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This story is a sequel to Moonlight Magic Mystery

It is towards the end of Senior year for the girls, all of them getting ready to plan for their future ahead of them. Adagio's life has been so much better since Ruby Shine was taken to jail during Junior year fall. She thinks she has the future planned ahead with her all her college paperwork done, already some acceptance letters, career choice of being an accountant and her boyfriend Flame Charge. But, that is until she meets her 12 year old daughter from the future, Allegro Flare, who at that moment seems that she will have a similar fate to her, if not worse.

Cover Art: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Against-the-Shadows-603706727

Chapters (12)

Zim has finally decide to take his mission to a different city WITHOUT DIB ruining it. But he picked the wrong city to do it to! Not only is Dib on his case , Adagio Dazzle ,the fallen siren, also saw him not in his disguise, and because she decided to make friends with some of the Rainbooms, they believe her as well. Expectionally Sunset Shimmer, Dagi's BFF. Will Zim be able to finish the mission with more people on his case?

Crossover with Invader Zim

Chapters (5)

This story is a sequel to Finding a way!

Everything has been calm and peaceful for Canterlot High in recent months with the Dazzlings reformation. OR was the Dazzlings reformation really a reformation? The answer is no it was an awaking from their nightmare of a spell casted on them when they were twelve. But, now the three Sirens who casted the spell are at Canterlot High and have attentions of ruining the upcoming Moonlight dance. But, with them around it has brought Adagio to start remembering her life before it was ruined by them. Can the Rainbooms and the Dazzlings stop these three before the carry out their plan?

Cover Art: http://kittycatkatherine.deviantart.com/art/Moonlight-Magic-Mystery-595098563


Chapters (15)

Aria Blaze has started to go back to a normal life after the Battle of Band incident. Her life in Equestria was erased for a while until Sonata watched Frozen for the tenth time. It started to give Aria memories of her dead twin sister, Dynamic Burst. Now she is grieving over her in her room, while Sonata tries to get her attention and to have her come out the door. Will Aria ever move on from Dynamic?

Thanks to Limelight02 for helping me with this.
Go ahead and please watch her.

Chapters (1)

Right after the Battle of the Bands, the Dazzlings agree to learn from their mistakes and move on ,possibly become friends with the Rainbooms. But, the problem is where are they going to live and how are they have the courage to go back to CHS? Aria thinks if she gets a job criticizing kid films that can solve those problems. Adagio believes that won't help, so Aria stomps off to find a taxi to go to her interview for the job. She said she'll come back and get them when she gets a house, a job, and a car. She leaves Adagio and Sonata in the rain.
Now Aria is nervous if this going to work out.

Chapters (7)
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