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I'm an independent game developer and pixel artist.

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Oh, MY!!! That last line. Classic!!!!:rainbowlaugh::pinkiehappy:

This was pretty good! Really short though. I ROFL'D at the part where it said 'Suffering Succotash'. Was that seriously just a Loony Toons reference?

Lol flutterscam

Why did she change her face?

Pretty good. Fine flowing, good humor, nice atmosphere. Defenetely worth reading!

"Soon there was Derpy the action figure, Derpy the Breakfast cereal and Derpy the fire rod ( the kids love that one)" Nice. Haven't seen a Spaceballs references in a fan fic yet. oh, and *pulls Yogurt the dolls string* May the Scwarts be with you.


Nice. Glad you picked up on that one. :rainbowlaugh:

That's a great Derpy story. I hope this gets featured more people should read this.
Btw have you submitted it to EQD? If not you should I have a feeling it will be accepted.

This was fun to read. I don't see Spaceballs references very often.
"Wait, super models get paid?!" :rainbowlaugh:

How very...intriguing...she acts as not an offensive type, but a role model for the mentally challenged, hmm? Well written. Although, I do have an ulterior motive for coming here:

I have a theory on my blog regarding Derpys change that I believe with enough attention and support, it will gain the attention of the higher ups. I was actually led here by one of those supporters...my goal is to get enough support, so that we may spread the word, and then direct the folks at EqD to take notice by swarming their emails with this theory. I can answer any questions, concerns or doubts you may have, but if it's one thing I know; it's that I can't make a difference alone...but with help and friends, we can. I am thankful that this was shown to me, it has motivated me even further to prolong my--our--quest for Derpy's revival. Give my theory a thorough read and seek me out should you have questions or whatever I stated above. If you truly wish for a chance to get Derpy back, you must create that chance...and I believe I have found the materials necessary, so I say, "Rally now, Derpy Followers! For we can make a difference and get Derpy back what was wrongfully taken!(please read the theory so as you don't misinterpret that line...thank you)


I here you, man. I did sign the petitions. I blame 4chan form making the "derp" term derogatory, though I am hardly an expert in such things. I'm always up to do something to help save Derpy, so feel free to message me.

Keep a lookout for my next fic, which will involve the "trial of derpy". :trixieshiftright:

340223I am glad I have your support then. I am doing all I can to help spread the word, and I sincerely hope you do too. Also, I am eager to read what other literature you create, good sir.

I wasn't expecting such a good lesson from this story, just thought it was going to be another comedy (well, it IS a comedy). A great surprise with a great moral! I always enjoy it when stories portray Derpy like this (like Brony International Guard).

Lol at the pool full of muffins and ants that bite anyone who swims in it.

This was a nice, friendly little poke at the "fans" who were anti-Muffins Derpy.

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