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Applejack loses her taste for apples. The universe crumbles. If her friends can't rectify the situation within 24 hours, they'll all be dead. This story is a sequel to Fluttershocked.

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And now I have the funniest mental image of Big Mac and Granny smith smashing a truck into all sorts of things without a care in the world. Thanks!

Huh. Interesting. So, out of the frying pan and into the fire.

By the way, will you ever introduce to your continuity of the story the changelings, or just leave them out entirely?

Ok. I must say parts of this were really well written and good and I gave it a thumbs up but... The ending was a huge let down. While it's a fun image to have of Granny Smith and Big Mac in a truck plowing through timber wolves I must say it made no sense that they'd be there or that Luna showed up. It's basically saying her friends were useless in trying to help and no amount of friendship magic can solve it...

Let's bring in the near immortal goddess of the night!

Oh wait, Luna can't defeat it? Hm... BRING IN A HUGE TRUCK!

It's just cheap. The rest was fine... It's just like you couldn't think of a way for them to save the day so you brought in other characters to do it for them. I'm pretty sure Twilight could of researched a fire spell or SOMETHING.

And the pregnant thing? Totally uncalled for. It's out of nowhere with no context given and no possible father (unless it was Gilda :unsuresweetie:) So I don't see the point in it...

All in all; good fic, well written with a crap ending.

EDIT: Ok. I read on your blog that this is a sequel to another fic but nowhere did you say that here so for newcomers and people just casually reading who aren't following you the pregnant thing is really out of place. I have no idea if it was explained that she had a bit of stallion fun or not in the others but I'll assume it is.. But it was still very unfair for people who just come across this. A little context wouldn't of hurt.

Well this was certainly... interesting, not hilarious mind you but certainly interesting, I will keep my eye on it.

While this did make me chuckle at the end the story kinda felt rushed. I'll keep an eye on this in hopes that the future chapters are better.

Dat ending! I fucking loved it!

Oh no! Here we go! It's gonna get real! I see it coming, FAST! :rainbowlaugh:
This is a good start for a sequel! :yay:

This better turn out like Fluttershocked.

Oh god, your famous endings are back.

My sides! They burn! :rainbowlaugh:

Another amazing story from the Haze-man!:pinkiehappy:

:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: You write the funniest endings ever! No one saw that coming! And everything in the middle was funny too!

"You're pregnant." Wait what?


actually it made perfect sense, spike sent a letter to Luna who planned with granny smith and big mac to use the truck

Luna is such a lazy pony, honestly.

In all honesty I'm not surprised at the father, I kind of thought that it was Blueblood from the get go, and the only pony who would have been able to guess that would be Pinkie, with the awesome line she left out on before they could tell her their story.

Anyway I loved it, though I get the feeling that the baby is going to be a werewolf...

"It was Prince Blueblood"

That line made me literally fall backwards onto my bed. You sir, are AMAZING at plot twists!


just saying cause the whole third day thing reminded me about this, it's from zelda for those who didnt know

When's she going to tell Spike who it was? More importantly, when's she going to tell her friends?

Just what I expected from the author of "Fluttershocked."

At first I was all :rainbowhuh: at the mention of Discord at the wedding

But then I remembered who the author was :rainbowlaugh:

You know being your proofreader and stuff, I guess I should tell you, you spelled the title wrong :rainbowlaugh:
still a good story though.


:pinkiegasp: I used to be friends with sleep. But we're not talking anymore. :raritycry:

606337 I know that feel, but we hooked up again, but just until school is over then I'm breaking up with her again. :trollestia:


Isn't summer the time you can sleep? :derpyderp2:

Yes, but it is the time that you don't want to sleep.

Also, great chapter, I expected nothing less from you.


:rainbowhuh: what? no it's when u sleep late and wake up late

Omg I love it! I see people criticizing the truck, but I personally like how you made a random fact relevant. And the pregnancy thing! Blindsided! Overall it was simply awesome! Keep up the good work:derpytongue2:

Expected: Prince Blueblood is the father. :raritywink:
Not expected: Luna! :rainbowkiss:

. ......... :derpyderp2: mind=f}*#ed lol bravo haze

Blueblood? He wouldn't give Rarity the time of day! Why in Celestia's mane whould he buck a pony a step above country hick! (no offense AJ):twilightangry2:

Get a crash cart for Twi! She needs it!:twilightoops::facehoof:

Embrace the Discolight.


At that moment, just to the right of Luna’s field of vision, four giant stars fell to earth.

Well, crap. It just got real, didn't it?:unsuresweetie:

Well now. I wonder if in any of those stars is Chrysalis.


This was certainly amusing, I'm not in a very commenty mood right now so this is all I've got.

Wait, so Luna left Applejack? Where did that come from? What about her foal? Luna, you heart breaker!

and the wat-storm continues in its delightfully meandering path to awesome. :rainbowkiss:

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