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Runic Script


Vinyl bought a pair of costumes for her and Octavia, well in advance of Nightmare Night. Because they were on sale, and for no other reason.

A gift for one of my friends in the ponysuits discord server, based (loosely) on the cover art by SDB, I finished this close enough to April Foals that it seemed appropriate to post today.
Contains hypnosis and shiny squeaky ponysuits.

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Nice story dude, great job, glade to see someone also liking SuperDerpyBot's art work. Keep it up.

Glad to see you back. Here's hoping for more excellent work

Oooh I like this! Big fan of ponies embodying each other :) I only wish it was longer, I was kinda hoping the Tavi suit would have the reverse effect on Vinyl :twistnerd:

What do you do when you want to go out as your friend, but you still need a you around? Just use a mind manipulating suit on them, so they think they’re you, then galivant as them all you like of course.

This was both a fun and enjoyable read going down an unexpected path. Hopefully 'Vinyl' can show off more of her amazing tunes to the unusually into it 'Octavia'.

While I confess I was hoping for the second chapter of "April Foal", this story makes for a pretty nice consolation prize. I'll be looking forward for your two other stories as well.

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