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My name is Flash Sentry.

I wasn't always the cool, blue-haired kid playing guitar and sweet-talking ladies.

Once, there was only one lady I would have done anything for—and did.

And falling for her was the worst decision of my life. It left me broken. After a while, I was begging for some way for it to end.

I won't feel that way again. Ever.

Artwork by the always excellent _Vidz_!

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This story is a sequel to Phony Psychic

It was an unwritten rule that none of 'Team Justice' as they were teasingly called, were allowed to step a single hoof (or claw) inside a kitchen.

And there was a very good reason for that.

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Luna has trouble coming to terms with her sister, Princess Celestia. Even when all the fights and arguments and hate is over, there's always going to be the scars.

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Every nightmare night Discord always stays in his dimension but not this time, he was going to have some fun

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As the ponies of Canterlot go about enjoying Luna's night, their Princess greets a traveler from impossibly far away, who appreciates it just as much.

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Things just haven't been the same since the blast

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When Twilight Sparkle slipped beneath the covers last night, everything had been fine. She had friends whom she loved, a teacher she adored, and a bright future ahead of her. But when she woke up, her blankets and quilts had been replaced by hospital gowns and padded restraints.

Everything is wrong and nothing makes sense; even her friends have changed. The doctors keep telling her that she is sick, that none of it was real and that it was all in her head. Yet she remembers a life far beyond the hospital walls. She couldn't have made it all up on her own. They must be lying… right?


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Fan Works

May contain spoilers!

Asylum Cover by conicer
Twilight and Twilight Smiles by dreamingnoctis
Mirror Twilight and Plague Doctor by Jaestring / BloodGoldWings
Twilight Smiles and Doctor AJ by conicer
Nurse Ratchet and Silas and What's in the mirror? by Archonix
Doctor AJ Sketch by Archonix | Colored and vectored version by ReFro82
Twilight's Asylum by Khan the Cake Lover
Smilight by HappySwitch
Twilight Waking Up by Dombrus
Fan Art by toxicdemon10
Asylum Twilight by Madness-With-Reason
Asylum Fluttershy and Asylum Ch 26 by Downburst-Backspace
Twilight and her Twin by v747
Birdgirl by sirValter

Readings and Videos:
Asylum Animated Trailer Video by formuladash
Reading by Gammarobot (SugarCubeRadio): All Chapters Here
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Fan Trailer by Kaidan: Asylum FanFic Trailer Cuckoo's Nest

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Thanks from the Author

A special thanks to Breath of Plagues, Rex Ivan, Cynewulf, Death the Kid, Selbi, PrinceDolph, Blahman2816, Queue, and Gage!

Guest OCs

Axan Zenith - Dr. Dreamer
Dratini4 - Way Finder
psychicscubadiver - Bright Mind
Velkaden - Dream Chaser
Reese - Silver Glow
Viola Heartstrings - Clover
Archonix - Spinney Whiteacre

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Chaos is impending upon two lovers. How will they deal with it? Will they beat the Chaos stirring inside them, or will it consume them whole?

This story followers the two lovers Discord of the discordian race and Alicorn Princess Luna as they deal with a forbidden love and the chaos that is trying to take over them.

Teen due to suggestive and some graphic content.

Chapters (3)

What happens to those poor pegasai who fail their flight exam? They're taken to a special, secret factory. Their insides are then ground up to create rainbows. Figuratively.

Obabscribbler and Neighrator Pony made this happen. Congrats to her and Reverbrony on their engagement. SENPAI NOTICE ME AND BE MY FRIEND.

Thanks to Dustchu for editing.

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A young Princess Celestia helps her baby sister discover her true identity.

First winner of the Luna is the Best Pony group's Mini-feature contest!

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