• Published 15th Feb 2013
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Vinum Amatorium Est - Davesknd

Spike found some wine and shares it with Rarity. A side story to "Between Day and Night".

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Perfect… Two hours of choosing dresses, putting on make-up and combing her mane. Average time for her, but now Rarity could proudly claim that she would not be able to look any better. The mare that looked at her from her big mirror was perfect is every conceivable way...
With the exception for one little detail: She could not force herself to smile.
Her eyes went over the elegant red dress, the ruby earrings, her perfect mane but they would always stop on the reflection’s lips.

There were so many reasons to be happy: Celestia was seeing her designs and would maybe even consider asking for a dress. She had raised a glass with Fluttershy and Sweetie Belle. There was an amazing dinner on the stove and a bottle of champagne in the fridge. And soon, she would have some company to celebrate.

Yet, she could not smile!

Doubts and worries were gnawing on her like Opal would on her toys.
“What if he has a bad day or something unforeseen happens and I reject him, even though he deserves better?”
“Maybe he manages to get to me, but we make a terrible mistake!”
“What if I get arrested for paedofoalia?”
“What if I get sent to prison and they use me as currency!”

Rarity closed her eyes and focused her thoughts: *It is just one date! Dinner and that’s it! It’s not as if he is going to do something grand and magnifique...*
She turned around and towards her vanity. The fire ruby was sitting on the otherwise empty surface, mocking her with its beauty.
Rarity had designed this dress especially for it. It was laced with golden hems and smaller rubies. The fire ruby would be highlighted in the middle. It was gorgeous and a just a very tiny bit sexy.

*Perfect for this occasion... right?* she thought and quietly finished her ensemble.

Beyond perfect!

Rarity looked at the gorgeous mare before her and let out another sigh. Slowly, magic engulfed the necklace and levitated it back to its place on the table. One by one, she removed her ensemble until only make-up and eyelashes remained.
“This will be for our next date...” she said softly, while her mind silently added *Please earn it!*
In the end, Rarity settled on a chaste, black cocktail dress and an onyx necklace. She was still gorgeous by any standards, but it was nothing compared to her previous one.

A knock on the door tore her from her thoughts. “Showtime...” she muttered, forced her lips into a smile and left the room.
Even before opening the door, the alabaster unicorn felt as if something was amiss. The knock had sounded as if something metal had knocked on the door. As she opened, she was not greeted by a cute purple dragon, but by her neighbor, a blue stallion with a musical cutie mark, whom she knew as noteworthy. That means, his name was noteworthy... he was called Noteworthy, the stallion himself was not very interesting.

“Hello, Mrs. Rarity.” The stallion said with a smile.

“Oh...” Rarity answered in surprise “Hello. We are sadly closed already.”

“I know, I know. I’m just helping with the piano.” The stallion explained “Could you step aside, please?"

Rarity’s perfectly trimmed eyebrows rose. She looked past the stallion and really, there was a piano right behind him. Quietly she made room.

“Ready, Spike!” Noteworthy announced, disappeared below the instrument.


A screeching sound informed Rartiy that the piano was in a loud argument with the door frame and slowly but steadily winning. Finally, the door frame chose the path of the wise and surrendered, sending enormous black instrument jolting into the middle of the room.

“Thank you, buddy!” Spike announced happily and shook claw/hoof with the blue pony.

“No trouble. Just help me fetch it tomorrow. Bye!” the stallion answered and left quietly.

“Will do. Good night!” The dragon waved after the stallion while leaning against the instrument.

Rarity was about to ask why exactly Spike had just shoved such a black monster through her front door, when something caught her eye.

“Darling... did you... adjust my tie?” she asked, carefully eyeing the dragon.

Spike was clad in his black tuxedo, wearing a white shirt underneath and the red, gem encrusted tie that she had given him a while ago around his neck. But it was much smaller than when she had given him.

“Oh... yes...” Spike answered and blushed “A few months ago, Twilight put me on a bit of a gem embargo, after I spilled a smoothie on her “Impractical Physics” book. I was really hankering for a snack... I’m sorry, I didn't mean to..”

“It looks much better like this.” The unicorn said dryly. The tie had been much too big back then, since she hadn't put at much thought into it. It was before the fire ruby. Oh dear... had the fire ruby changed so much?

“You apparently picked out the colours that didn’t go with the red and the others make it much slimmer and elegant now.” Rarity observed. She got a step closer. “But now it’s all focused on your neck... you need another accessory...”

“Rarity?” Spike asked carefully. The fashionista had a strange gleam in her eyes.

“TOP HAT!” she suddenly sung and bounced towards her studio. She reappeared seconds later with a top hat in his size. It had a red band with a single ruby on the side.

Less than a second after he was given the hat, the dragon felt magic lift him and carry him to the next mirror.
“Looking great!” he announced at his reflection while tilting the hat slightly.

“I have to agree.” Rarity added, looking him over.

A huge blush invaded the dragon’s cheeks. “Thank you...” he muttered.

Suddenly realizing that she had just given him a compliment, the unicorn felt her cheeks get rosy. Quickly she turned and focused her attention back onto the piano.

“So, why is there a part of a classical orchestra standing in my living room?”

“It’s for after dinner.” Spike explained “Just wait for it.”

Rarity nodded and waited for another second. Spike was tilting the hat from side to side and readjusting the bow-tie, all while looking at his reflection in the mirror. *Something is still off...* the fashionista thought while eyeing him thoroughly. *Did he lose weight? He seems... less pudgy... no, he didn’t lose weight... are his ear frills bigger?*

“Spike, do you feel well?” Rarity asked after eyeing him a little more.

“Of course, Rarity! I could not feel better!” Spike answered happily, turning around to face her “How else could I feel with such delight- and beautiful company?” he gave a deep bow, raising his hat “Thank you again for this invitation!”

“Oh, you charmer.” The unicorn giggled. It was probably nothing.

“So, what exactly happened earlier today?” he asked after peeling himself off the mirror. “Fluttershy didn’t tell me much.”
“Oh, don’t worry about it, dear.” Rarity soothed and turned to walk towards the kitchen “Just a bit of an emotional reaction that could not be vented properly.”

Spike nodded with a smirk. He knew that this was code for: “I was freaking out big time”

“If you say you are all right.” He started as he followed “But I don’t get why you wanted me to leave the wine at home.”

“That is easily explained, darling.” Rarity said as she entered the kitchen “The princess will get to see my designs. This occasion demands...” her horn lit up and the fridge opened “THIS!”

A huge bottle of very expensive looking champagne floated through the room.

“OH, we bring out the bubbly!” Spike laughed.

“Not my choice of words, but still correct!” the unicorn stressed and put the bottle in the already placed cooler. “Now, why don’t you take a seat while I prepare the dinner?”

“But I could help you.”

“Spike, you are my guest! Today I shall treat you as such.” Rarity stressed, leaving no doubt that she would not allow the dragon to help her.

“As you wish.” He answered and took his seat at the set table.

Suddenly the lights dimmed and the candle on the table lit itself. Spike’s eyes widened as Rarity made her way over to him, two bowls of soup floating with her. The soft candlelight reflected in her big, blue eyes and letting shadows dance over her form. He had always asked himself why candlelight was supposed to be romantic and right now he understood: it removed the room around. It was as if you and your partner were in this small bubble of light and the world was far, far away.

“Thank you.” Spike said as his plate was placed in front of him, blushing slightly.

The unicorn took he place across from him, having a hard time believing that in front of her was the same monster that once caught her in its tail and used her as improvised weapon. She wondered how he would look if he grew up naturally. If she would even live long enough to see it.

*No, Rarity! Don’t think such things now!* she scolded herself quietly. “Say, Spike, would you be a dear and open the champagne?”

“Of course, Rarity!” the dragon replied and grabbed the bottle.

The unicorn’s horn lit up and a very fashionable helmet appeared on her head.

A loud plop ran through the room and silence followed.

“Wait?” Rarity said in surprise “No flying cork destroying my kitchen? No mayhem and chaos?”

Spike let out a giggle. “Fingers!” he said and wiggled his claw “Very useful tools.”

The fashionista let out a laugh. “You truly are the superior species!”

Quickly, Spike filled two glasses to the brink and put the bottle back in the cooler.

Both raised their glasses.

“To your creativity and greatness!” Spike offered.

“Oh, you are such a flatterer...” Rarity giggled “I’d rather drink to Twilight, Celestia and you! For all the wonderful moments you three have given me! Twilight for becoming my friend. Celestia for her wonderful rule. And you.” The unicorn paused for a moment and collected her thoughts “For being nothing less than a prince!”

A Spike’s blush deepened and he averted his gaze. “You are too generous, Rarity.” He muttered.

“And you have become much too modest.” She said gently “It’s rude to clink glasses without looking into the other’s eyes.”

A soft clinking sound filled the air, but nobody drank. As soon as their eyes met, they fell silent and smiled at each other.
Rarity finally levitated her glass to her lips and the spell broke. “We should eat before it gets too cold.” She added.
The first course was eaten in silence. Both had suddenly developed a deep interest in their meals that had absolutely nothing to do with the spark of affection that they had seen in the eyes of the other.

As Rarity finished (her ladylike nibbles had emptied the plate slower than Spikes manly glups) Spike instantly got to his feet, grabbing his plate.

“Spike!” the unicorn scolded “You are my guest. I will clear the table and serve the food.”

A blue aura surrounded the plate and took it from the dragon.
“But I want to help you.” He answered crestfallen.

“I’m sorry, darling, but today, I am your host and as such, it is my duty and joy to serve you.” Rarity answered, looking over her shoulder “Just like you do whenever I visit the library.”

Spike let out a sigh and rested his head on his knuckles. He didn’t like the idea of Rarity working for him. While it did feel nice that she wanted him to be happy, it robbed him of the thing he enjoyed even more: Doing his best to make her happy!

“For you...” a angelic voice chimed and tore him from his frustration.

The dragon’s eyes grew wide.

“Is that... did you really?” he stuttered.

“Yes, Spike, I went through the trouble.”

“But... that is... a... I... Rarity!”

Rarity let out a quiet laugh and set down her salad.

Spike was struck speechless by the spread. Rarity had used several flat topazes like a cake base and spread sapphire and rubies on top, while a big diamond was the centre.

“It’s almost too pretty to eat.” The dragon muttered.

“You are right. I should probably take them away and use them for a dress.” Rarity teased.

She smiled as Spike quickly started to eat his dinner.

“Say, Spike.” Rarity began, between bites “I was wondering about something.”

“Ask right away!” the dragon answered, trying his best to swallow before talking.

“You remember when Applejack saved you from a timber wolf?”

“Of course.”

“You mentioned your dragon code several times.” Rarity explained “I was wondering: What exactly is this Dragon code?”
Spike gave her a sad smile. “Ever since my birthday, I was worried that I might lose myself in darkness again. It’s not just greed, you know. Arrogance, rage, gluttony. A dragon’s heart is prone to many dark emotions.” He let out a sigh “You remember what my greed did to Ponyville... what it almost did to you. I asked the princess... mother... to help me take steps to prevent it from ever happening again. We got together and developed a code that I would follow. That would make sure that I would never hurt anypony ever again.” He looked up “If I keep strictly to the code, maybe I can grow up to be as much a paragon of dragonkind as you and the others are to ponykind. A truly noble dragon... not like those jerks I met during the migration.”

Rarity cocked her head to the side. “It’s tough to be a dragon amongst ponies.” She asked softly.

“It’s worth it.” Spike answered and softly added “Because I get to spend time with you...”

Rarity bit her lip and lowered her gaze. A burst of uncertainty washed over her. Spike’s open affection moved her yet again. Only this time, they were not falling towards an untimely end.

She quickly poured herself another glass. *I have to count my drinks.* she thought quietly *To his dragon tummy, this is little more than flavoured soda. But I don’t want to end up drunk.*

“Thank you, Rarity. This was both delicious and beautiful.” Spike said with a huge smile, after the last gemstone disappeared. “Why don’t you tell me something about yourself?” he suddenly asked “You never told me how you got your cutie mark or what you did in Canterlot. I heard you went to two parties at once. I was really disappointed when I had to cancel both Fancy Pants and Twilight’s parties.”

“You were invited to Fancy Pants’ party?” Rarity blurted out.

“Sure. We met at one of Hoity Toity’s parties. He’s a great dude!”

Rarity’s brain shut down for a second. The thought of calling FANCY PANTS a “great dude” blew a few fuses. After a quick reboot, she finished her meal.

“I had no idea you were so... interwoven with Canterlot’s high society, Spike.”

“Well, the princess is my guardian.” Spike said with a gentle smile “Sure... the usual suspects won’t talk to me, but Hoity only cares about good taste and fashion. He is completely tolerant as long as you have some degree of style. And Fancy is just a great guy.”

Rarity felt a huge pang of guilt. Yes, both were good and honest stallions. And Rarity had tried to impress them for all the wrong reasons. Just like she had spent her fair share of time among the “usual suspects”... a certain, blonde prince came to mind.

“Say...” Spike asked “Did you plan a dessert?”

“Oh?” Rarity was torn from her guilt “Yes, I did. Why do you ask?”

“I thought we could have a little break and maybe I could play for you.” He pointed a claw at the piano.

“Spike, I am supposed to be the host.” Rarity said gently “You are always doing things for me.”

The dragon raised a claw and the unicorn stopped herself.
“I enjoy doing these things for you, Rarity.” He said firmly “Please, let me play for you!”

The alabaster mare let out a sigh and nodded. “I would be honored if you played for me...” she said.
Spike made his way to the instrument and took place. Rarity took place next to the piano and looked expectantly. He was playing without notes?

Eight nimble claws moved over the ivory-substitute.
He began with a simple tune that quickly turned more complex, with quite some gravitas behind it.
Rarity smiled at the dragon, who slowly became caught in his own world of music. She knew it well enough... he was approaching the zone.
A row of notes tickled over the back of her neck and she let out a sigh.
Spike meanwhile had reached the zone. His claws moved by themselves as he imagined Rarity before him. His hand hit the keys hard as a flash of himself out of control hit him. He forced the thoughts back and continued to play his heart out.
He leaned back, breathing heavily, never stopping to play and his eyes shot open. Rarity was looking at him. She was laying on her side on top the piano, looking into his eyes with a smile.
The melody became a bit lighter and Spike smiled back, a tear struggling in the corner of his eye.
The alabaster mare nodded, never breaking eye contact. She could feel every single note resonate through her whole body. Every time the dragon tickled the keys, she felt it massage her. As if there was not a key, a hammer, a cord and a corpus between them. As if his nimble claws were caressing another pure, white surface.
Her heart began to beat a bit faster and her smile relaxed.

*Looks like he earned a next date...*

Author's Note:

The sub-story to "Between Day and Night", featuring Spike, Rarity and several bottles of wine.
I thought it would be fitting if I submitted it on Valentines Day.
Have a nice day of love