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the ponies... thry tell me things... buetiful things...

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Genesect. a Pokemon desinged in the same veins as Mewtwo, yet, inexplicitly more awsome.

And I've become one.

All because I bought some floppy dissk that looked like one of its Drives off this man named the Merchent, and tryed to run it on my computer.

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so im sitting there, watching a canterlot wedding on tv, when a drunk driver crashed through the wall, and kills me.

thats it, right?


of course i have to wake up in fragging equestria, as a fragging (mutant?) changeling

and the worst part? this is only the second worse thing to happen to me...

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So im just chillaxing on the couch playing Pokemon blue and trying get my hands on a Mew when my Game Boy somehow fall under the couch and well...

Apparently thier IS a wormhole under peoples couchs...

And it turns out mine leads to equestria.

This is why I can't have nice things...


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