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Vinum Amatorium Est - Davesknd

Spike found some wine and shares it with Rarity. A side story to "Between Day and Night".

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Haflinger Eiswein

Author's Note:

If you want to know what happened to Rarity in Canterlot, feel free to read Phase Eight and The planning of Phase Eight in my other story "Between Day and Night", currently the only Twilestia Story to feature mutant ponies and ninja mules.
Also: Sorry for the long delay, but I didn't even have much time for my main project. Still, I think this story will get some attention from time to time. Just love to play around with these two. And there are still many drinks to be had.
And don't forget: This is before the episode "Just for Side Kicks". Spike still has a pet phoenix and he has not completely humiliated himself before the known world.

The train stopped huffing and puffing and Rarity hoped dearly that the escaping steam would not take the last amount of lustre out of her hair. She already had to walk home with several layers of shame marking her beauty.
Not only had she completely and utterly humiliated herself in front of both Princess Luna and her guards and secretary. Not only had she made the worst possible first impression on Spike’s adopted aunt and gotten the wits scared out of her by a pony that made Nightmare Moon look like a cuddly bunny. And not only had she wasted half of a workday sewing up a prison garb and create the world’s first fashionable ball and chain.
No! She had gotten evidence that Spike was old enough to be in a romantic relationship and Princess Luna had given her blessing (as well as threatening to haunt her dreams until her mind snapped if Rarity ever hurt Spike).

She had asked and she had received. Now there was no turning back and denying it. The most adorable dragon in Equestria could be hers at any time she wanted.

So why was she walking home as if the tax pony was waiting there?

“Because it was a cute idea yesterday when he was serenading you… a sweet dream… and now it might be reality. Nasty, scary and horrid reality.” A voice inside her head whispered “And in reality, the nobles you admire are a bunch of decadent, big headed and selfish foals. In reality, there are monsters out there who kidnap you at the drop of a hat for the sake of their underground mining operation. In reality, you are so busy doubting yourself, you don’t even consider that you could be spending all this time finally making Spike as happy as he makes you. But you would rather spend some time in the dungeon than commit to your feelings. Very generous of you, Rarity!”
That snapped the fashionista out of her thoughts. She stopped in the middle of the road and took a deep breath. “I always longed for a prince… Spike is the adopted son of Celestia and therefore a prince. And unlike certain other ponies, he behaves like one whenever we spend time together. I promised to give him a chance and my stars, he earned it.”
With those thoughts, Rarity nodded to herself and pushed on, right into the back of a couch that was standing in the middle of the main road.

“My goodness, how did my fainting couch get here?” Rarity wondered loudly, as she walked around her beloved piece of ground-evasion furniture. To her surprise, a certain rainbow-haired pegasus was stretched out on it, snoring loudly with a bit of drool dropping out the side of her wide-open mouth.
“Oh Celestia how unsanitary!” the fashionista groaned “Rainbow can keep you for now. But she better make sure you are properly cleaned when I get you back.”
Shaking her head a little, Rarity continued toward Carousel Boutique when another though hit her. "I summoned the couch when I fainted in Canterlot, but it never made it that far. But its out here now, which means it got out of the house…"

“OH NO! MY HOME!” Rarity yelled and galloped off toward the boutique. Her worries about her love life were instantly replaced by ideas how many sinister and devious creatures had now taken up residence in her beloved boutique and what sinister plots they were already plotting. She closed in on the boutique and truly, the door was wide open! Her home was probably a den of debauchery and drug offense, where dubious ponies would smoke their weeds and their china-cats or however those drugs are called these days!
Rarity had to save her beloved dragon!

“SPIIIIIIKE! What are you doing there?” she yelled desperately “Get away from the parlour of sin!”

Spike meanwhile, who was sitting next to the open door with a comic boon in his claws looked up. “Awww! But Parlour of Sin is the best Mane-iac story yet!” the dragon lamented “I know it’s a bit cheesy but it’s a comic book…”

Rarity stopped next to Spike, panting heavily and shaking her head. “No! The boutique! The door has been damaged! I’m sure that the criminal underbelly of Ponyville has already crawled in and made this their new headquarter! Quick, Spike, we have to run an-“

“Erm… actually, when Noteworthy and I came here a few hours ago, we noticed that the door was open and got the piano out. And after that, I stayed here to watch the door until you came back.” Spike explained.

“Oh….” Rarity said and a blush invaded her cheeks. “Erm… Thank you, Spike. I guess I let my… wait! I summoned the couch several hours ago. Have you been sitting here all that time protecting my home?”

The young dragon nodded. “I tried to get the carpenter. But they said that they couldn’t fix the door with you not being here. Since it’s your property and all.” He explained quickly, clearly worried that Rarity would be angry at him not fixing the damage. Instead, Rarity stepped closer, extended her forearm around Spike’s head and pulled him against her chest. Spike’s cheeks ran red with surprised embarrassment and silent joy.

“So you spent hours of your time protecting my property…” Rarity whispered dreamily let out a sigh. She had spent all the time since yesterday buried in her own worries and here was Spike, taking all of them away with one huge deed, he didn’t even consider big. “Thank you, Spike. That was very sweet of you.”

Spike didn’t answer, his mind occupied with the softness of Rarity’s coat and the fact that she was holding him tightly against her chest. Sure, the two had exchanged intimacies before but he had never been so close to her. Never felt her Never felt her coat against his scales. Never heard her heart beat so eagerly within her chest. He simply didn’t know how to react, so his mind missed the idea of returning the embrace and his arms just flailed around in surprise until happiness claimed his energy and he just leaned against her.

“Now Spike. Since you spent your entire first half of the day sitting here, I suggest I have my shop repaired and spend the rest of my day expressing my gratitude.” She said as she slowly let go of the love-drunk dragon. “Unless you are occupied elsewhere.”

Spike instantly sprung back to reality. “NO! Erm… I mean, I don’t really have any plans for today. The library is closed anyways. Peewee wanted to help me sort out the damaged books and he got so excited… lets just say that dragons and phoenixes may be fireproof bur our floor isn’t. We are having the carpenters over too.”

Rarity let out a soft giggle and nodded. “So it is set. How about you go back to the library and inform the carpenters that my home would be next on their list. Meanwhile, I prepare everything for dinner. Just come back here with… let’s say the Haflinger Eiswein. I have just the right dessert for an old vin du glace.”

A huge smile appeared on Spike’s face. “Wow that sounds amazing! All right, Rarity, I’ll get everything done and meet you here in a jiffy!”

As the small dragon ran off, his comic book firm in claw, Rarity let out a sigh of relief. A creative mind could be a cesspool of dark thoughts but Spike just needed to be himself to ease her anguish. Maybe this would not end in absolute disaster after all.
Rarity turned and entered her humble, now pianoless, abode and carelessly tossed her saddlebag to the side, just before catching it in her magic and placing it on the floor. Even in emotional dismay, a lady has to keep certain standards. She then decided to spend a few moments on her beauty, just refreshing her make-up, combing her mane and adding a bit more lip-gloss than usual. Finally, the unicorn prepared a few gems, she had heard Spike describe as sweet and a peppermint and daisy salad with some chocolate for herself. Eiswein, or Ice wine was a specialty from Germane. Late in autumn, the grapes were left on the vine until they froze. When pressed, the frozen water would stay behind and only the sweet grape juices and sugar would reach the bottle. It was a thick and full drink. Sweet as sin and full in its taste. And since it could only be made in places warm enough to have grapes, yet cold enough to have them freeze, it was very rare. The thought of sharing such a decadent drop with Spike sent a certain giddiness through the unicorn.

Just she, the dragon and a wonderful wine.

A shiver went down her spine.

The nerves!

“I can’t do this!” the unicorn groaned “I can’t ask him in here and talk about our feelings like they are a dress order! There needs to be some romace… passion… a…” her eyes wandered to the window “A STAGE!” Seconds later a picnic blanket and a pair of pillows began to glow and were stuffed into a basket. “The park is simply divine at this time of the year. The colours of the leaves, the smell of hay… perfect for a picnic. Now I just need one little detail to add to the equation.” Quickly the unicorn galloped back to her room and returned with her golden necklace that held the most precious gem in the entire building. The fire ruby.
Only seconds later there was a knock on the door and Rarity smiled as Spike entered with a bottle in his claws.

“Oh hello, darling.” Rarity greeted eagerly and gifted Spike with a happy smile. “Say, how about we change this lunch into a nice, relaxing picnic? The park should be simply divine at this time of the day and if the carpenters are coming, we wouldn’t have much of an atmosphere in this stuffy old place.”

Spike nodded eagerly. “That’s a great idea, Rarity. How about you give me that basket and-“ he didn’t finish, as the winebottle was magically torn from his hand and placed in the basket.

“I’m sorry, Spike, but you have gone beyond the call of duty already. I may be a lady but I think I am fit enough to carry a basket.” Rarity said with a smile but a firm voice and trotted closer to Spike. She turned to her side and bent her knees slightly. “Now hop on and off we go!”

Spike’s eyes grew to the size of satellite dishes. “Hop on?” he asked in shock.

“Well, of course, darling. You have already carried a piano out of my home AND ran back and forward between here and the library twice today. I think you should rest your feet a little.” Rarity explained calmly and certainly, perfectly masking how incredibly nervous she was right now.

“But… I…” Spike stammered, confused by the suggestion.

“Its rude to keep a lady waiting, Spike!” Rarity stressed harshly “Just hop on and off we go. You ride around on Twilight all the time, I do not know what could be the issue.”

“But… Twi and me are basically siblings… I… I can’t ride you, Rarity.”

Rarity raised her nose in outrage. “And why would that be?” She asked in a ladylike huff. “Would you say that my back is any less comfortable than Twilights? Am I so scrawny that my shoulder blades would poke you? Do you think my coat is not soft enough for you? Or do you think me so weak and fragile that I could not possibly lift you even though I, unlike Twilight, do work out enough to keep my pristine figure?”

Spike took a step back and his gaze lowered to the ground. It felt weird… the idea of riding on the pony he cared so much about. Wasn’t he supposed to carry her around on his arms?
Rarity meanwhile kept her nose up, though her features softened slightly, showing a bit of the worry beneath. "Come on Spike! How are you ever going to share intimacy if you are not comfy with being close to me? I don’t want you looking up to me all the time. How can you swoop me off my hooves if you are busy worshipping the ground beneath them?"

Finally, Spike swallowed heavily and nodded. “Fine, Rarity…” he said nervously and approached the mare of his dreams. Sure, she had kissed and sometimes even snuggled him before but he had never spent long scale-to-coat contact with her. Was this right? Sure, he wanted to touch her. The kiss, she had once planted on his cheek had burned there for hours. Every time her pristine coat had rubbed over his scales, it had set a lightning through his body. And now, she just wanted to sit on her back. The young dragon tried desperately to ignore the velvet texture of Rarity’s coat, the warmth of her body soft twitching of her muscles as his claws went over them. Finally, he sat down on her back and sighed. It was wonderful in every way imaginable!
Twilight’s coat tended to be a bit on the rough side, since she took short showers and spent more time relaxing with books. Rarity was soft as silk and smelled of expensive perfumes. Her body felt firm and lean under his claws and he instantly crossed his arms as to not give in and caress her back.

“Comfy?” Rarity giggled happily, turning her head and giving him a loving smile. She could see the happiness on his face and the blush on his cheeks. And to be honest, it was nice to feel his adorable weight on her back. Until now, she had eyes the way Twilight would carry him around with a bit of confusion. Should a lady really lower herself to a mere pack-pony? But right now, he felt like a wonderful accessory to a perfect dress. A cute, sweet and kind accessory.

Spike nodded, his body slowly getting used to being so close to this very special mare. He was almost capable of rational thought at this point.

“Well, then off we go…” Rarity giggled and made her way out of the boutique, the picnic basket levitating next to them.

Though she managed to keep a brave face, the mare was still very nervous. Spike may have relaxed enough to be presentable, but this was a big step. This would be the first time that Ponyville would see him ride on someone else than Twilight. And though she pretended not to notice, Spike’s crush on her was well known throughout the town. What if the town would not accept them? What if they ran her out of town for being a cradle robber?

They passed the market place and out of the corner of her eye, she could see Big Macintosh, standing behind the counter, selling the fruit of his labour. Worry shot over her as the apple farmer’s gaze followed them for a moment. Suddenly a smile invaded the laconic pony’s features and he winked at the little dragon on Rarity’s back, who waved happily at him.

Rarity felt a boost of confidence. She relaxed and her gait became lighter.

There was Mayor Mare sitting with her early noon coffee in the café across the town hall. She too noticed the two strolling by and a playful giggle escaped the middle aged mare, making her almost spill parts of her latte.

Rarity smiled broader, her heart beginning to beat harder.

And now Derpy flew by and one of her eyes followed the pair for quite a while before landing, turning and looking confused. Then the bit dropped and she began clopping her hooves happily at the two.

Now Rarity was flying, the ground no longer making contact with her hooves. Everyone was cheering for them. They all knew how much Spike deserved this… how much they both deserved this!

Now even Spike was noticing that something was strange about the way Rarity moved. Her gait had become so much lighter, she was almost skipping. The dragon stretched his head a little to look at her face and he almost fell off in surprise when he saw so much happiness in her features. Her chin held high, her eyes now straight and full of confidence and a determined smile on her lips. He felt his heart skip a beat and sat back. As a small spring entered her step, he had to hold onto her or fall off and suddenly, he understood. This was what it felt like when she had this wonderful spring in her step. This was what it felt like when his Rarity was dancing through a world that loved her. And she shared it with him. A dance of happiness through the entirety of Ponyville. And all in spite of him lounging around on her back.
Or maybe, a small voice in the dragon’s mind probed, it’s because of it?

He allowed that little voice to take control and just enjoy the walk, his heart beating as hard as it would beat if he was truly dancing with Rarity. And in a way, he was.
Finally, they arrived at the park. Lyra and Bon Bon were there, sitting on their favourite bench in their favourite poses. They too noticed Rarity strolling by and both waved happily at the couple. Then they returned to their conversation.

Spike’s ride ended much too soon as Rarity found the perfect spot for them under a huge tree that had become a wonderful shade of red. Luckily it was still time until the running of the leaves. The unicorn used her magic to spread the picnic blanket and Spike hopped off, instantly grabbing the basket and setting up plates, glasses and so on for their meal. Rarity knew that her magic could not possibly catch up with his eager claws. When Spike was happily serving her, he jabbed needles into his scales, shoved over Diamond Dogs twice his size and, her hoof went to the gem on her chest, gave her the most amazing gift she had ever received.

Finally, Spike finished his work and Rarity scooped closer. “Thank you darling…” she whispered gently and settled down in front of him, leaving just enough place for their plates between them.

The young dragon smiled at her dreamily and took place as well. He tried to focus on his gems, a bunch of wonderful looking sapphires and a few juicy rubies for dessert, but he just couldn’t keep his eyes off the wonderful mare before him. The sun was making her coat glow and the fire ruby was glistening deliciously. Oh, how he wanted to shove the plates aside, take up all his courage and kiss her. But he knew his place. He was not worthy of her. But he was lucky enough to be in her presence and he would enjoy every second he could get.

Rarity meanwhile was eating her salad. Though she soon noticed that Spike wasn’t touching his gems. “Darling? Aren’t you hungry at all?” she asked, lowering her magically held fork. “You haven’t even touched your lunch.”

“Oh…” Spike quickly answered “Erm… you know, Ice Wine is a dessert wine. And these gems are all sweet, so I save them to go with it. When you have your chocolate!”

Rarity giggled softly. “Celestia certainly taught you well. Yes, it will be wonderful with some sweets. The slight sour note should be marvellous and the richness of the fruit! Oh, Spike, thank you for sharing this moment with me!”

“I am a bit worried that it might have become too soft over time. Princess Celestia always says that Haflingers are at their best five years after the fact. But this one is seventeen years old.” The dragon sighed.

“So its just as old as you are…” Rarity added gently. Oh goodness, what a great coincidence!

“Heh, looks like it!” Spike laughed “But I spent less time buried beneath a library floorboard than the wine.”

“Our luck. Goodness, I don’t even want to imagine what light would have done to this treasure. But that besides, you know that I never knew how old your actually were.” Rarity commented. She had to focus on his age. “I feel positively foolish for considering you a child until now. In this new light, the way you support Twilight truly shines. Before this, I may have considered her praise the same praise I admit to having given Sweetie Belle. The kind of praise that is more an encouragement of the loved one than the labour. But now I understand that even in young adulthood, you are already a hard worker, having a stable job, an incredible résumé as the personal assistant of Celestia’s most important student and you are the national hero of the Crysal Empire.”

Spike was blushing so deep at this moment, he looked more like a huge tomato with his spikes making a cute stem.

Maybe he needed a little, last push. “Darling…” Rarity said softly and levitated their plates away. “I think it is time that we are honest about a very important thing. I’m taking my hoof off your lips, Spike. Be brave…”

The dragon’s eyes widened so much, he felt both of his eyelid pairs strain. Was this a dream? Was he still asleep deep in library all while his junior assistant was hooting and giggling over the things he mumbled in his slumber? Oh, whatever! Even if this was a dream, it was an awesome dream and he would not waste this opportunity.
“Rarity…” Spike said, forcing some calm into his voice “I… I always sorta ha… well, I used to have a crush on you.”

Rarity’s eyes went wide. USED TO HAVE? USED TO? DID I WAIT TOO LONG?

“But…” Spike continued “I’m not sure anymore if it’s a crush… I mean… when we met, I was smitten by your beauty… and then I discovered how strong you are as a person, how talented you are, how generous, kind and… well… just how much I love seeing you happy. Even when you fuss over things or when you are bossy or go overly dramatic… I just…” he sighed “I think I love you…”

Rarity felt her composure crumble. Tears stung in her eyes and she wanted to lunge forward and just rain kisses on the dragon. But she managed to hold back. “Then let’s find out…” she whispered “Because of late… I started to think the same.”

Shock invaded Spike’s features. “Are you-“

“Spike… I care for you. Deeply. I always thought that you were an amazing dragon and I always considered you a wonderful presence in my life. But I was under the illusion that you were a child. Just Twilight’s little brother whom she has to humour. And though your deeds affected me deeply, I had to push every feeling they cause aside, because those feelings were not proper!” Rarity sighed “But you are not a child… I only recently learned it. And suddenly those feelings… I can’t hide from them anymore. And I’m not going to hide what they cause in me from you.” Suddenly she fluttered her eyelashes and gave Spike a soft smile “If you think you love me… why don’t we try to find out?”

Spike swallowed and scooped closer. His eyes locked with Rarity and his heart skipped a beat as he felt the love in her gaze. He licked his lips and slowly approached. The unicorn meanwhile puckered her lips slightly, making it unquestionable what she wanted him to do. The dragon took one last breath and pushed forward, their lips finally meeting. His lips were used to fire, but Spike was sure he had never felt this much heat in them before. His eyes snapped close as he gave himself to a kiss that was even better than anything he had ever dreamed of.

Rarity meanwhile felt tingles through run through her body too. Spike’s lips were soft scales, flexible, warm and slippery. He wasn’t exactly a good kisser, being a bit too meek and careful but she was certainly enjoying his honest affection. And maybe he would improve as time went on.
They parted and Rarity let out a giggle as she saw him fall onto his back with hearts in his eyes. “So much for swooping ME off my hooves, my dear.” She said teasingly and moved closer to nuzzle Spike’s cheek gently.

“Sorry…” Spike answered after a few seconds of basking in his happiness. “But… this was just too… amazing.”

Another giggle escaped Rarity at his words. “Oh, you are so adorable! But don’t confuse my composure with a lack of excitement. I gladly admit that I did enjoy this kiss a lot.”
The young dragon got back into a sitting position a huge smile on his face. “That makes it even better!”

“Now you are just asking for another one…” Rarity laughed happily. “But I think that would make your cute little head explode.”

“And then explode again…” Spike snickered and gave a loving smile.

“So, how about we finally enjoy our wine? Though I doubt it to be as sweet as your kisses…” the unicorn added with a hint of seductiveness in her voice. She was enjoying herself tremendously. Spike had never left her cold per se, but now that she could actually enjoy his affection without any problems, seeing him so happy warmed every part of her heart.

Spike blushed deeply.

Rarity laughed and prepared the glasses. Carefully, she uncorked the bottle and poured two glasses of the clear liquid. It was thicker than regular white wine, full of fruity sugar. As Rarity swirled her glass, the liquid stuck to the side almost like a scotch or whisky. Spike managed to put his focus on the glass in front of him and sniffed it.

“Oh boy, this one did age well!” he laughed eagerly.

“He came from an amazing year!” Rarity added and offered her glass. “A toast! To this wine, this wonderful autumn…” she gave a happy wink to Spike “And to my adorable new drakefriend…”

Spike almost crushed his glass in surprise. “You… you mean it?”

“Spike, I don’t kiss po… creatures like this out of charity. I care about you and… well… I want to be your marefriend. And I want to see where it takes us.” Rarity answered with a smile. “Though I like where has brought me right now.”

“Me too…” Spike answered dreamily “And to you, Rarity. The most amazing mare, I have ever known.”


The glasses clinked and both took a sip. The wine was sweet with just enough alcohol and sourness to balance it out. Ice cold, yet with a slight burn in the throat and stomach to warm you afterwards. A delightful taste.
But it paled to the warmth the two felt from just looking at each other.

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