• Published 5th Apr 2013
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Ever After - Mixer

The sequel to the Mixer Chronicles

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The Beginning of the End

The giant was tearing through the city. Houses and shades alike crumbled before it, the golem power leveling the entirety of Darkstar’s defenses. It only ever paused to pluck pieces of rubble from its armor, which it then threw at anything which moved.

“What is that thing?!” Frost cried as he and the posse ran from the debris that the metal monstrosity was flinging their way.

“Hay if I know, but I don’t wanna stick around to find out,” Applejack said, turning a corner around a house. A chunk of crystal flew past their hiding place, crushing a few other shades, but the golem didn’t stop to look of them. It just continued on towards the palace, crushing anything that got in its way.

“What is it doing?” Apple Bloom asked.

“It looks like it’s on a warpath to the palace,” Frost said.

“Eeyup,” Big Mac nodded.

“Well, I don’t want to get in the way of that thing,” Braeburn said.

“That’s for sure...” Frost added.

Inside the metal casing, the aged soul hung suspended in a state of rage. Mixer was not going to stop until he reached the palace, and confronted Darkstar.


“Fools! I gave them one task, and they couldn’t even destroy that thing,” Darkstar growled, pacing in the throne room.

“It’s going to destroy anything you send at it,” Chrysalis commented.

“You!” Darkstar bellowed, turning to face the changeling queen and Shining Armor. “You are no better! I should throw you to that thing to be ripped apart! But you’re not even worth that,” he spat.

“How dare you?” Chrysalis challenged.

“How dare I? I dare because I have a replacement for you, one who will not fail me,” he growled, forming a blob of darkness in front of him. From the dark splotch rose a form identical to Chrysalis, but with hair that was a slightly bluer color. Recognition dawned on the changeling’s face.

“Crystal...” Chrysalis said breathlessly.

“Yes. Your daughter was stronger than you ever were, and now you will witness her triumph over you. Again,” Darkstar gloated.

“I... You...” Chrysalis was speechless. She had never thought she would see her daughter again, but neither did she have to suffer this kind of insult.

“Leave now, or I will kill you myself,” Darkstar growled. Chrysalis hesitated for a second before turning and flying out the balcony doorway.

“Good riddance,” Darkstar spat behind her.

“Did you bring me back solely to disgrace my mother?” Crystal questioned, angered at having to watch her mother turn and run.

“No. Your duty is to destroy the golem that is rampaging towards us as we speak. Your job is to kill Mixer,” he said.

“But... But Mixer’s dead. I was at his funeral,” Crystal said, shaking her head.

“That was a lie; he lied to you, Soulless lied to you, Celestia lied to you. He’s been living this entire time, and now he’s enjoying his freedom by tearing through my shades,” Darkstar said. Crystal just shook her head in disbelief.

“It’s all true. Just ask him yourself,” Darkstar said as the sound of metal scratching against crystal drew closer. Soon the golem was in sight. Debris littered his chassis, and deep grooves cut into the metal.

“DARKSTAR!” the golem bellowed, letting out a jet of steam. He readied himself to charge the black alicorn.

Then he noticed the changeling standing before him.
“Crystal?” he questioned, momentarily shocked. The former changeling queen charged at him, landing a punch on the armored plating, leaving a slight dent in it.

“Why?!” she cried, slamming into the golem again, tears streaming from her eyes. “Why did you just leave us? Do you know how many ponies you hurt by dying?” she questioned, continuing to beat on the golem.

“What about Silverwing? She always loved you, but you never showed any feelings back! And Fluttershy was devastated; I was only able to keep going because I had the changelings to govern,” she said, her blows getting softer and slower.

“The rest of my life, I cried when I remembered the pony that acted like my father. Why?” she finally asked, now crying against the golem, one hoof faintly hitting the golem’s chest.

A metal hand reached down, landing comfortingly on her shoulder.

“Crystal, I didn’t want to make everypony think I was dead, but it had to be that way. I couldn’t let anypony see what I had become in my moment of weakness. I was placed in a book, the book chronicling my life, so I could look back and see all the good I did. I’m sorry...” Mixer said.

“How touching,” Darkstar sneered. Mixer pushed Crystal aside as a dark tendril impaled the golem, stabbing through to the other side.

“I thought you were one of the best stallions around,” the alicorn growled, sending another tendril to pierce the golem. “Then, you attacked Celestia, and everything I knew changed.” Three more tendrils shot from his black wings and went through the golem’s left arm.

“That’s wasn’t me,” Mixer protested.

“I don’t believe you!” Darkstar yelled, sending another tendril through the golem. “Only a foal would believe that anypony could be perfect. I thought that you were great, and that Celestia was invincible, but you opened my eyes to how truly weak friendship was.” He stepped closer to the golem, lifting it into the air a few feet.
“I realized that only power can end weakness, so I’m going to show my power by killing you,” Darkstar said. The metal golem crumpled, his darkness crushing it. The black ribbons exploded outward, and with it pieces of the mechanical giant. The alicorn caught the golem’s eye, ripping out the large pulsing crystal.

“You cheated death once, but you will not cheat me,” he growled, holding the crystal close to his face. The only response the crystal gave was a flash of blue just before Darkstar shattered it.

“And so, the mighty Mixer finally falls!” Darkstar gloated, drawing the shadows back into himself, away from the shattered remnants of the golem.

But as he enjoyed his victory, a faint blue wisp flew over the balcony and raced across Equestria.


Breeze was sitting in the garden where the list of the Lunar guard was with Flit, staring up at the large crystal.

“Where could he be?” Breeze asked.

“I don’t know. He could be anywhere,” Flit replied. Both of them let out a sigh, realizing that he might not come back, considering the way Twilight treated him. As this idea was processed, a faint blue wisp coalesced around them.

“What’s this?” Flit asked. The wisp shifted away from them, forming into the translucent form of Mixer.

“Breeze, Flit,” the projection said.

“Mixer, what happened?” Breeze asked. The projection flickered as a look of pain crossed the unicorn’s face.

“That’s not important. What is is that you and Flit need to take the elements and their bearers to the Crystal Empire,” he said, his form flickering again.

“That’s crazy,” Breeze protested. Mixer doubled in pain as his image flickered again, this time more strongly.
“Just go. The other element bearers will be there. Now, go...” he said, his form disappearing.

“Wait!” Breeze called after the dissipating form, but the wisp was already gone, off to do one final bit of business.

“Should we do what he said?” Flit asked.

“Has he ever steered us wrong before?” Breeze countered. They both paused for a second to consider this.

“Not intentionally, no,” Flit agreed.

“Then let’s go get Treble and Candy,” Breeze said, turning to leave. He was stopped by Celestia, who suddenly appeared in his way.

“What do you want?” Breeze questioned.

“I’m sorry about what you must be going through,” Celestia said gently.

“What are you talking about?” Breeze questioned.

“I felt it. He’s gone,” Celestia said, placing her hoof on Breeze’s shoulder. “But we can’t mourn for him yet, we have a job to do.” She levitated a case from behind her and opened it, revealing the six Elements of Harmony.

“Now go. We will make sure that my nephew doesn’t find you,” Celestia said, handing the case over to Breeze. The young pegasus nodded, and he and Flit headed off to get Treble and Cotton Candy.


The waning wisp curled its way into a cave in the Everfree Forest, where Discord was sitting with Fluttershy. The pegasus was pacing around, trying to keep a hold of herself. The wisp curled its way towards Fluttershy and Mixer’s from appeared before her on the floor, sprawled out across it.

“Mixer!” she cried. The astral pony got to his hooves and smiled at her.

“Don’t worry, it’s just a scratch,” he said, trying to make light of the situation.

“What happened?” Fluttershy asked.

“Darkstar killed me,” he said, plainly. Her eyes widened at this news.

“Don’t worry. I’ve lived long enough,” Mixer said. He brushed a hoof through Fluttershy’s mane. “I only had one regret all this time, and that was never getting the chance to do this.” He swept forward, giving Fluttershy a long loving kiss.
She was startled at first, but she held onto it until Mixer’s form began to visibly dissipate.

“Mixer,” she said, sadness lacing her voice.

“I love you...” he said as his form disappeared, leaving the words hang in the air.


Soulless was standing at the bow of the Lunar Guard airship, tapping his hoof impatiently.

“You know, staring at the horizon isn’t going to make the ship go faster,” Chaotic said, joining the dark stallion.

“Sorry. I just have this bad feeling,” Soulless said.

“I know what you mean. If this wasn’t something important, then we wouldn’t be on this airship,” Chaotic said.

“Come on you two, lighten up a little,” Violet said, throwing her arms around their shoulders. Soulless sighed, and Chaotic facehoofed as the new Element of Laughter butted into their conversation.

“What's wrong Souly? Don’t you like me?” the mare pouted as the unicorn turned away. “I thought we were friends.”

“I don’t think it’s you; it’s him,” Chaotic said as she started hanging onto him.

“I think I’d rather fight Pinkamena again than consider you a friend,” Soulless sighed. Violet let go of him, looking hurt. Chaotic even reacted, shaking his head at the ice in that statement.

“Sorry, but I don’t go well with ‘fun’ponies,” Soulless apologized.

“It’s ok. I forgive you,” Violet said, perking up and hugging him. The unicorn briefly struggled against the iron grip, but after a few moments accepted his fate.

“Don’t do that again,” Soulless said, once he was released.

“What?” Violet asked, the picture of innocence.

“Don’t. Hug. Me,” he said, trying to make it painfully obvious.

“Aww, you’re no fun,” the mare complained.

“Exactly,” Soulless said.

“You hang around him, even though he obviously doesn’t want you to. That’s funny,” Elyl said, joining them.

“Enlightening comment, commander,” Soulless muttered.

“So what do you think we are doing next?” Violet asked after giving Elyl her introductory hug.

“We’re taking you to the princess so that you won’t get attacked by Pinkamena again,” Elyl replied.

“Ohh, the princess? I’ve never met a princess before!” Violet said excitedly.

“Well, I’m not sure how happy she’ll be. We still have four element bearers to find,” Soulless said.

“Really? What elements did we already find?” Elyl asked.

“Not counting Laughter, Loyalty,” Soulles said.

“Then that leaves Kindness, Generosity, Honesty, and Magic,” Elyl said.

“Yeah, and apparently the princess has a plan for finding them,” Soulless elaborated.

“If that’s the case, then maybe we’re going to go find another one,” Chaotic suggested.

“More than likely,” Soulless nodded.

“How much longer is it going to be guys? I want to see some more action,” Dream Dasher called, heading to the deck with Lightning Shaker, now a stallion again.

“Not too much longer. Maybe a half an hour,” Quicksilver replied. His prediction proved accurate, and soon after the airship arrived in Canterlot, met by all three princesses.

Soulless and Chaotic weren’t as visibly startled by Luna’s return as the others were.

“Princess!” Lightning and Dasher said, bowing.

“It is an honor to finally meet you,” Quicksilver said, joining them.

“Please, rise. Lightning, I’m glad to see that you are well,” Luna said.

“Red, what are you doing here?” Soulless asked, noticing the pegasus standing beside Luna.

“Celestia brought me here from the past to help,” he said. “But what are you doing here?” Red questioned.

“I was in stasis,” Soulless shrugged.

“And who is this?” Twilight asked, seeing Violet.

“I’m the new element of Laughter,” Violet said with a bow.

“Really?” Twilight asked. “Then all that’s left are Honesty, Kindness, and Magic.”

“Generosity?” Chaotic asked, confused. Celestia just shook her head.

“We have him already, but we must hurry,” she said. “Darkstar has one of the Elements, and we need to get the bearer before he can kill them.”

“Then let’s go,” Quicksilver said, dashing back to the ship.

“Don’t forget us!” Solid Gear called, with Violet Runner following her.

“Are we really ready?” Twilight asked her former mentor, quite enough that only the white alicorn could hear.

“Don’t worry Twilight. Everything is in place,” Celestia assured her, boarding the airship along with the other ponies that would be going to fight Darkstar. Soulless and Chaotic bowed to Twilight before following their charge.

Violet watched as the airship took off towards its destination.

“What about me?” she asked quietly.

“You’re going with us,” Breeze said, walking up with Flit, Treble, and Cotton Candy.

“Who are you?” she asked.

“My name is Divergent Breeze, but you can just call me Breeze. We’re going to the Crystal Empire to find the other Elements,” he said.

“But didn’t they just go to get the Elements?” Violet questioned.

“Not really. They’re actually going to be a distraction for us,” Flit said.

“But you don’t look nearly as tough as they did,” Violet said, looking over the small group.
“True, and that’s why we need the distraction. But, with you, Flit, and Treble, we have three of the bearers,” the pegasus said before pulling a case out of his saddle bag. “And these are the Elements.”

“We’re going to find the other three and use the elements on Darkstar,” Flit explained.

“So what Elements are you?” Violet asked.

“I’m Loyalty,” Flit said.

“And I’m Generosity,” Treble added.

“Did the old bearers attack you too?” Violet asked. They both nodded. “So, if they left with the airship, how are we going to get to the Crystal Empire?”

“They took the new airship,” Breeze said.

“You wouldn’t, would you?” Flit asked. Breeze smiled at him.

“The old Lunar Guard ship still flies, it’s just a matter of getting it,” Breeze said.

“Ooh, are we stealing a ship? I can do that!” Violet said, smiling.