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I'm an independent game developer and pixel artist.


The shy one goes to extreme measures to overcome her shyness. However, things quickly get out of hand.

NOTE: This is not related to Applejack gets a Backrub, nor is this adult material.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 16 )

The ending was my favorite part. :eeyup: :heart: :yay: :heart: :ajsmug:

I think I just died

Hahahaha! :rainbowlaugh:


Hope yer alright. :rainbowderp:

Oh... my...

That was short, but great. Made me smile.

You think, though, that maybe... AJ did that on purpose?


:heart: :pinkiecrazy: You may be on to something...

I probably would have done a pinkie promise on both eyes at seeing whatever horror twilight saw :twilightoops: :fluttershbad: :applejackconfused:

Short but sweet the ending was the best part poor twilight.

I'm with Glitzy here the ending was mine to!:pinkiehappy:

what has been seen......cannot be un-seen :twilightoops::pinkiesick:

:facehoof: Lolz, This is why you never mix Zecora's potions with Angel's mischief, you get a Fluttershy with and intimate back that has the ability to "seduce" other ponies *sigh* poor poor Fluttershy...I like the ending,I never knew Fluttershy could be THAT clumsy!:twilightblush:

Sorry have to say it. What an interesting PLOT twist... :ajbemused: Heh, Heh...



nice story, i want to know what happens next, the things twilight saw at the final part


:twilightoops: "I wish that I could unsee..."

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