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Octavia a mare of class and of deep regret, has come to a decision to end it. She just has one last thing she must do. She must write her last letter to Vinyl. Then she can finally stop.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 45 )

Well, shit.

That escalated quickly

i liked it. it seemed a little rushed at the end, but thats about it. i also liked the cover art so kudos on that.

.... This looks amazing. Welcome to my never-ending Read Later list.

1916522 I know them feels bro... I always tell myself I'll get to it, but I never do. I'm at 197 after this one.:applejackconfused:

EDIT: Actually, I read it, and loved it. I mainly read it now because it was so short, but it really is a sweet story, especially because of the end. I could relate, as I had been at the precipice of suicide 6 years ago. I'm really glad I didn't. :twilightsmile:

I enjoyed this story. Though I felt there was no anticipation cuz you knew what Tavi did and that she either died or was in the hosptial and it ended kinda abruptly, I still enjoyed it. I'm kinda hoping it was accidentally marked as complete, because that ending is as bad if not worse than Inceptions. Not saying it was bad but if you've seen Inception, you know what I mean. That is my opinion.

Well... this seems a tad bit rushed, all-the-while amazing, so... no mustache. But you can have a fave and an upvote.

1919544 Goodness, I sure am lazy :/
Do you ever get to reading any of them? I kind of just let them sit there. I need to actually do something with them. The reason I 'Read Later'd' most of them was because they were'nt finished yet, and I hate waiting for and keeping up with updates. :rainbowkiss:

1920515 I actually went through some of them today and I said to myself a few times, "This is the shit I Read Later'ed? What the fuck? I must have been drunk!"

1919575>>1917285>>1916515 Yep too all of you. This story does seem quite rushed. :/ I should work on being less concise with my discriptions or something. But thanks to you all for reading it. That was all I really wanted.

1916962>>1916515 That means you two too. I am glad you enjoyed it, even if its short. :twilightsmile:

With that said, I did get an idea last night on a Chapter 2 for this. :twilightblush: might do that. You know to make up for the shortness and rushedness. :facehoof:

1920545 Heh, if its good do I get to redeem myself a mustache?


I hope you don't take to long to write it. Shit you could probably make this four or five chapters if you put the time and effort. And that's without really fishing for much: ch 2 Vinyl sitting at Tavis side thinking about the note and stuff, ch 3 Tavi wakes up and they talk, ch 4 they settle everything and Tavi gets out of the hospital, then maybe epilogue. And that's just for a simple version. You could have a sleezeball boss intercepting Tavis attempts to apologize for more drama or something.

And I rambled. Sorry, happens when I don't sleep.

Hope you get your next chpter up soon. I'm eagerly looking forward to it.

1920683 Spoilers!:facehoof: and yes, your thinking along the same lines of me but i have a few other little suprises up in my headspace as well.:twilightsmile:


I'm in your head, man.:pinkiecrazy: That was just a base plan. I could put more if you'd like :twilightsmile:

But, I'll wait patiently (hah) for your update. If you need a prereader/editor or just an opposing opinion or view on something, feel free to ask.:pinkiesmile:

Sucide is never the answer

...but it is an excellent option!

anyway this was good
i'm going to go read your other story now

This is a tragedy OctaScratch fic, and you still have my fave and utmost attention. This is interesting, and I want to follow the development of this story. A brohoof to a felllow OctaScratch writer /)

(\ Without reserve! I am seeming to specialize in small doses of feels. I know when to stop writing when my eyes can't see the screen anymore. :raritydespair:

I know that feel. When I was writing The Letter, I told myself, "No, man, that's just too much!" But, unfortunately, my brain isn't an obedient organ :twilightsheepish:

My Feels hurt.:fluttershysad:
But the story so far has been amazing,Good Show!:twilightsmile:

Sorry about your feels, But glad you liked it! :twilightsmile:

I am so happy you decided to continue this story line. As for Vinyl's agent....... Celestia bless or curse her soul....

Jyes! I called it. Loving it. Saw a few missed commas but nothing big. Keep it up.

I cried.

And I cannot wait to see Vinyl rip 'that witch' a new one!

Then I have won and need to continue this story. :twilightsmile:

The hay?! Sigh, words cannot describe the myriad of emotion torrenting through me, depresion fics always strike a hard chord with me as I am also depressed, and fanfic helps... put two and two together. I am eager to see where this takes me, will I need a happy fic to compensate, or will I need a really bucked up twisted one to remind me that life is not that cruel? Please, the worst thing to do now is to drop it (unless it's a bass, then by all means drop it like it's hot). Damn, now you got me thinking them bad thoughts, got to go find my heavy wubs.

2211696 I feel bad cause I have the next chapter done I am just waiting on a thing... :fluttercry: But yes, go find a happy fic. I write a rather not happy one... and the next chapter isn't gonna be much better... :facehoof:

2212491 Waiting on what thing?!?!?! You don't actually have to tell me, I just want to know And really, did you just choose to ignor the musical puns?

2215048 I am pretty blind to puns cause a cretain friend of mine... I only really noticed them looking over it a second time.:twilightblush:If you really wanna ruin the suprise send me a PM.

Amazing work my friend!

lack luster

This space is not needed.

my rip cage


exposed rips


Good story.

Don't know why i started reading this, especially since it was started so long ago. Will iy be continued?

4905636 I actually have half the next part written. I've had that amount for about as long as the last current chapter has been up... The next part... its just hard for me to write. Such is the problem with sad fics I guess.

But, as the final word on it... Maybe. I want to get a little further in Sundown though. Then I will retry. Until then, perhaps I should put the cover art I comissioned for this piece up on it.

Alright. I got this down to watch. Don't know how i feel about the second chapter, but i'll have to read more to find out.

Very powerful stuff. My wife took her own life several months ago, and I have never stopped thinking about the morning I found her or wondering what I could have possibly done to help her. I've also been in that dark place myself, it's only by grace that I've survived it. While I wasn't expecting it, I'm glad you chose to spare Tavi. I can only wonder what else could happen here between her and Vinyl (Well, I'll read chapter 2, but hey)

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

5590451 I spared her to be honest, just because it made me feel better about having written this.

I'm sorry for your loss and I wish there was any thing I could say to make that hurt go away, but the best I can do is write things that bring forth a similar feeling to help lessen the blow. One smaller hurt to help another much larger one. Its why the story exists in a way... Crying out in words because of pain I feel.

5590764 I am glad you spared her. It allows a more interesting story for me, because most of these fics I seem to find are simply character death and not post-suicide attempts. Except for one of them.

Octy and Vinyl deserve to be together.

Omg. I love this! I know I'm really late for reading this story but it's so good! I can sort of relate to Vinyl Scratch as far as feeling hurt. My uncle committed suicide in 2004 and while the family has moved on, the pain doesn't go away so easily. MORE! PLZ!

i wanna know what happens after:fluttercry:

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