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Blue Fang (Main Stories/Series) 2 stories
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This story is a sequel to Blue Fang

After the events of Blue Fang, the Fang Gang starts to settle into the new hive. All seems peaceful until a threat arises from the darkness. The Fangs, once a gang of outlaws are now tasked with stopping this threat, not only for the hive, but for all of Equestria.

Excellently done cover art by the talented Hippocratic Oath! Thanks a lot buddy!

Chapters (12)

The story of Blue Fang. A young Changeling soldier. He serves in the Queens loyal army, the Devil Horns. Follow him and his adventures.

Characters Include:

Cannon Characters:
Queen Chrysalis (Main Character)
Thorax (Main Character)
Pharynx (Main Character)
Main Six (Main Characters)
Princess Luna (Main Character)
Princess Celestia (Main Character)
Princess Cadence (Main Character)
Shining Armor (Main Character
Ocellus (Main Character)

OC’s include:
Blue Fang (Changeling)(Main Character)
Brokenwing (Changeling)(Main Character)
Mitchell (Changeling)(Main Character)
Hivehunter (Changeling)(Main Character)
Dagger (Changeling)(Main Character)
Mantis (Changeling)(Main Character)
Stinger (Changeling)(Main Character)
Kydra (Changeling)(Main Character)
Zenex (Changeling)(Main Character)
Grubber (Changeling)(Main Character)
Clover (Changeling)(Main Character)
Hex (Changeling)(Main Character)
Arthrax (Changeling)(Main Character)
Cobshot (Changeling)(Side Character)
Mothray (Changeling)(Side Character)
Bugbite (Changeling) (Minor Character)
Flint (Changeling)(Minor Character)
Diamond Shard(Pony)(Minor Character)

Chapters (34)