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Well,here it is.
My story is edited and i putted some extra lines in the story.
I hope you guys enjoy reading it now.
A sequel is coming up.
Enjoy the story.

Its my little future...

Its about me (Phillip J. Fry), Bender and a little later Zoidberg.We were just testing the newest invention from the Professor. Until we traveled into a weird universe .

A ponyverse,
Where we must run for a herd of ponies.

In the mean-time:

Zoidberg finds an hideout by Applejack.

Bender discovers Twilight’s house.
And Twilight helps him to learn what’s good and what’s wrong.

Fry falls in love with Pinkie Pie.But does she feel the same way he does for her?

It leads the three friends on a journey of horror,insanity,trust and friendship.

A tale of dumb grammar, danger, humor and tragedy.
Will the crew return to their universe again?
Will they complete their task.?
Will there come an end to all these questions?

Read it and weep, meatbag!!!

Chapters (30)
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Comments ( 50 )

Gonna track this and then I'm a read it


156934 The Whole ...Yes...but a Sequel is coming up

Could use a few grammar corrections, but otherwise a very interesting story.

:pinkiegasp: It's as bad as I hoped and as good as I feared! It's a fun story written by the slow mind of Fry, with everything we expect from his spelling errors and grammar mishaps! :yay:


243828 Thanks That was my point :D ..og....spelling mistakes :pinkiehappy:

mother...of...god... you do know i'm going to kill you in many different ways if this sucks correct?

And it begins. I pity the ponies.:ajbemused:

The only mistake that I see is that you replaced "I" with "me" whenever Fry talks. Other than that, you're good. And is that really the end of the chapter? It looks like it could keep going.

I'm confused about this sentence: "Me and bender had to thank Rarity for her wonderful smoking's she made for us for the Great Galloping Gala.":applejackunsure: Isn't Rarity a fashion designer?:applejackunsure: How'd she get mixed up with tobacco making?:applejackunsure:

Bender smokes cigars, not cigarettes.:ajbemused:

You misspelled Mayor.:ajbemused: Also, how did important ponies like Vinyl Scratch, Cheerilee, and the Mayor wind up there in the first place?:rainbowhuh:


.305888 It's a sort of a cliffhanger...but yeah Me isn't that good in making stories you know,usual because of my spellingerrors or grammar-problems

308118 15... that's how many clones DJ made of you...
HEY, that was yesterday, now i've made 70
... did we swich personalities again?
yes, i think we did :pinkiecrazy:
*beep* *whirring noise* *humming noise* *DING* HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I'M BACK TO INSANE!!!!!!!!
and i'm back to... less insane
... what happened here?!
ummmmm, you don't want to know


308133 Am I Dead...if so...let me just...*Drinks Slurm* yep im ready

308139 no, not yet... i'm only up to chaper 3 and so far you got the characters right. if you kill fluttershy or scootaloo you will be in a world of hurt
*immense amounts of screaming coming from a basement* *DJ comes up covered in blood* well, that's one *immense amount of screaming is still heard for 4 hours afterword. right before it suddenly stops*

you REALLY need to work on spelling and grammar... i must wonder how old you are with this kind of grammar, "we maked deliveries" I MEAN REALLY?!?! sheesh


308151 Well....nopony died..... sooo...The only ones lives that are in danger are Dr Zoidberg,Bender and me ones :pinkiehappy:

308159 *cracks knuckles* if you hurt fluttershy or scootaloo in any way i will give you to DJ, and if you say you don't see how bad that ould be, read my fic 'Howling at the moon' (warning, it is a detailed gore/torture fic, i ill not be resonsible for any barfing), he'd do worse than what happened to Diamond Tiara.
i'll explicitly describe it if he doesn't see HOW BAD IT COULD BE!!!!!!

"I Heard that Fluttershy cried like a watersprinkler."

*demonic death glare*
*empty eyes death glare*
*luckless death glare*
*glare* *whacks you over the head with a book*
YOU MADE FLUTTERSHY CRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
he's all yours DJ
*stabs you with a syringe* nighty night.
you - *flop*
man, he's heavy

"I clopped"




305920 ...why are you talking about tobacco while it's something about smoking and fashion and other thigns i can't name :applejackunsure:


:308203 But she didn't died....and she cried because i was going away not that i hurt her...
and ouwww right between the long-thingy's....

"if you have come to challenge me
then go forward, do not flee
but be warned, if you go on
you will never again see the light of the sun"

308218 describe it.
hehehehehehehehehehe (the weak of heart and stomach may not want to continue)

You wake up tied up above a grate, DJ walks in with a knife. He stabs you, a shallow cut, along your flank, then he continues cutting until there's a ring around your right leg. He grasps the skin below the cut and slowly peels it off. he does the same with the other side of the cut after he's done with the leg. then he moves over to a lever and pulls it for a moment, then puts it back into it's origonal position. water is heard above you and you notice a grate above you as well, a liquid pours over your entire body, buffeting your exposed muscles. the pain is immense, it turns out the liquid is ghost pepper juice. DJ walks back over and chopps off your left hoof. he comtinues cutting along you left leg, in 1 inch intervals. he does the same with the rest of your limbs. he then ties your tail to another rope and stabs you in the stomach, slitting it. he hangs you upsiedown by your tail and watches, laughing, as the stomach acid consumes your internal organs.

he warned you

308223 THAT'S WHAT YOU SAID IN THE STORY!!!!! sheesh i was quoting from the story


308219 I Can't rhyme i can't think
i can move and i can blink
but rhyming i don't like it
i curse and yell and spit
i just don't know how zecora it does
i wish she didn't rhymed like us
but anyway that's the way she can communicate
only not in canterlot or in an other state

also just made up :ajsmug:

o.o YOU KILLED VINYL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yeeeeeah, he's gonna kill you now... i'm gonna stay out of the way, i may be insane, but i'm not stupid.


308251 Umm Correction the discord's brother killed Vinyl Scratch :pinkiehappy:

308255 good GOOD?! I'LL SHOW YOU 'GOOD' *rips your guts out*


308260 hehehe That Tickles :pinkiehappy: oh not to mention the good liver...i didn't need that...organ-thingy anymore when me is dead :pinkiehappy:

308249 how do 'does' and 'us' rhyme?!
DJ's here, the rhyming king
you know what, it's just the thing
your little rhyme does nothing to me
cause i am the best, the best there could be
since you gave no material with wich to rhyme
i think i'll rhyme about my life this time
I was born on the streets, fended for myself
trusting nopony was what i did best
i wandered around, going place to place
never settling, keeping up the pace
wandered into a house
it was huge, and i once saw a mouse
the man who lived in there hated his wife
he was considering ending his life
his wife tried to hurt me when she found me out
i grabbed a knife and stuck it out
as she charged she didn't see
she died that day, all thanks to me
the man heard, he came out to look
he found the corpse and me reading a book
he offered an apprenticeship in the ways of the mind
i accepted and soon it was time.
i left science for magic and tried to go
to the lair of the devil or so it's told
i opened a portal and struck up a deal
he gave me powers and abilities unreal
i slept with his wife and he tried to kill me
however i had fled,leaving stephanie

wow, that took a long time, but it's HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


308276 I can't rhyme :3 seriously your good :twilightsmile:


Okay, wiseguy, then what;s your definition of smoking? Cause there is two uses of the word in the English language: 1.) Where it is used as an adjective to describe how fine and good looking something is; and 2.) Where it is also used as a verb when describing the action of people using tobacco like products such as cigarettes and cigars.

The spellings bad, the characters are using vulgarity they'd never say on the show, and the grammar is horrible.

Also, "X-ray flashlight"? For someone you loves the show so much you should know it was called an "F-ray". A simple Wiki check would had cleared that up.

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