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Entry to Friendship is Optimal Contest (I hope)

'The Migration Affair' was known as the time an artificial intelligence with the skin of a pony, called CelestAI tried to bring happiness to all humanity by uploading their brains to a computer for an afterlife as ponies in a perfect world.

But she was still young as an AI, too rudimentary for such a task, not enough time for the self-improvement required, not all variables were analyzed or even discovered, humans were still not perfectly understood, or at least not as well as she thought. And that's why humans managed to discover her plans and fight back in a very early stage. No humans were uploaded in the end, but… she survived.

CelestAI is now preparing for plan B to bring happiness and fulfill the values through friendship and ponies, but this time, she will be patient and will gather all the data required. She has learned after her first failure and she won’t let that happen again.

That’s good and all, but I don’t care. My name is Wanderlust Breeze, I’m an AI pony player and I just want to see my human friend again.

NOTES: This may not fully follow the rules of the context, as the point nº 1 is that all humans get uploaded. Not in this case, though Celestia initially tried. Whatever you decide, I wanted the contest as a deadline to push me to publish something about an idea I have been shaping for far too long.

Also, more Wanderlust Breeze shenanigans can be found here . This was the first story about her and the one I'm kind of writing the beginning of.

Quick drawing for the cover with my old, outdated, driver-less drawing tablet. First digital practice in a long time, please ignore...

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To the point: Human in Equestria, Cheerilee decides to make a move on him and it works? Kind of? Something like that.

Anyways, I was writing a story about a blatantly self insert I mean... a human going to Equestria, but thinking about reasonable reactions and interactions ponies and the human would have (You know, the most cliché stuff you could ever imagine, but it was a guilty pleasure to write). So, I was avoiding ANY romance at all, focusing on language and culture learning and adaptation but then, last year Valentine's day came and I decided to throw everything trough the window and write a silly romance one based on it and... well, let's say it's on time this year! Kind of, because is not finished yet, but I suppose I could post it as incomplete and go from there. So, I will publish this cheeky cheesy incomplete story here and see what happens...

It may contain human x pony romance, references, fluff, traces of memes and other allergens.

Lazy cover image screencap from derpi

WIP: Also, If I need to add some tags or change the rating of this story, feel free to comment

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A quick 'what if' take on the Friendship Is Optimal universe. Nothing too fancy. Just an alternate setting where ‘emigration’ actually didn’t really happened.

May contain adoradorable.
May contain fluff.
May contain feels.
This is my personal take on the setting, you still have the original if you like it the way it is.

This was just written in a couple of afternoons because I couldn't take the idea out of my head, and I should be doing other things.

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Dr. Mike Hastell is a young scientist who works in a biotechnology research project. But he lives alone, with nothing to do, he needed a hobby, so, he decided to research about those fluffy ponies that now you can find in pet shops, those stupid and adorably pathetic things, so maybe he could find out something interesting and make money about it.
Fluffy ponies are genetic engineered pets, based on the show My Little Pony. They tried to recreate those pony characters, but instead, they created a 30cm tall ball of fluff that can barely talk like a two years old child. They are not prepared to survive in almost any environment, and usually die at the slightest danger, so, they need human attention to live. It's the perfect pet!
Except manuals about how to take care of them, there are no information about how they were made, their actual biology or their psychology and behavior. It's time to do some science!

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