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I Love Saturday-nights...

Hanging out with your best pal on the sofa,while your drinking alcohol and watching Tv.

And the next time,you'll wake up in a barn...
Meeting an Cowgirl-pony,that is confusing as hell,have to do chores and work like a pig...

Is this a punishment...or is this an reward?

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Why so many red thumbs :pinkiegasp:!? Sure it had some minor flaws here and there :applejackunsure:, but it is no reason to dislike something someone worked hard on :ajbemused:

Here is a green thumb for your effort good sir :scootangel:

**Likes it based off the title and summery alone and leaves open tab for reading later** Oh! And also, SECOND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You did good fry :rainbowdetermined2:

I wonder how it would be like if Bender ended up in Equestria.

833002 End of everything. Equestria would implode.

A Futurama cross over? You've got me.
*reads chapter*

And you've lost me. Sorry, it could have been done better. Keep trying though.

Free thubs up! I dont know why, sounds good. A lot of people can't get that right.:scootangel:


833157 I got more futurama Crossover's :yay:

Okay, here goes...




I cheered loudly while i moved my fists up and down.Bender poured the liquor superfast into his mouth.

'I' is always capitalised. You've got that mistake throughout the whole thing.

''Common,i have seen fish that could drink water even faster!'' i challenged my iron buddy.

The abbreviation of 'come on' is not 'common'. At best you could get away with 'com'on'. Also, spaces after commas. Also, capital 'I'

Bender frowned and he started to drink 10 bottles at the time.I watched him with big,amazed eyes... Bender almost never drinks ten bottles at the time.It was so amazing to see him drinking.
After a few seconds he smashed the bottles wildly on the table.

I'm assuming you meant 'at the same time'. Also, spaces after commas and periods (another mistake that's throughout the whole piece).

''Not bad....not bad...but how about this!'' I grabbed 3 bacardi's and putted them all into my mouth.

Never write numbers less than ten as numerals except for times. Bacardi is a brand, so it should be capitalised. There's no apostrophe in 'Bacardis', and it should be 'put', not 'putted'.

Alcohol was never an enemy of me...it is my friend and most of it...a good excuse for my problems usual.

Uhh...what? I don't even...

After i licked the last drops of ''Bacardi'' of my mouth i released the bottles from my lips and trowed them without a care and an satisfied smile behind the couch.''Burp'' My gosh...i-i think it's going to be a wild night tonight...''

'Bacardi shouldn't be in quotes. 'trowed' should be 'threw', and the entire syntax of that sentence is off. How does one throw 'a' (not 'an') satisfied smile behind the couch?

I looked back at him. ''I learned from the master.'' i replied with an wink.I talked with an double tongue,my stomach made bubbly sounds.Yes...those symptoms were easy to recognize...

Period after 'master' should be a comma.

Not even through the first paragraph yet, but I'll be here all day if I try to correct everything. You need to work on your spelling, punctuation and grammar. Now as to the actual story...

Apple tree's were surrounding me like it was the CIA trying to get a thief out of the white house.

Aside from the spelling and grammar errors, you really couldn't think of a more appropriate metaphor? (Also, it wouldn't be the CIA trying to get someone out of the White House, let alone a thief)

''Barn,Sweet Barn!'' i shouted as i jumped on a pile of pitchforks.
''AAAAAAAAAA!!!!...'' A Hoof smacked onto my mouth.
''Shhh shhh...there there...let mah Band-aid-kit fix that up for ya!'' a little girl's voice whispered.I looked down and saw a small yellow filly. She had red hair and an big bow in it.I quickly remained silent as she wrapped my butt up in tape.

Um, why is he jumping on a pile of pitchforks? I know Fry's an idiot, but I mean, 'common'. And where was Applebloom hiding? In the pitchforks? How did she smack him in mid-air?

Big mac leaped into the barn,while he placed the heavy basket next to all the other apples that were sorted out on color,shape and length.

Who sorts apples by length? Size, maybe...

Big mac leaped into the barn,while he placed the heavy basket next to all the other apples that were sorted out on color,shape and length.He walked over to me and Applebloom and picked up the pitchforks with his mouth.
''Ah see ya met my little sis. Oh also Applejack needs you,Fry! She's outside in the orchard,she might need your help.''

How's he talking clearly with a bunch of pitchforks in his mouth?

''Oh....Ah'm...just going to...do nothing because you are going to do everything!'' Applejack smiled uncomfortable.

Um, what? Since when has Applejack done anything like this? This is horribly OOC.

After 5 hours i had already done 50078 chores.

I'm assuming this is Fry being stupid and not just horrible mathematics, but putting it here just in case...

''No...NOW SHUT UP AND KEEP MOWING,EMPLOYEE!'' The orange mare commanded as she took an big bite into a red apple.I mumbled in myself while i walked further with the lawn-mower.

See OOC comment above.


1570089 Your comment is very honest and I respect that,my friend.
Also,this story and like all the other stories from this started out as a joke,I never knew it got a little bit too big,so I really didn't care about the grammar,the lines,the fact that I am lazy in some sentences. Anyway,thanks for your reply :twilightsmile:

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