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Creatures that can save your live...
Medicines,cures, diseases,head-aches...you name it and they cure it for you....

Doctor's are always kind,sweet...

But sometimes...some of them could be shy.

"N-never go to a doctor...uhm, whose office plants have died."

- Dr Fluttershy

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I got to give this one a read sometime, hope it's good. I think there's only a few of us that make these type of crossover fan fiction like us.

Yet more Futurama and My Little Pony Crossovers, I'll add this to my group Futurama And My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Crossover Fan Fiction.

Man, I have to get around to watching more Futurama.
But I read the ending, even though I probably shouldn't have.
(You know have (1) WAT(s). Use it now?)

''I'm as sure as i know that the Planet Express ship runs on Whale-oil.''
The Planet Express Ship actually runs on dark matter.


949874 so she wasn't so sure...afterall :facehoof:

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