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Runic Script


“The real question is, why would anyone send us pooltoy versions of them of all ponies?”

“Ah think the real real question is, who in their right mind inflates a pooltoy before boxing it up in the mail? These big boxes are expensive.”

The CMC get a special delivery to her clubhouse, part of an elaborate magical prank by Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon and Babs Seed.

Tagalong story (and expansion) to a trio of commissions I got from The Furry Railfan.

Not a clopfic, but I won't pretend there aren't a lot of kinks involved in this.

Story includes pooltoys, pooltoy tf, inflation, partial inflation, possession, partial possession, reality alteration, light hypno/mc, silly outfits, diapers and general silliness.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 11 )

This is so hot and amazing!!!!! I love it very much!!! I love the inflations, the Hypnos, and the transformations! any chance we can have more misadventures with the Mane Six and hypno inflatables?

Glad you like it and thank you for the comment~! :pinkiehappy:
The second part will have at least some of the Mane Six and some more inflatables. But if you want lots more hypno and inflation and don't mind more diapers and other assorted silliness, I just today finished writing two very long stories with MintyCandy (who co-authored Arbanis' Nightwear Moon/Dream Cycle series, if you know that one).
Was thinking to start posting the first of those this weekend, probably.

Dude!!!!!! I love the Dream Cycle/Nightwear Moon series!!!!! I wanna see those!!!!!! pretty please!

Also im excited for the next chapter!!!

“Yeah, I had one of those dreams where you realize you’re wearing clothes in class.”

Okay, that was a good one. XD

The one thing I'm curious about is if this takes place pre or post Crusaders of the Lost Mark.
Pre makes more sense, but depending on the intent of the prank, it could be post.

I am known to have at least a single good joke in every attempt-at-comedy fic I write. =w=

It's good to see you again though and I'm glad you enjoy the story so far. Thank you for the comment.

It's pre-cutie-marks for them. Partially because there's still a criminal lack of prank war fics between these two groups and also because it was easier for the artist that way. :derpytongue2:

This was really good. Looking forward to what you release next!

So when will next chapter be out?

Are you going to continue this?

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