from above, Flicker laughing as she plummeted downwards while he drifted down, his image shimmering against the bright sky. Dasher managed to catch the mare before she hit the ground, and made sure she was okay before rejoining Lightning.

"You're not very good at this," Gear's tormenter whispered, reappearing behind her. She tried to buck him hard in the ribs, but only hit empty air. The pegasus skipped away, laughing.

“At this rate, we’ll all tire out before we can land a hit,” Chaotic grunted as he missed Grape Vine by a hair.

“You know Shining, this is quite amusing,” Chrysalis said, watching as Soulless and Dhanthas managed to land a hit on the other.

“They fight so much alike...” he said. At that moment Flicker flew through the wall, barely managing to teleport out of the way of a pole. When he reappeared he was obviously injured.

“HA! I knew that I'd get you eventually,” Solid Gear yelled, steadying herself after managing to buck Flicker.

“Great! Now can you help us with this guy?” Dasher asked as he and Dark Flame grappled with each other.

“Oh don’t mind me,” Chaotic said, trying to get a hit in, still only managing to miss Grape Vine.

“Chaotic, he’s using his magic to deflect your blows. It’s subtle but it’s there,” Solid said, before vanishing once more.

"Oh, I'm not done yet," Flicker said, throwing the mare across the fight at Lightning.

“We need to finish this," Chaotic said, switching his enchantments to fire, allowing him to broaden the impact area of his punches. The next punch he threw missed Grape Vine, but the extra impact from the enchantment hit the shade in the face, knocking him back. Seeing an opening, Chaotic swung another punch, this one an uppercut which caught Grape Vine in the chest, knocking him backwards and onto the ground. Chaotic moved to go help Solid Gear while his opponent was down.

Word Smith was just returning to Shining when he saw the fighting, and managed to duck past it into the command tent.

“Shining Armor, we have to pull back! We lost most of the advance force to cannon fire from some ships docked in the bay," Word Smith said. "Our remaining troops are currently regrouping outside the city."

“What’s all this?” Blue Flare asked as he approached with his two prisoners.

“We’re pulling out,” Shining said.

“What?” Chrysalis asked, shocked. "We have them beat!"

“Apparently not. Now we are falling back," Shining said. "Or would you prefer to stay and watch till the fight gets to you?” Shining countered. As if in reply to his statement, Dark Flame came flying through the wall, a section of his navy armor now dented.

John regained consciousness, and while his friends pushed the shades back he created a knife to cut him and Lightning Strike free from their bonds. Dhanthas and Dark Flame took up positions in front of Shining Armor.

“It appears we might be too late...” Word Smith said.


“So how do I look?” Frost asked the Apples. The shades appraised the new outfit the white stallion sported.

“Like one of us,” Applejack said. Frost now wore a wide brimmed hat that covered half of his face, a black duster, and his mane was cut shorter, sticking out just below the hat.

“Well, this is a step up from my life in that section of the city,” he shrugged.

“I’d say its a hay of a lot better than being on one of them pikes,” Apple Bloom said.

“Wait, who is that?” Frost said, pointing to a figure that was armed to the teeth. The gloomy mare walked by the posse without a nod to them, muttering to herself.

“Pinkie?” Applejack said, her head tilting to the side.

“I’m finally ready,” the pink pony laughed, readjusting one of the many weapons slung over her back.

“Ready for what?” Apple Bloom asked, stifling a gulp.

“To hunt down Laughter,” was the simple reply.

“You sure you need all that?” Braeburn asked. Pinkamena had a two handed sword on her back, an axe on a loop on one hip, a sword on the other, and four daggers, one on her front right leg, one on her back left leg, and two on her chest.

“I only wish I could carry more,” she sighed. "Welp, I'm off!" And with that the armed Pinkie stalked away.

“Well then...” Frost said as she walked away.

“I feel sorry for the Element that has to face her,” Applejack said.

“Eeyup,” Big Mac agreed.

“Mixer, what are you looking for?’ Breeze asked. The golem had stopped them suddenly while they were gathering supplies, then hurried to the edge of Canterlot to look down at the Everfree Forest.

“There!” he said, crouching down before jumping off the ledge, sliding down the cliff side.

“Has he gone mad?” Flit yelled.

“I don’t know, but let’s follow him,” Breeze said taking off after the golem.

“Are you crazy too?” Flit asked following him. “The better question is, am I crazy?”

Mixer slid to the bottom of the cliff and started to head towards Ponyville.

“What could he be looking for?” Breeze asked, dodging tree branches.

“How should I know?” Flit asked. "Crazy ponies," the changeling muttered.


Treble stumbled back, his shoulder bleeding and his violin and bow covered with cuts from Rarity's sword. The unicorn fell to the ground, his weariness tripping him.

Cotton Candy was sobbing, the blindfold she wore soaked through entirely.

“They always did call me a heart breaker for denying little Spike-y's advances,” Rarity mused, as she advanced on Treble. "And I have to agree now; first it'll be yours, then your mare friend's." Rarity pinned Treble's leg to forest floor with her rapier, forcing a tired cry from the violinist. "What do you think, Spike?"

In answer, the dragon let out a roar of pain.

“Spike?” Rarity asked, turning around. She could hear something just beyond the trees, something large and metallic. Treble used the distraction to pull the sword from his leg, gasping in pain. Struggling to his feet, he moved to free Candy.

Rarity ignored the two ponies. All she could focus on was the battle of giants before her. Spike let out another roar as electricity traveled through his body, pouring from the metal golem.

“Breeze, Flit go help them!” Mixer shouted, his eye glowing a bright crimson. Spike let a torrent of fire wash over the golem, but Mixer diverted his magic into the armor, shielding it in a coat of frost. Winding his arm back, he plunged his clawed hand into Spike’s leg, ushering forth another roar.

“Spike!” Rarity cried, as Breeze and Flit helped Treble and Candy get away from the fighting. The dragon swung his arm at the golem, hitting it in the side, denting it.

“Blast!” Mixer swore. He could no longer move his clawed arm. The arm detached from the body, floating just next to the golem, encased in a sapphire glow. The golem issued forth a bellow of steam as the clawed arm rocketed towards Spike’s chest, sticking in him like an arrow.

Spike roared again and clutched at where the arm was dug into him. There was a crackling sound as the golem moved forward, building up more and more electricity until it was arcing to nearby tree branches. He let it all go in one burst, the electricity arcing to the arm lodged in Spike. The dragon convulsed before falling over, smoke trailing from him.

“Spike!” Rarity cried again, moving over to the sizzling dragon. There was no response from the charred monster, only a grinding sound from the golem that was slowly moving towards her.

Rarity blinked back a tear before fleeing into the Everfree forest. The light in Mixer’s eye faded slowly to blue again.

“Sorry, Spike,” he said, before trudging off in the direction that Breeze and the others had gone.


“Thank you, whoever you are,” Trble said, holding Candy in a close embrace.

“What was that all about?” Flit asked.

"And why was there a dragon just sitting there?" Breeze asked. "I thought they mostly stayed in their caves.

“I don’t know," Treble managed to shakily say. "She just kidnapped Candy, and slipped me a note saying to meet her here."

“We need to get you to a hospital,” Breeze said, motioning to Treble's injured leg. "Come on let..." the pegasus was interrupted by the sound of snapping branches.

“It’s alright, he’s with us,” Breeze said to Treble and Candy as Mixer walked towards the group. The frightened ponies relaxed slightly, but still warily watched the metal giant.

“I think I will need repairs,” Mixer said, wires trailing from one shoulder.

“What did you do to yourself?” Breeze asked, flying over to see the torn gears and broken shafts on his left side.

“I killed Spike,” he said. "Lost my arm doing it to."

“Well I can see that," Breeze grumbled. Then the first part of the golem's words hit him "Spike?” Breeze asked.

“The dragon,” Mixer replied.

“But wasn't Spike the name of Twilight’s assistant, way back when she lived in Ponyville?” the pegasus asked.

“Yes,” the golem, replied, just before falling over. “Oh dear...” Breeze continued his inspection of the torn side.

“Looks like you broke the connecting rod for the left leg control,” he said. The golem pushed itself upright, the leg in question becoming enveloped in a blue glow.

“You’re going to walk all the way to Canterlot like that?” Flit asked.

“Just to the train station,” Mixer said, slowly trudging away.

“So what is that?” Treble asked as they fell in behind the golem.

“His name is Colossus. We made him,” Breeze replied.

“And who are you?” Candy asked.

“My name is Divergent Breeze, and this is Flit,” Breeze said, introducing them. "He's my friend."

“My name is Treble Pitch, and this is Cotton Candy,” the violinist said.

“Nice to meet you both. Now let’s get out of this forest,” Flit said.

“Agreed," Treble said. The five of them walked in silence the rest of the way, Treble and Candy still clinging to each other, Flit and Breeze wondering at how the golem had known the two ponies would be here, and Mixer focusing on simply keeping his leg attached to his body.


“Well this is a fine mess,” Twilight said when they arrived in Canterlot. She and a detachment of guards had waited for them at the train station. “First I have guards panicking because that golem of yours just jumps off the side of the city. Then there are terrified ponies because they hear a dragon screaming bloody murder in the Everfree. And now, I just get told that it was my assistant Spike!” Twilight said, her voice reaching a full blown yell by the time she finished.

“That’s about right...” Breeze said meekly.

“But we did save these two,” Flit added.Twilight sighed and turned away.

"I want you to have that thing dismantled until further notice,” she said sharply. "I don't trust things I don't understand, and I don't understand that... thing!"

“But without him, then we would have never known about these two!” Breeze argued.

“Yeah, he stopped Rarity from taking these two ponies!” Flit added.

“Wait, did you say Rarity?” Twilight asked, turning back to face them. "My friend, Rarity?"

“Yes, I just barely recognized her from some pictures I saw in the castle,” Flit said.

“What’s going on?” Candy asked. "Isn't Rarity... isn't she supposed to be... dead?" Twilight looked over the four of them, thinking.

“Alright. Breeze, I won’t have you dismantle it, but it is not to leave the castle without my permission until further notice, and neither will you two,” she said. Breeze and Flit nodded their acknowledgement.

“Yes your majesty,” they said.

Author's Note:

Editing- ParadoxSg
Soulless- Soulless
Quicksilver and Scroll- Colt in the Moon
Chaotic Note- Chaotic Note
John- Badass Grunt
Lathyrus and Elyl- Vehemence
Blue Skies and Adamant- Stormclouds
Lightning Strike- Sully48
Lightning Dasher and Dream Dasher- Lightning Shaker
Solid Gear- Solid 6Gear
Evening Rose- The Dark Prep
Word Smith- Unimportant
Neon Fire- Bronze Fog
Thunder Blur- Royal Guardian
Dostoyevsky- Verlax
Blue Breeze- Blue Breeze
Dhuradhen and Dhanthas- Dhuradhen
Hingard- Hingard
Dusty Spearhead- Metro
Blue Flare- Mr Wool
Violet Runner- Violet Runner
Brit Enfield- Enfield
Grape Vine- Serpenti
Dawn Buckler- Westphalian Musketeer
Marksman and Red Bow- Marksman
Dark Flame- Nopony You Might Know
Terminus- Lone Wolf
Flicker- ParadoxSg
Thanks to everyone who let me use their OC(s) for this. I hope I didn't miss anypony.
Sorry in advance if you didn't like how I used your OC.
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