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When Mega Man is fighting Galaxy Man in space, he ends up crashing. Somehow, Galaxy Man runs out of fuel at the same time. Coincidentally, they are right above Equestria. When they land and survive, Mega Man goes off to investigate this land. However, Galaxy Man still has contact with his fellow Robot Masters.

Credit to Waffle2789 for helping.

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 38 )

Despite the puncition and pacing issues this is a great start I look forward to seeing more soon. :pinkiehappy:


Yes, yes it is. :rainbowlaugh:

Sorry for the grammar issues, I made some and Waffle made some. We're both in the wrong. :twilightsheepish: But the next chapter's coming up soon!

1933069 You have to admit that's the one good thing about the cartoon. Mega Man actually sounds like he's suppose to unlike in Mega Man 8 where for some reason he sounds like he's a boy and not a man. :eeyup:

Plus the intro was total badarse. :rainbowdetermined2:

1933232 What is a MAN?! A miserable little pile of secrets!

1934494 Oh, the power of inside jokes.
Pinkie Pie: I like jokes!
Metal Man ,which I shall represent as <>:): Me too!
Mega Man emoticon - (o_o): Be quiet, Metal Man, I killed you already.

1934606 Speaking of Metal Man I really like his Metal Blade since it cuts through almost everything, can fire in every direction, and take a long time to run out. Some other favorites are the Magnet Missile which with a little practice can be used without aiming Flash Bomb because it comes from the kick arse robot master Grenade Man (Crush everyone hahaha! That felt good!), The insanely powerful Astro Crush, Black Hole Bomb because of how easy it is to use and how helpful it is, Hornet Chaser since you can use it to retrive items, and Triple Blade since you get three weapons for the price of one. And those are just among the Mega Mans I've played. :eeyup:

1934682 Yeah, Grenade Man is INSANE. He makes the TF2 Soldier look tame.
(o_o): Actually, I'm bored, so I'll kill you again. *slices Metal Man into pieces*
Pinkie Pie: I knew it! Ponies CAN explode twice! Take THAT, Applejack!
(o_o): What the...

1934697 Hey wait how are you still alive without the help of Dr. Wily, are you a wizard or maybe a ghost? :pinkiegasp:

1934758 <>:): I don't know how. I just am, and I'm not going to question it!
(Want to help with the Google Doc? My friend's away on vacation, and I need someone to sub in for him.)

1934769 I don't know if I can help, I've never been lucky with google doc except for one time and I don't know why. :eeyup:

1934865 If you could contact this friend when he gets back and ask him what he does to upload images from google doc let me know, perhaps there's something I'm not doing right.

man that was awesome have some staches :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

Thumbs up if you're reading Grenade Man's lines in his actual voice from MegaMan 8. :rainbowdetermined2:

"Crush everyone hohoho!"

not "MY" Megaman but still awesome story

Sheep Man is not weak. :facehoof:

Also yay for Gutsman. He always appears in some way or form. :yay:

2088531 I never said Sheep Man was weak. He's freaking AWESOME.

2090750 Glad to see someone else agress with me. Screw Attack bashed him and Mega Man 10 too much, yes it didn't have the surprise that Mega Man 9 had but I thought it was better than 9 since it had an easy mode for new fans, Protoman was playable from the start, and the music was amazing. "Forbidden Memory" might just be the best theme for a Wily Castle I've ever heard. :eeyup:

And now for something completly different (well not really):

2091369 I personally prefer the Wily Castle 2 music from Mega Man 3, but it's a good song.

It's no surprise Sheep Man could take down Grenade Man since his weakness in Mega Man 8 was Thunder Claw which was another electrical attack. Granted you got the most damage by using the claw to throw Grenade Man's grenades back at him but the actual claw itself could do quite a bit of damage. :eeyup:

“Keep hitting me! I love it!”

I doubt you knew that was a Punch Out! Wii reference. The reference is to the Irish Boxer Aran Ryan who is clearly insane.

2108829 I've PLAYED Punch-Out Wii. And I've seen his quotes page.
You didn't get the DMC reference?
"This party's getting crazy! Let's rock!"

Have you ever played megaman starforce?

2176335 Who wouldn't be attracted to a spiked maniac fighting a blue bomber?

I've never heard of Enker, Punk Rock, and Ballade.

2177239 His name is just Punk.
Enker, Punk, and Ballade(and possibly Quint) are only in the first four Mega Man Game Boy games.
They're also avaliable as DLCs for Mega Man 10 as Special Stage 1, 2, and 3. Quint isn't though, because he sucks.
You also fight them in Mega Man V for Game Boy before rematching the Star Droids.

2184371 Darn it now I wish that "Mega Man Legends" had been approved for the Game Boy Advance. That port would've featured all of the Game Boy Mega Mans, why it failed to recieve the green light I'll never know.

(I don't own a Game Boy or Game Boy Color and even then Game Boy games aren't easy to track down)

I can't stop reading this. EXCELLENT work! :twilightsmile::moustache:

DA Fuck did i just read???????

Thumbs up if you thought of guts mans voice from Megaman dies at the end.

I'll be deleting soon. BUT I'll be publishing version 2.0 with grammar fixes, epic fight scenes, and more!

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