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From nothing more than a team in the science fair to best friends. What will happen? Read to find out!

This is basically how Rainbow Dash met her best friends! And no, not the Main 6, the Wonderbolts!

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Silver Lightning, (Moon Quil’s OC) has known Lightning Chaser (My OC) since the two were in 10th grade or something.

He soon developed feelings for her, and wanted to get her to go out with him someday. But she’s just oblivious, or caught up in something else.

Comment below some more attempts from Silver, that will probably fail! But as soon as I reach 4K words, Lightning will finally not be so oblivious. But keep it E-rated :)

Another sequel will arrive soon, with a griffon bluejay OC, and AnnEldest’s OC, probably not similar to this one.

Terrible Cover Art by me

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(104 characters left in the short description lol)

Originally for SWC (Scratch Writing Camp). I barely copy-pasted it lol!
This story is set somewhere after season 6 of MLP, and the summer vacation after the one all the episodes of P&F take place.

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The sixth alicorn, Luster Dawn, Chrysalis Reformed, Ponies regressed, and many more adventures await you in G5!

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The ponies, if they were in the human world. Their adventures.

That’s all I have to say, really. But their names are tweaked too.

Applejack: Jackulin “Jackie” Applegate
Pinkie Pie: Pinkamena “Pinkie” Diane Piper
Twilight Sparkle: Titania Venus Starling
Rainbow Dash: Aurelia Ruby Saffron
Rarity: Hyacinth “Cynthie” Iolite Topaz
Fluttershy: Felicia Summers


Applebloom: Azalea Beryl Applegate
Sweetie Belle: Sophie Belle Topaz
Scootaloo: Suzanne “Suzie” Louis

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Daring Do! The two of them go on a quest to retrieve the Golden Book, and unravel its mysteries.

A huge, Jupiter-sized thank you to Rainbowfan45 for ideas.
And another Jupiter thanks to Fate Weaver for Moonshine.

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You remember the Phineas and Ferb episode ‘Let’s take a Quiz’, right? What if, instead of being blasted with the shrinkinator, they were teleported to Equestria? Pie Rock Farm to be exact.

Pinkie hosts a game show, and somehow she knows the ‘Let’s take a Quiz’ rules and stuff.

— not a total crossover —

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Some funny moments from RD and Soar’s arranged marriage. And the reception.

Idk how this has more likes than dislikes.

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This story is a sequel to Forever a Changeling

Rainbow Dash, who is she. Exactly?

You’d say Element of Loyalty, Rainbow maned pegasus, or wonderbolt. You’ll find the truth here.

Rainbow Dash, changeling, Element of Loyalty, queen, and mother to at least 100 changelings. Ok, make that fifty-six quattuorquinquagintillion six hundred forty-three trequinquagintillion two hundred fifteen duoquinquagintillion seven hundred eighty-nine unquinquagintillion eight hundred sixty-five quinquagintillion four hundred twenty-two novemquadragintillion six hundred seventy-four octoquadragintillion three hundred twenty-five septenquadragintillion seven hundred eighty-nine sexquadragintillion six hundred twenty-two quinquadragintillion five hundred eighty-nine quattuorquadragintillion seventy-five trequadragintillion seven hundred eighty duoquadragintillion eight hundred fifty-four unquadragintillion six hundred seventy-four quadragintillion three hundred twenty-three novemtrigintillion five hundred eighty-eight octotrigintillion eight hundred fifty-four septentrigintillion two hundred twenty-five sextrigintillion seven hundred eighty-nine quintrigintillion eight hundred sixty-five quattuortrigintillion two hundred thirteen trestrigintillion seven hundred ninety-nine duotrigintillion eight hundred sixty-five untrigintillion three hundred twenty-two trigintillion seven hundred eighty-nine novemvigintillion eight hundred sixty-four octovigintillion three hundred twelve septenvigintillion seven hundred eighty sexvigintillion eight hundred fifty-three quinvigintillion two hundred sixty-eight quattuorvigintillion seventy-four trevigintillion three hundred thirty-seven duovigintillion nine hundred eighty-three unvigintillion three hundred twenty-five vigintillion eight hundred ninety-nine novemdecillion two hundred seventeen octodecillion eight hundred septendecillion four hundred thirty-two sexdecillion five hundred eighty-nine quindecillion nine hundred sixty-six quattuordecillion four hundred thirty-two tredecillion three hundred sixty-seven duodecillion eight hundred seventy-four undecillion one hundred sixty-seven decillion nine hundred sixty-six nonillion four hundred thirty-six octillion eight hundred eighty-seven septillion five hundred forty-three sextillion three hundred sixty-seven quintillion nine hundred ninety-seven quadrillion five hundred forty-three trillion two hundred thirty-six billion seven hundred eighty-eight million five hundred forty-three thousand three hundred sixty-seven, ok?

My success story! 120+ views


Edit: this is a total mess.. I can do better.

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Doofenshmirtz presses otherdimensionator, it malfunctions and takes him to Equestria. :rainbowlaugh:
It’s very funny.

Try not to pee your pants.

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