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Creatures that can save your live...
Medicines,cures, diseases,head-aches...you name it and they cure it for you....

Doctor's are always kind,sweet...

But sometimes...some of them could be shy.

"N-never go to a doctor...uhm, whose office plants have died."

- Dr Fluttershy

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I Love Saturday-nights...

Hanging out with your best pal on the sofa,while your drinking alcohol and watching Tv.

And the next time,you'll wake up in a barn...
Meeting an Cowgirl-pony,that is confusing as hell,have to do chores and work like a pig...

Is this a punishment...or is this an reward?

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You'll make friends on the weirdest places...Like i did a couple weeks ago.

And sometimes you make human friends...and sometimes just an Alicorn-Night-Princess.

Who i am?

I'm Fry and this is my story.

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Do you know the Seven Sins?
Well, Twilight and her Friends know them.
On their way to their vacation that Spike organised,
Spike and Twilight meet some new friends...
They telling what happened to them...what causes an unknown accedient...
They discover a little, deserted village.
They learn about the legend of ''The Path Of The Seven Sins'' and Count Rohan.
But what if it's true? What if they have to compete the sins?
Will Rainbow Dash keep her anger? Or will Fluttershy show her Fear?
Can Pinkie resist Gluttony? Can Spike hold in his revenge...

Who will not linger,,,but goes further till the bitter end....

Will True Love beat The Path Of The Seven Sins?

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This Classic Macabre Tale is Based on the Good Old Tale From
Mr Edgar Allan Poe's :The Raven

An Unknown Narrator ((Me)) Get haunted by An mysterious owl
(( which is Twilight's Pet Owlowlicious))

What Will this Owl do?
And what happens?

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Its Rainbow Dash her birthday and everypony is happy...

Of course everypony has a present for her :D
Pinkie Pie gives Rainbow Dash : The PonyGamer 730!!!

Rainbow Dash is so happy with all the presents she got from her friends ,but she's excited to play the newest PonyGamer 730

She plays with it all day long...and even longer.
Twilight and the rest of the gang are worried that Rainbow Dash is a litlle game - addicted.
Rainbow Dash doesnt come out of her house and sits a whole week inside her house.

But suddenly...on one pieceful day,Rainbow Dash loses it.

Shes gone crazy and is mentally insane that she's causing chaos and danger in Ponyville.
Are Twilight , Fluttershy,Pinkiep pie,Applejack and Rarity Be Able To Stop This Madness?
Or is it...Game Over?

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Well,here it is.
My story is edited and i putted some extra lines in the story.
I hope you guys enjoy reading it now.
A sequel is coming up.
Enjoy the story.

Its my little future...

Its about me (Phillip J. Fry), Bender and a little later Zoidberg.We were just testing the newest invention from the Professor. Until we traveled into a weird universe .

A ponyverse,
Where we must run for a herd of ponies.

In the mean-time:

Zoidberg finds an hideout by Applejack.

Bender discovers Twilight’s house.
And Twilight helps him to learn what’s good and what’s wrong.

Fry falls in love with Pinkie Pie.But does she feel the same way he does for her?

It leads the three friends on a journey of horror,insanity,trust and friendship.

A tale of dumb grammar, danger, humor and tragedy.
Will the crew return to their universe again?
Will they complete their task.?
Will there come an end to all these questions?

Read it and weep, meatbag!!!

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