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Editor more than author, I'm not often active. Once something good comes, however, I'll dedicate more time as needed.

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As the nebulae twinkle within the sky, spraying a beautiful mosaic of vivid hues of red, blue, purple across the cosmos, one being has seen them be made, the stars being created within the nebulae, and the death of stars in brilliant hell fire, swallowing whole planets and blasting radiation into the far reaches of space. He has saved civilizations from certain annihilation, watched as others burned, and has seen crimes, terrible, awful deeds be done throughout the galaxy.

Time is his friend, an old chap always met at a quarter past four for sweet tea and delectable treats. The tides move onward, but he stands firm. He lives. And with his wondrous machine and dark past, he defies time. He pierces time like a hot knife to butter, slicing through millennia in seconds, billions of years missed.

He is . . . JustAnotherTimeLord. :rainbowlaugh:

I couldn't resist. Anyway, I said I didn't have to say the saying, but I'm going to right now.

Thanks for the watch! But what compelled you to follow this madman in a box?

Thanks for the watch Doctor. Hope you enjoy my works to come. Peace, Sam :eeyup:

Do you have a story with potential, but only a few likes/views? Have you spent days working on something, but almost anyone noticed?

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I wish you a nice day, and oh; have a follower for you! Feel free to return it or not.

- PedroHander

'Happiness is a journey, not a destination'

Thanks for the watch, man!

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