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Fluttershy is your friend. She has been for awhile now. You hang out with her quite often, doing many activities together.

But lately, she's been having you meet her alone in a local park for picnics, and during these picnics, she's so... quiet. Perhaps there is something on her mind...?

Got the inspiration for this story by listening to "Quiet" by the band Lights

Coverart by Miokomata

Proofread/edited by Deus Foalt

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Reflections show you what you most want to see, but what you envisioned cannot always be seen.

To reflect is to look at the deepest part of yourself, and to attempt to truly understand it.

When these two things collide it's hard to rely solely on yourself, because when the fragments don't line up, Dinky learns the hard way that putting the pieces back together can take more time then you can handle.

Based on Aero-Replies on Tumblr and other websites.

Cover Art by SenseiDezzy.

Extra Character Tag: Lily Longsocks.

This is a submission for the Pride and Positivity 2020 Event.

Make sure to support these charities if you can.

Black Lives Matter - Where To Donate.

Support Black People MasterDoc.

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Pinkie is dating The Smooze. Both of them love to party. Equestria can only sustain the constant onslaught of wubbing basslines and on-demand vuvuzela for so long. The girls have to do something.

Written as an entry for the May 2020 Original Pairing Contest Thingy. Go check it out!~

Content Warning: dumb

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This story is a sequel to Double-Jointed

Anonymous attends a magic show performed by none other than the "Great" and "Powerful" Trixie. It goes somewhat how you expect, depending on what you expect.

A spiritual successor to Double-Jointed, I wanted to make another oneshot with my favorite duo, Stixie.

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