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Takes Place During Friendship is Magic: Part 2

Nightmare Moon has thrown Equestria into an eternal night since returning from her thousand year exile on the moon. Now it's up to a prestigious unicorn named Twilight Sparkle, and a certain group of five other mares to put an end to the tyrant's ruthless regime.

After overcoming every test that Nightmare Moon trialed them with; there seems to be one more before they can reach the castle and retrieve the Elements. They must answer five questions--

Three questions.

Three questions given by a strange looking creature who is apparently blind in one eye. If they succeed in answering the five questions--

Three questions.

Three questions. Then Equestria has hope to restore its harmony. However if they fail in doing so. Then surely the country and all its surrounding continents will be doomed for all eternity.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to The Moon and her Star

Twilight and her mother, Luna, return from the moon a year early and though Celestia is suspicious at first she eventually welcomes her sister back and her new niece with open hooves. However, not everyone is so welcoming. Twilight and Luna's relationship is tested time and time again as disaster after disaster stricks Equestria. Will their bond be able to survive, or will it shatter like glass?

Art by littlewashu45

Edit: Made #1 featured on 7/24/18

Chapters (5)

Nightmare Moon is alone and wishes to have a daughter to share her kingdom on the moon with. Twilight is alone and wishes to have a mother that will love her. What happens when their wishes are granted? Read and find out.

Russian Translation for the story here. Thankyou NovemberDragon for doing the translation you are awesome.

So let's just turn this into a meme why don't we? Filly Twilight adopted by Villian X! I don't know I saw the ones with Daybreaker and Chrysalis and thought, "Oh what the hell I'll do it too because it's fun!" So here I am bringing you a story in a similar vein. Please enjoy the story and CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is welcome. If you are going to downvote tell me why you did so I can improve. (Unless you're being an a**hole than I don't want you here.)

Featured on 7/10/18
Day one featured! That's awesome thank you all!


Thank you Julunis14 for the amazing cover art! Go give her some love she really deserves it!

Chapters (1)

To be rewritten

Chapters (6)

Twilight's new SpARK program and it's legendary lore attracts many ponies to examine what about the nursery makes it such a secret project. Following several alternative plot lines, what happens in the nursery is at the whim of the nursery's creator and its inhabitant's desire.

(Cover Art Provided By CuddleLamb: http://cuddlelamb.deviantart.com/)

Chapters (2)

Fluttershy reveals to Rainbow Dash her fillyhood dream of giving birth to a foal. Rainbow sets out to find a way to make her marefriend's dream come true.

Chapters (7)

Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle wanted a break from the constant pressure of their daily life. After casting a spell supposed to help them, some unexpected changes happens, and they will need the help of their friends to get trough it!
**Warning: Regression and Diaper usage content.**

Chapters (2)

One night, Sweetie Belle finds herself dressed in a manner she wouldn't quite describe as her own style, and thus goes on an inwardly trip to find out what went wrong and why the stove burnt down as often as it did.

Warning: Contains diapers

Chapters (1)

(Story original written by AmaraDash19, transferred and continued with permission. Warning!: Contains Diapers, Diaper Useage, AND Ageplay! If you're not comfortable with such material, do not read!)

After her past starts to come back to haunt her, Fluttershy reaches out to the Cutie Mark Crusaders to help her. Unfortunately for her, none of the trio accepts.

But one filly comes back and surprises Fluttershy...and herself!

Can Fluttershy provide Scootaloo with the home she needs, and will Scootaloo give her new mother the courage to stand up for herself?

(Chapters 5+ proofread by Matt11. Feature on 11/01/16)

Chapters (8)

Side story to Equestria Legends Online, I recommend reading that first.

The year 2020
Liverpool, England

A successful electronic music creator has heard of a revolutionary new console, the Nervegear.
However, when [megaspoiler] [spoilers] [spoiler,] he has to survive. How will he?
It's now his personal quest to find [spoiler,] and at the same time, talking smack about behind their back.
I mean, seriously? Giving to [megaspoiler]? That's a mixture for disaster. Very disaster.

Chapters (3)