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Lo Lo

Just a regular ol' Whovian from Texas


I have officially classified myself as an editor/proofreader! Hooray! The main reason is because my friend and I were hired to edit AND proofread my other friend's book that she plans on publishing. So. I guess I'm an editor/proofreader now.

If you need an editor/proofreader for your story, let me know! I'll do anything except: Gore, Grimdark, Human in Equestria, and Crossover (unless it's a Doctor Who crossover)


Ma friend!! · 4:35pm Apr 12th, 2014

Hey guys, so my friend Star Quill just joined FIMFiction! Woo-hoo!!

Here's a link to her page! Be sure and check out her stories once she starts posting them. I've read some of them in the past and I have three words to describe them:


'Nuff said.

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Thanks for faving my story!

1094213 First of all, I love your artwork. Second of all, I also really like your stories. I know they're short, but I kinda like shorter stories. A lot easier to read. :raritywink:

Thanks for the watch! I know you must get this a lot, but why did you chose to follow me?

1090778 Well, the main reason is that I am a MAJOR Whovian. Plus, I love all three of your stories.

All that said, I think I'm gonna get a banana and watch my fave episode... While wearing a fez. That's right, I've got a fez. Fezzes are cool.

Welcome to FiMFiction! And thanks for the watch. But what compelled you to follow this madman in a box?

1090679 thanks!!:twilightsmile:

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