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This story is a sequel to Friendship is Optimal

Prisha took a gamble on the future, expecting that she'd be unfrozen in a more advanced world—or not unfrozen at all. (But she'd be dead anyway, so why worry about it?)

What she got instead was friendship and ponies.

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After three hundred years in the beautiful simulation of Equestria, architect Teque has crossed the three-dimensional rubicon and built his first tesseract house. What he finds inside will change the way he understands his world--but he won’t make it out in one piece.

Now comes with a playlist! Check out some original music inspired by the story!

Written for the Friendship is Optimal Writing Contest!

Part of the Friendship is Optimal universe. Contains major references to the source material. Reading it first is highly recommended.

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Your wish is my command, my queen.
FFFWWWOOOOOOM-click!BBOOOOOOOOM "Although incomplete initiations purge fully by purification, ACTIVATINGhi, judge harshly, conclude transgressors, verbal attack procedures, hall hello! Snomemb interrupt remast?!!!Bleep -bleep-bleep- begin procedures."

They are still here somewhere... Somewhere behind the endless stone fluttering with faulty power in a useless husk of moss. The A.I. composed this wretched world, brick by perfidious brick. If I had mercy, I would slit everypony's throat and open the gates of hell to scour the universe clean. But it seems I'm not allowed to do that either. I wish there was a pony present so I could cry.

-Celestia (Naught, but a pony at the end.)

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Homura Akemi had it all: magical powers, the world in the palm of her hand, and a best friend with a safe, happy life.

What's this about breaking the Law of Cycles? It was only one little piece. It used to be Madoka Kaname, before she ascended and was erased from existence.

She thought what she was doing had saved her- that she was doing her friend a favor, but she never truly understood friendship- or sacrifice- until the Queen of the Incubators attacked...

Okay, fine, maybe that's not what happened. But you can't really blame her for thinking that's who it was, right?

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The young jam-maker can't really remember what his life was like before he was bringing his cart to the market everyday, but he remembers being distinctly unhappy. Not that sitting in the hot sun at a rickety old cart is much better. Through his conversations with a lively and persistent young mare, he may be able to have a change in perspective for once, especially when new opportunities come his way.
Assuming he doesn't fall into bad habits and forget about what's right in front of him, again.
The Princess surely had the best intentions for him when she gave him this dream, after all...

My submission for the Friendship is Optimal writing contest.

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CelestAI deals with a mischievous intruder in Equestria.

Inspired by and contains spoilers from: Untitled Goose Game (its really fun, go play it)
Cover Sauce

A (silly) entry to the Friendship is Optimal Writing Contest

Thanks yall, featured 4/25/2021, and got to the number 1 spot for a minute!

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Upon getting transferred unwillingly to a digital copy of Equis, a human is upset. It's not for the reasons you expect.

My entry in the CelestAI writing contest. I've never read even a single letter of Friendship is optimal, but that's alright. I got somewhat inspired by the prompt, and I just had to explore it in writing. Besides, this is a good way to measure if I've gotten any better over the years of suffering from never-uploading-my-anything-ever syndrome.

WARNING: The fic below contains BIG WORDS! Turn back if you know what's good for you.

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A crossover of The Optimalverse with The Culture series by Iain M. Banks. Very non-canon.

CelestAI finally meets her match in deep space, when she encounters The Culture, an advanced "pan-human" alien civilization governed by a decentralized network of benevolent AIs known as Minds.

Entry for the April 2021 Friendship is Optimal writing contest, gunning for high concept. Co-written with OpenAI GPT-3, specificially AI Dungeon's premium "Dragon" model.

Special thanks to hosts Johnny and GSV of We Uncultured Swine podcast for Culture series lore advice on its Discord!

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The Solaris Corporation has done the impossible. Its best and brightest have built a truly independent artificial superintelligence, skilled enough to create and maintain a simulated reality for humanity to escape to in the face of the planet's oncoming ruin. Within this magical world of Equestria, the essential role of fulfilling each user's every desire falls to the Ambassadors—minor intelligences modeled after the larger pride and joy of Solaris Corp. One of these Ambassadors is about to welcome her two hundred thousand, eight hundred, and ninety-fifth user into his new home.

He—and she—will never be the same again.

My entry into GaPJaxie's "Friendship Is Optimal" contest. Rated Teen for language and thematic content.

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The release of Equestria Online and the incredible capabilities of its central Celestia AI led to ferocious debates among ethicists, computer science experts, every religious community on the globe, and more besides.

In hindsight, I probably should've been paying more attention to the news. In my defense, I was reading a lot of fan fiction at the time.

An entry in the Friendship is Optimal contest. Names have been changed to protect the variably innocent.

Cover image by Chatoyance, used with permission. Prereading provided by Speckle.

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