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I'm an independent game developer and pixel artist.

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The shy one goes to extreme measures to overcome her shyness. However, things quickly get out of hand.

NOTE: This is not related to Applejack gets a Backrub, nor is this adult material.

Chapters (1)

Applejack loses her taste for apples. The universe crumbles. If her friends can't rectify the situation within 24 hours, they'll all be dead. This story is a sequel to Fluttershocked.

Chapters (10)

When the mane 6, Doctor Whooves, Vinyl Scratch, Big Mac, Bon Bon, Lyra and Cheerilee are chosen to be jurors, they must decide the case of the century.

Chapters (3)

It was a wild party, and the details of last night are hazy, but it seems Rainbow Dash and Applejack took their relationship to the next level. The small question is; how will their friends deal with it? The big question is; how will they? Image: Sorckylo

Chapters (1)

Twilight Sparkles learns a little too much about Fluttershy's personal life. Fluttershy can't stand the embarrassment and becomes frozen in fear. The only way to snap her out of it is for her friends to do some unmentionable things.

Chapters (12)
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