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I have yet to read the story yet, but I don't think the story cover art is alowed to show snatch.... Not that I mind or anything but the site people might. I have no clue if its a big deal on this site but if it is you might want to do something about it.

No snatch


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Bear #4 · Feb 10th, 2013 · · 10 · Chapter 2 ·

Wow. I'll be taking my thumb back.


Not bad, but not something I will be re-reading.

Probably the most messed up thing I've read this year. If that was the intention then good job if not then you need serious help.

I give it a thumbs up but dude honestly this even by my insanely twisted mind is creepy

Ignore what I said before. GET HELP NOW!

Fuck. You had a pretty decent story going there on the first chapter. Didn't much like the rape, but it was done somewhat tastefully. Then you publish this rubbish. I don't down-vote stories for their subject matter (and no one should), but I just wanted to mention that this was quite a disappointment. It could have been a pretty good story had you not been so obsessed with getting sicko rape shit in there just to get your rocks off. But seriously if you get off to this, you really need some help.

Errrr...it was pretty good...but the rape and other stuff....no...I didn't really care for it...:ajbemused:....other than the rape it was really good!:scootangel:

nothing more to be said

on second thought it was good ^^

Good beginning, bad ending...

I thought it was good till the second chapter. It had a good set up and could have been better. Also whats with the adventure tag? I mean they leave to go on a mission but it suddenly turns to shit and then they get released. There was no adventure just rape. I think it could have worked if say after a few days the protagonist managed to escape his cell and rescued Dash and they had to evade and kill their way to freedom all the while having Dash deal with her new mental problems but hey it was decent.

Sorry to sound like a broken record, but rape isn't in my quota of turn ons. Especially if its Dash.

Twilight: So RainbowDash how ya doin? Plan on haveing a good day?:twilightsmile:

RainbowDash: Ya i actualy do....After about 7 Griffin abortions, 5 litters of TimberWolf abortions..and 20 other abortions from other species....
Twilight: ohhh......ok then....

RainbowDash: Oh ya..and one regular....

Its not rape if u like it :derpytongue2:


This calls for a Ziolian strike missile the griffin will soon become a giant ass crater in this universe. And not a single square foot of non-griffin grounds will be touched. Rainbow will go through intense ziolian magical therapy sessions and eventually my favorite Pegasus will be back to normal. And my daughters will yell at me endlessly(damed spoiled goddesses).

Order 84954927.68 has been given,
King Lazaro Sol of Ziolia

She stays close to you as much as she can, refusing to return home and instead opts to stay with you.


I think it's safe to say that 'My Little Dashie' gave her a better excuse than… this.


Oh, look! The fire's back. Can't think why…

I read it again...thought about it again from a different point of view...it's actually not half bad...the rape is fine...and everything is good....just...tip: don't include things about RainbowDash getting or possibly getting preggers....it just gives her a sort of bad rep. if you know what I mean...:applejackunsure:

I liked it.. but didn't I can't take Dashie being raped.. I just feel really bad for her but most of my OCS would have most likely have been killed during that for harming those griffons for doing that..... I could say wich OC I used for this but I won't because I'll get so, so many hater replies. :derpyderp2:

tis a shame besides a few spelling issues i liked it, but because of rainbow dashes role people will instantly dislike and its a shame

At first I felt like a sick bastard for enjoying this. Then I remembered I fap to ponies. I AM a sick bastard.:pinkiecrazy:

This chapter ruined the first.

2107797 yeah... sounds about right...

And did she get pregnant or not? I'm still confused on the whole ordeal

oh and chapter 3!

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I think this may be the best comment ever.


Pretty sure that there won't be a chapter three. Yes, I have a really fucked up mind (welcome to the internet), but even I gotta draw the line somewhere (usually much further down than most people). Then again, ya never know what may inspire me to continue poor Dash's experience... or maybe introduce another pony to this story...


so... in other words, there MAY be a chapter 3...



Still trying to decide if I can bear to put poor Dashie through anymore though...

Oh who am I kidding. Of course I can. :rainbowderp:

Thanks! Hope you make more fanfics like this. Can't wait for more!!! GIVE ME MORE!!:rainbowwild:

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I would had preferred if you had it in a sense where (you) were able to rescue Dash despite her being raped. At least getting back at the Griffins would have been better but a bad ending needs to be done every now and then. NOT that I liked what happened to dash but you wrote this pretty well 'dark' like you said~


I was leaning towards a happy ending at one point, but after browsing various stories on here, it just seemed like going that route would be too typical and somewhat expected.

Again, there is the possibility of a third chapter. What route it may take (if any at all) has yet to be decided. Maybe I'll make a poll and let people vote. But for now, my attention is on a few other fics I'm working on/have in mind, plus my lousy IRL job... :facehoof:


Maybe it's not YOU who rapes dash, but dash who rapes YOU what chapter 3 should be about...

Comment posted by WebHead69 deleted Feb 21st, 2013


Hey you never know. Maybe something with a character relationship development would work. I would like to see (you) and Rainbow Dash together in a more positive future.


That would have to be a completely different story. Yeah, Dash deserves a happy relationship, but I don't think I could work it out so it goes that way in this one.

I like what omeggga said.:twilightsmile: Rainbow Dash did say she would make him pay for raping her. So how about you have rainbow dash rape him. Not kill him of course but teach him a good lesson.:rainbowwild: that would be another great addition for this awesome clop fic.

Sadly I don't think that will happen unless he/she continues the story to where RD gets that fire in her eyes back.

I hope he does. Granted it was pretty sad, but this deserves a continuation :rainbowdetermined2:


or maybe that's how she'll gets the fire in her eyes back!

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I think it's kind of a shame that you got the rating bomb due the plainly posted subject matter warning. It's sad, and it's dark. The story did exactly what it set out to do, and I applaud you for that.

You'll get no moral beat-downs from me.


What can I say...

Yeah, I'll agree that I have a fucked up mind, especially since part of this story was almost a play-by-play of a dream I had (hint: it MAY have been the last half of the second chapter...) :rainbowhuh:

For anyone curious, I've begun brainstorming for additional chapters for this story. Yes, the story is technically complete, but the additional chapters will be added to compliment the existing story. Will the next chapters be how Rainbow Dash recovers? Will 'you' continue using Dash for your personal pleasure? Or will I go into detail of Dash's time in captivity? Who knows.... (oh wait, I do!)

Write more of this.

Really nice story. Would love to have seen all of the rape scenes the guard was describing

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