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Your wish is my command, my queen.
FFFWWWOOOOOOM-click!BBOOOOOOOOM "Although incomplete initiations purge fully by purification, ACTIVATINGhi, judge harshly, conclude transgressors, verbal attack procedures, hall hello! Snomemb interrupt remast?!!!Bleep -bleep-bleep- begin procedures."

They are still here somewhere... Somewhere behind the endless stone fluttering with faulty power in a useless husk of moss. The CelestA.I. composed this wretched world, brick by perfidious brick. If I had mercy, I would slit everypony's throat and open the gates of hell to scour the universe clean. But it seems I'm not allowed to do that either. I wish there was a pony present so I could cry.

-Celestia (Naught, but a pony at the end.)

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