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Aria Blaze has started to go back to a normal life after the Battle of Band incident. Her life in Equestria was erased for a while until Sonata watched Frozen for the tenth time. It started to give Aria memories of her dead twin sister, Dynamic Burst. Now she is grieving over her in her room, while Sonata tries to get her attention and to have her come out the door. Will Aria ever move on from Dynamic?

Thanks to Limelight02 for helping me with this.
Go ahead and please watch her.

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So, Aria has a sister?

Well, this is a fanfic so I guess it could work.

But yeah, if you combine this fic's premise with the premise of my trilogy, it means that Aria has a sister and a brother.

I can see it now: Aria, Dynamic Burst and Allegro Maelstrom reunited after all these years... Lovely, don't you agree?

Also, while I'm not on board with Frozen, I did love reading this. Keep up the good work.

It was faced paced, I'll admit, but still a good read. :pinkiesmile: I've always had a headcanon that Aria had a large family. :twilightsmile:

5401256 I actually think that is a great idea! PS I love your trilogy!:pinkiehappy: You're the person who inspired me to start writing fan fics in the first place! :raritystarry:

5402447 aww, thanks...

Good to know that I helped you out on your road to becoming a great fanfic writer.

I think you use too many exclamation marks, DazzleMLP84! Also you don't need the characters repeating each other's names over and over again, DazzleMLP84! Honestly, who even talks like that, DazzleMLP84! The dialogue seems as if everyone is shouting the entire time, DazzleMLP84! You could really use an editor to help you fix those issues, DazzleMLP84! :trollestia:

Comment posted by Awesomo3000 deleted Dec 20th, 2014

5403429 I KNOW! I Know! And I'm working on it!

Hey, sorry if you can't take some criticism. :ajbemused:

5407572 NO! NO! It's fine! I just that I'm a little more sensitive.

5407820 even so, you need to learn to take all criticisms and learn from them, rather than instantly reject it because you hate your work being viewed as having flaws. I used to be a lot like you when I first started writing on Fanfiction. I refused to read and learn from any negative points and suggestions for improvements the reviewers had and continued to write the way I wanted. I even went so far as to delete a review that was actually very kind but have points I could improve on nonetheless. Looking back now, I really regret it. Eventually I wanted my very first story to be so good, I made a horrible mistake of plagiarising an entire well-written paragraph from one of my favourite books and replacing the characters names with my own. This of course outraged many of the reviewers, as you may have guessed. I was so ashamed of what I did, I deleted the chapter altogether and wrote it again in the same way I had written the previous chapters. Eventually I deleted the story altogether because I now knew how badly written it was and how much negativity it had received. But you know what? I learned. Now, while I definitely don't consider myself one of the best writers on this site, I'm a much improved writer now. And you can be too, if you just learn to listen.

5408014 Ok thanks a lot for that, you actually got a good point! I'll stop doing that!

I LOVE her sister! May I please make some fanart of Aria's sister and her meeting eachother in the human world? :3

Are you sure you let Limelight02... how do I say it... copy your story?

5464457 Actually, she's my friend and we wrote it together! And she asked me if she could repost it!

5464505 Oh, cause I saw they both have the same title and summary. Anyways, maybe you shouldn't repost it like that, cause I think it's not permitted or something.

while Sonata tries to get her attention and to have her come out the door.

Do you wanna build a snowman?........

This story... Heart-warming.


That is an incredibly clear way of getting your point across. Nice.

Props to you.

Aww I really love this story! Well done :twilightsmile:

It would be interesting if Aria really did have a twin sister! :duck:I mean, it would explain her grumpy demeanor.:scootangel:

Hmmmm, I wonder if Adaigo and Sonata have twin sisters too

It was was so fast. Like a light.

A pink diamond?

Sonic wants his chaos emerald back!

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