• Published 19th Dec 2014
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The Twins Duet - DazzleMLP84

One night when Sonata was watching Frozen. Aria started to remember about something that happened in Equestria to her twin ,Dynamic Burst, who she claims died many years ago. But, she might have looked at it wrong.

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Sisters Problems

It was a cold December night when Sonata asked if she could watch Frozen. Aria agreed to it ,but also pointed out that it was overrated. Adagio went over and got some popcorn out of Microwave as Sonata started watching the trailers.

As soon as the movie started, Aria was already complaining about it. Sonata didn't care and she sang along with all the songs. Adagio wasn't complaining as much as Aria, but she was still complaining.

"Really, you call that a song?" Aria complained as the first song ended.

Things changed majorly when it was the part with Anna and Elsa playing as kids. At first Aria was annoyed by all of the cuteness, that all changed when Elsa struck Anna. As soon as that happened Aria started to remember her life in Equestria with her twin sister.

"I'm going up to my room." Aria stated.

She walked up stairs and stared at the photos of Adagio, Sonata, and herself. There was one person they didn't have on the wall, her name Dynamic Burst. She finally arrived in her room as she closed the door and sat down in her bean bag chair in front of her TV. She started have a flashback with her sister back in Equestria.

"Race, Ya! Ari!" Dynamic shouted at her.
"No fair! You started first!" Aria replied.

The two sirens in their filly forms raced down the hill and landed in a pile leaves. They were both unicorns, but Dynamic had lighter pink skin than Aria had. They had pretty close hair styles, but Dynamic had a slight curl in her bubble gum pink mane. Dynamic also had blue streaks in her mane. Both of them had purple eyes and were wearing red pendants.

"I win! Like always!" Dynamic boasted.
"Ok, You are better than me!" Aria replied.

Both of them looked up at the clouds and started pointing out cloud shapes.

"I miss mom! Aria!" Dynamic complained.
"I do, too! Dynamic!" Aria replied.
"I still don't get why Adagio has been shutting us out since mom and dad died." Dynamic replied.
"She is grieving over them. Dynamic!" Aria replied.
"That explains a lot! Ari!" Dynamic replied.
"Don't worry! Before you know it, Adagio will get over it." Aria replied.
"Ok! I'm glad I have you as a twin!" Dynamic replied.
"I'm glad too!" Aria replied.

The two started to giggle as Sonata started to interrupt the Flashback.

Aria? Knock knock! Do you want to have some smile dip? Com'n lets eats some now! I never see you anymore! Come out the door! It's like you gone away! We used to eat it together and now we don't. I wish you would tell me why! Do you want to have some smile dip? It doesn't have to be smile dip! Sonata sang.

"Go away! Sonata!" Aria said to go with the program.
"Ok! Bye!" Sonata replied.

As soon as she left, Aria went back to another flashback.

It was years after the first flashback. Aria and Dynamic were laying in a field looking at the stars. They have have matured over the next couple of years. Adagio also matured as well. The Dazzlings started their singing career recently. And the field was the twins favorite spot to get away from the negative fighting in town.

"Honestly, Ari. I think Adagio is getting to bossy!" Dynamic stated.
"You and me, both!" Aria replied.
"Ari, have you noticed all the awesome consultations in sky with the stars?" Dynamic asked.
"Yes, I have, but I don't know their exact names." Aria replied.
"I don't either!" Dynamic replied.
"You know what, Dyna? Every time I look at the stars, they remind me that I have the best twin ever!" Aria stated.
"Oh, Ari! That is so sweet!" Dynamic replied.
"I know! I love having someone that always agrees with me!" Aria replied.
"Ari! You are the one in our Family that I has the strongest connection to me!" Dynamic replied.
"I feel the same way! By the way I totally know Adagio's plans are going to backfire on us eventually!" Aria stated.
"Honestly, I have a strange feeling that is likely," Dynamic replied.
"Dyna, when I lay in the field with you, I feel calm and relaxed from Adagio's complex plans." Aria replied.
"I get that feeling too! Ari, if something happens to us and we get separated, promise me you will never forget about me." Dynamic stated.
"I promise!" Aria replied.

The two looked up and fell asleep next to each other. This peaceful moment in the flashback was ruined by Sonata again.

"Aria, please come out the door! It's getting really lonely all these empty rooms just watching the hours tick by!" Sonata pleaded.
"Sonata, please don't bother me right now!" Aria replied.
"Ok! Bye!" Sonata said as she headed down stairs.

As soon as she left Aria had a flashback of her last memory with Dynamic.
The two siren/unicorns were walking through the Evergree Forest to put up signs for their band. Adagio and Sonata were spying on them to make sure they did it right.

"Why did Adagio have to make us put these up in this forest? I mean this place gives me the creeps." Aria complained.
"I think that too, Ari!" Dynamic replied.

Aria didn't reply back.

"Ari?" Dynamic called.

Just as she said that she heard screams from another part of the forest. She ran as fast she she could to there. As soon as she got there she saw that crazy thorns were tied to Aria's ankle and more headed toward her pendant.

"Hey, don't mess with my sister!" Dynamic shouted as block her sister.
"Dyna! No! You don't have to do this!" Aria replied.
"I want to do this for you sis." Dynamic replied.

Just after Dynamic said that, thorns started to surround her pendant and one started to choke her. The thorns broke the pendant and green gas leaked out the shards of the ruby. She fell to the ground as thorn's let her and Aria go.

"No! Dynamic talk me!" Aria cried.

Dynamic did not answer back.

"No! I could deal with mom and dad, but not you! Please answer me!" Aria begged.
"It's over for her, Aria!" Adagio stated.
"NO!!!!!!!!" Aria cried.

Her cry was so hard that brought out their true siren forms.

Aria hesitated. She knew all to well what happened after that, and she never wanted to be reminded of it. She had to find a way to not think of this anymore! Then it hit her, she should go to Starbucks for her favorite peppermint frappe would get this off her mind.

She headed out the door to her room and got her wallet ready.

"I need to go for a walk!" Aria replied as walked out the door.

When she got to Starbucks, the line was short so she waited shortly for her peppermint frappe. As she headed out the door, she bumped into another girl, who also had a peppermint frappe.

"I'm so sorry, about that!" Aria replied.
"It's okay!" She replied.

The girl had bubble gum pink hair with blue streaks in pigtails with a slight curl. Her eye color was purple and she had light pink skin. She was wearing a leather jacket blue stars on the collar. It was layered with a blue tank top. She had black jeans to match the jacket. She was also wearing blue boots with pink pieces of fabric, bedazzled with blue gems, going horizontally on the boots. The was also wearing a pink diamond pendant.

"You know what? You remind me of my twin! She died a couple a years ago." Aria stated.
"Oh, really? What her name?" The girl asked.
"Dynamic Burst!" Aria replied.
"That's strange! Because my name is Dynamic Burst, Ari!" Dynamic replied.
"Dynamic! I thought you were dead!" Aria replied.
"Well, I woke up in the middle of Evergree forest with ruby shards around me. I started to wonder where you were, because you'ed never leave me alone like that. Then I saw a pink diamond in place of the ruby. I had to find you, but I had no idea where you went. Then the ruby shards started to glow and made a portal to this world. And well I bumped in to you.
"That's a long story! Dyna!" Aria replied.
"I know Ari! How are things going on with the others?" Dynamic asked.
"It a long story, so I'll tell you when we get home." Aria explained.
"Ok!" Dynamic replied.

The two started to walk back to Aria's house. Aria felt good that she was finally reunited with her twin sister.

Author's Note:

Ok, this is definitely one of my favorite Fan Fics I have done so far:raritystarry:. Honestly I like doing ones that have to deal with Aria! Hands down she is my favorite Dazzling! If you're wondering yes I do like Sonata and Adagio too! It's just that I feel like I have a stronger connection to Aria! Thanks for reading this! I hope you liked it! Keep on shinning!

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Comments ( 28 )

So, Aria has a sister?

Well, this is a fanfic so I guess it could work.

But yeah, if you combine this fic's premise with the premise of my trilogy, it means that Aria has a sister and a brother.

I can see it now: Aria, Dynamic Burst and Allegro Maelstrom reunited after all these years... Lovely, don't you agree?

Also, while I'm not on board with Frozen, I did love reading this. Keep up the good work.

It was faced paced, I'll admit, but still a good read. :pinkiesmile: I've always had a headcanon that Aria had a large family. :twilightsmile:

5401256 I actually think that is a great idea! PS I love your trilogy!:pinkiehappy: You're the person who inspired me to start writing fan fics in the first place! :raritystarry:

5402447 aww, thanks...

Good to know that I helped you out on your road to becoming a great fanfic writer.

I think you use too many exclamation marks, DazzleMLP84! Also you don't need the characters repeating each other's names over and over again, DazzleMLP84! Honestly, who even talks like that, DazzleMLP84! The dialogue seems as if everyone is shouting the entire time, DazzleMLP84! You could really use an editor to help you fix those issues, DazzleMLP84! :trollestia:

Comment posted by Awesomo3000 deleted Dec 20th, 2014

5403429 I KNOW! I Know! And I'm working on it!

Hey, sorry if you can't take some criticism. :ajbemused:

5407572 NO! NO! It's fine! I just that I'm a little more sensitive.

5407820 even so, you need to learn to take all criticisms and learn from them, rather than instantly reject it because you hate your work being viewed as having flaws. I used to be a lot like you when I first started writing on Fanfiction. I refused to read and learn from any negative points and suggestions for improvements the reviewers had and continued to write the way I wanted. I even went so far as to delete a review that was actually very kind but have points I could improve on nonetheless. Looking back now, I really regret it. Eventually I wanted my very first story to be so good, I made a horrible mistake of plagiarising an entire well-written paragraph from one of my favourite books and replacing the characters names with my own. This of course outraged many of the reviewers, as you may have guessed. I was so ashamed of what I did, I deleted the chapter altogether and wrote it again in the same way I had written the previous chapters. Eventually I deleted the story altogether because I now knew how badly written it was and how much negativity it had received. But you know what? I learned. Now, while I definitely don't consider myself one of the best writers on this site, I'm a much improved writer now. And you can be too, if you just learn to listen.

5408014 Ok thanks a lot for that, you actually got a good point! I'll stop doing that!

I LOVE her sister! May I please make some fanart of Aria's sister and her meeting eachother in the human world? :3

Are you sure you let Limelight02... how do I say it... copy your story?

5464457 Actually, she's my friend and we wrote it together! And she asked me if she could repost it!

5464505 Oh, cause I saw they both have the same title and summary. Anyways, maybe you shouldn't repost it like that, cause I think it's not permitted or something.

while Sonata tries to get her attention and to have her come out the door.

Do you wanna build a snowman?........

This story... Heart-warming.


That is an incredibly clear way of getting your point across. Nice.

Props to you.

Aww I really love this story! Well done :twilightsmile:

It would be interesting if Aria really did have a twin sister! :duck:I mean, it would explain her grumpy demeanor.:scootangel:

Hmmmm, I wonder if Adaigo and Sonata have twin sisters too

It was was so fast. Like a light.

A pink diamond?

Sonic wants his chaos emerald back!

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